February 2017.

Modern Western Astrology, particularly the more Evolutionary strands promote choice and free will. This means that even though the vibrational energies of the planets will still play into our lives, we do have the choice with how we respond and interact with them.

This is the difference between two people having similar transits, with one rising to the occasion and the other being pummelled by it.

Our levels of awareness at any given moment in time will determine this. By that I mean by being conscious enough to realise that if we align with these frequencies rather than resist them it will make us feel better and produce ‘better’ outcomes.

Resistance doesn’t make us bad. We are all resisting life, in some areas more than others. When I say resistance I mean ‘pushing away’ holding life at bay, straining against the natural flow and swimming upstream. This is a human condition that I believe needs to be relaxed.

I am only saying this because Jupiter is about to turn retrograde of February 6th making its way back into opposition with Uranus. Its square to Pluto tightens up and we even have heavy weight Mars coming into the picture to conjunct Uranus at the end of February when things get really pointy. This vibe will also continue into early March. There will be another Jupiter/Uranus opposition from late September into early October but I will talk about that one then.

When planets retrograde, especially into an aspect it has already visited, it’s like they give you another shot at it. How did you go the first time? Do you need a second try?

Outer planets retrograde for nearly half a year. In this case Jupiter is retrograde until June. Retrograde outer planets often internalise an already deep vibration. Jupiter is not what I would call a deep planet but it does have a need to search and inflate so when retrograde this is more of an inner expansion of wisdom or consciousness.

In the November SkyVibe when Jupiter was direct I concentrated on the way this vibration can work on the level of upping your game and trying something new but I am going to look at it from another angle this time.
It is interesting how Donald Trump came into power during this energy when direct. He personifies the Jupiter/Uranus energy of these months. Pluto during this time also feature strongly in square. The change was radical, judgemental, expansive and rule busting and created a major tsunami in backlash! Jupiter when it goes off the rails is black or white, there no in between and of course Uranus is sweeping change at any cost. Well… I’m sure we are going to see how that works out.

Now let’s bring all this down into the context of your life.

Many people are feeling it, saying things like ‘2016 was so challenging (Saturn square Neptune) that they feel in this year something has got to give.
But what does that mean?? Are you going to embrace the change that will truly propel you forward toward your higher potential or are you just going to be a small town Trump ‘building walls’ between you and your Source?

If this ‘something’s got to give’ is filled with fear then this frequency of expanding and change will be overloaded with disorderly, chaotic half assed attempts at changing anything, only creating more problems. There could be no thought or meaning behind what you are doing as you do not have an inspiring or hopeful path to walk.
The Jupiter retrograde is giving you a second chance to choose wisely. Here you can expand your understanding and embrace life’s benefic qualities.

It is trying to get you to believe that life is on your side and has got your back. It wants to take you beyond your four walls and open you to new and exciting experiences to learn and grow from. This is about freeing you up, individuating and recognising your uniqueness. This also includes the Uranian need to not have to be liked or please anybody that could be holding you back from being totally who you are.

This is the vibration of absolute freedom at its best but resistance to this is so ‘Trump’. In an attempt to make America GREAT again, the freedom and expansion he seeks comes from blocking everything out, through fear and that can never work.

Jupiter is giving you another go at this, so if you open to this vibration, say ‘yes’ to life and direct it in a way that is meaningful to you…..your navigation will splendid.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you