Q. Which planet is mostly associated with money?
A. There are actually 2 planets that have an affiliation with Money and they are Venus and Pluto. Being the natural (modern) rulers of the 2nd and 8th houses, you can see how their energies are associated with both values and power. Venus particularly in an earth or water sign finds material and emotional security here. Pluto dabbles in money as its source of power and transformation.

Q. Can you be compatible with a sign that is ‘incompatible’ with yours. I am a Cancerian and my boyfriend is a Sagittarian. We love each other but our personalities are so different.

A. The age old myth of compatible or non-compatible signs is just that… a myth.

Pop astrology likes to group all water and earth signs together and all fire and air signs together. Though they may have similar traits to a point it doesn’t necessarily make for a good relationship. You will often see couples together with their opposing sign e.g. Taurus/Scorpio, Pisces/Virgo. The opposites attract syndrome seems very popular in Astrology.

Another interesting combination I have noticed in very strong relationships are when one has their Sun in the same sign as the others Moon e.g. one with Sun in Cancer the other with Moon in Cancer. Prince William and Kate have this.

Every combination has the potential to work well, you just have to realise the other is very different to you and accept that as something to learn from rather than be dissatisfied with.

Q. My child has his Sun and 4 planets in the 12th house. Does that mean he will end up in prison?

A. I was asked this question by a client a few years back and I had to hide my amusement. Of course not. The 12th house includes all areas where there is a need to pull away from life to connect to your inner guidance or what some may call your ‘higher source’.

12th house people will need alone time to detach from the hub bub of everyday life and centre themselves spiritually. I know 12th house people who go for a swim alone, take walks in nature, meditate or be by themselves with their favourite music. If you find your Son needing to retreat, let him, this is his way of regrouping on a soul level so he can follow his intuitive guidance to his greatest potential.