Everything is vibration. We, being sprinkles of the Universe are vibrating along with the all planets and points in our charts. If we think of the planets more along the lines of a frequency, then this notion becomes a little more visceral. This Universal vibration is not colourless it does have a personality of sorts, not in the human sense of course but closer to a sensation. This sensation is beyond the feelings that we are accustomed to as earth beings. It comes from a place of Universal Knowledge yet it is not cerebral, this information is transported vibrationally to us through a combination of what you might call ‘ultimate awareness’ and ‘cosmic bliss’.

It also seems extremely familiar to us, like something we have felt for all time, yet we disconnect ourselves from this ‘knowing’ to play here on the Earth plane and experience life at the cutting edge. Like a game we’ve created to expand, develop and become greater.

This brings me to this month’s blurb and what could be more fitting with a change in frequency than the shift of sign from the Lunar Nodal Axis.

The Lunar nodes altered on April 29th for the Mean node and May 10th for the True node. The South Node from Pisces to Aquarius and the North Node from Virgo to Leo. Yes, they are transiting backwards. I won’t go into that here but will explain it in this month’s Q & A section.

This move encapsulates the change in frequency I mentioned to a tee. The Lunar Nodes are in and of themselves instinctual, carrying a memory that is not connected to the human brain but some say is contained within our cells. There is a whole theory based on the notion that our cells carry the memory of all time. That at the heart of every cell is the Universe. To me this makes so much sense as we are Universal energy incarnate.

The Lunar Nodes, particularly the South Node is linked intrinsically to this vibe. It ‘knows’ what went on in times outside of this one. In the birth chart, they have a crucial part to play with our healing and advancement but what happens collectively when they change sign by transit?

The Lunar nodes take 18.6 years to transit the chart, spending roughly 18 months per sign. This 18-month period will cloud the skies with an emotional push me- pull you between two major parts of who we are, seeking some form of balance and congruence with 2 archetypal energies.

With the South Node now in Aquarius and the North in Leo we will feel an undercurrent of the rebel vs the king. In a global context, this may actually occur on precisely that level. You can notice it already with some pretty scary political unrest at the moment as Super-Powers antagonise each other.

On a personal level, a more localised version of this will be happening in our lives. The North Node pulls us toward new territory, it feels relatively unfamiliar yet we know it’s imperative for our growth. In Leo, the desire is to incorporate love into our lives. I am not talking about the love of a partner, family or child but the love of life itself. This is a celebration of who we are and what we have to offer by just being us. This is very ‘Louise Hay’ yet it is even deeper that just ‘love yourself’ it is a knowing that you are the Universe and to overflow with that level of joy.

This feeling will be extremely subtle, like a river or urge in the background of your life. Of course, if the Nodal axis is making transits to natal planets or points it will be much more obvious.

As this is occurring, there will be an extremely strong pull in the opposite direction. A little like a default mechanism and this must be addressed. It carries that particular cellular memory I mentioned that feels like it needs to be remedied or cleaned up.

We must remember that this is a transit, a moving vibration for a period of time. This of course will not be as intense or personalised as the Nodes in your birth chart as they are intrinsically wound into your life path story line but it will have a kind of back-wash effect like water colours in your life.
The Aquarian South Node may recall feelings of being different, not fitting in, being part of the crowd and not being recognised. Being the anarchist, the reformer, the rebel, the freedom fighter. It carries an uncomfortable memory of not being understood, validated, being outcast or ostracised.

Sometimes even being hated or humiliated. It comes into this lifetime with a chip on its shoulder, often with an ‘I’ll show you’ approach to life. It can harbour feelings of frustration, stress and anxiety particularly around having its freedom thwarted and being told what to do. It can sometimes feel inadequate or on the back foot.

As the Nodes trek into these new signs over the next 18 months our lives’ backstory will need to blend these 2 vibrations well, find a balance that works and heals us at our core.

This memory recalls how thinking ‘differently’ was a thorn in our side. In this incarnation, we need to feel that being unusual, non-traditional, off the charts, wacky, strange and unique is our saviour. More than anything else this is about the freedom we give ourselves to be unapologetically 100% us without the need to please.

This can be balanced beautifully with incorporating the love of who we are regardless of labels, infractions, opinions and judgements and move beyond the toxic need to be what others want us to be just to be loved and validated.

This is the celebration of life on this diverse planet, allowing everyone to live and let live and to express your own special something from that springboard. You matter, you are important. There has never been another you and there never will be. How incredible is that??

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you.