If you died tonight would you have any regrets?  

The vibrations of Saturn and Neptune could not be further apart.

Their purposes point in opposing directions, one toward the earth, and the other toward the cosmos.

Are we humans having a spiritual experience or are we spirits having and earthy one? This is the Saturn/Neptune dilemma especially when these two planets are in ‘hard’ aspect.

Saturn comes into square Neptune from Late November – Early December 2015, then again in June and September 2016. As these 2 worlds collide we get a huge dose of reality testing vs our soul purpose. Saturn’s domain is right here on the earth plane, dealing within the land of form and productivity. It reminds us of the responsibility that comes with this incarnation and the choices we make.

Saturn see’s things as they are, it doesn’t try to flower situations, enable you in any way or put up with your excuses. ‘This is the predicament… now what are you going to do about it?’ would be a good Saturn question.

Neptune on the other hand has no attachment to the earth plane at all. It only knows the oneness of all things and views life from a transcendent perspective. Reality to Neptune is our true Essence, the part of us that knows who we are beyond the body and the material world. It doesn’t recognise earthy drama as ‘real’ only as some sort of ‘play’ we have created to live out and experience.

When these 2 vibrations clash the feeling can often be one of resistance, even fear because this combined vibration asks us to look brutally at the truth of who we are and why we are really here. For most of us Neptune is not an easy frequency to tune into, as it flies in the face of what we have been taught. We are trained to control, fear, attach ourselves to things and people and do anything to ‘survive’. So when the Saturn vibration comes into the picture we are made to take a harsh, severe look at ourselves, particularly in the area of life we dread to go the most and that is ‘are we taking responsibility for our souls intention here on earth’.

Are you truly living your purpose? Are you truly happy with the person you are? And then the big one ‘If you died tonight would you have any regrets?’ If so, then this is the perfect time to do something about it.

Resistance to Neptune can be played out in many ways, escapism being the most prevalent. Most people see escapism as some form of addiction which is true, but the most common form of escapism is denial, which is a nice way of saying lying. Running away from who you are is a betrayal of the self at its most cruel.

Most of us are deceptive and the odd thing is not so much with other people but more to ourselves.

We treat ourselves like fools. We tell ourselves blatant outrageous lies and then hilariously expect us to believe it!!! And guess what… we do!!!!…… well to a point.

Neptune knows what’s really going on. It is not the liar here, we are. As Saturn moves into square Neptune we get sprung! by the cosmic cop. We are forced to face the truth and fess up.

We have to now admit how much we really hate our jobs, how much we really didn’t want to get married and how much we betray ourselves on a daily basis just to keep others happy, pay the bills or try to impress people.

The Saturn/ Neptune square is a chance to tell the truth, come clean, clear the air and confront the socks off yourself!

This is the time to do one of those things that you may have on your regret list. To remind yourself of why you came here in the first place and do something about it.

Any resistance to this will not be pretty. You could feel trapped by tangling yourself further and further into self-deceit. Confusion, hopelessness and a sense of defeat could all symptoms of not listening to you inner truth pointing the way out.

The Saturn/Neptune square is highly transformative. It has the potential to structure a new model of yourself based on your inner calling meeting a sense of earthly mastery. Now how good is that!!