Q. I am a little confused with Jupiter. One interpretation has it as the planet of optimism, confidence, abundance and expansion, while another interpretation goes down the road of laws, judgement, dogma and black and white opinions. Which one is it?

A. The answer to this question is both.

With every planet, sign and house there is the so called ‘beneficial’ way of playing it as well as manifesting a more destructive expression of its vibration.

It will of course depend on the person in question and how aware they are by aligning with the planets higher potential without resisting or fearing it.

Jupiter is the planet of Laws. These laws are based on our beliefs or our particular faith in life.
Jupiter is in quest of its ‘Truth’ and more than anything else it wants to experience, be educated and ‘to know’ and then broadcast this out into the world.

The Higher Knowing that Jupiter represents is that of understanding Universal Laws, as in the law of attraction, cause and effect and the theory of ‘what you believe becomes your experience’.

It realises that these laws work. Being aware of them is beneficial being unaware is detrimental.
As humans we then take this 2-sided notion and play it out in our mundane environment. Being unaware we do not see the bigger picture so we dumb it down and play it out through our petty fears and egos.

We create our own black and white laws based on what works and doesn’t work for us in an ignorant and self-serving way. This causes judgements, biases, discrimination and loud mouthed opinions based on illogical and often hateful beliefs.

The high side to Jupiter is understanding that the Universe is a totally benefic and abundant force but this is only true for us when we whole heartedly believe it. This concept is a cosmic law.

Jupiter carries the energy of assurance and expansion allowing use to reap the goodies when we don’t doubt it and truly have faith in ourselves and in life.

Jupiter is a confident vibration but this confidence extends in both directions.

It brings in the feeling of optimism and positivity, in a ‘you can do it’ kind of way. It also gives this same confidence to your mean spirited and judgemental beliefs. How confident is Pauline Hanson, Donald Trump and the klu klux clan.

As you can see Jupiter does want our lives to align with our beliefs, it’s now up to you with what you believe.

Q. I am born on July 23, the cusp date between Cancer and Leo. I am not sure which one I am. All the magazines say I am a Leo but I feel much more like a Cancerian.

A. To find out which sign you really are you would need to know your time of birth as the Sun does not change sign at midnight.

It moves into the next sign at different times each year sometimes even the day before or after the magazine dates.

Once you know the time you can then go to an Astrology website like www.astro.com to pull up you chart.

It will then give you the exact degree of the sign your Sun was in when you were born. Even if you don’t know the exact time, knowing if you were morning or night birth could be a big help.
In your case if you feel like a Cancerian I’m pretty sure you are.

Q. I am a Leo with Uranus conjunct my Sun. I have always related much more with the Aquarian energy than the Leo. Is this because of Uranus?

A. To start off with, I would need to look at your whole chart to truly answer this question well but just going from this information alone I would say yes.

A planet conjunct the Sun will always play out strongly within your life force energy and sometimes can come across even stronger than your Sun Sign itself. A conjunction fuses the vibration of the 2 planets together, to the point where it can become challenging to distinguish one from the other.
Here we have the fusion of the non-conventional, inventive, freedom oriented, rebel soldered inside your chi, your life force, the core expression of who you are.

Saying this though, even if you are feeling very Aquarianesque, the Sun/Leo energy will still hold major strength. This could come into your life as doing the Uranian energy in a creative, expressive or generous way. It can also go down the road of the attention seeking radical or the proud, innovative leader.