Q. My husband’s Moon is at the exact degree as my Sun. What does that mean?

A. In relationship Astrology a conjunction of 2 planets, especially to the Sun or Moon will always be important.

When one person’s Sun conjuncts another’s Moon this now takes things to another level. The Sun/Moon connection has what I believe a ‘past’ familiarity. There is a vibrational contact beyond this earthly incarnation that has drawn you back together.

I even notice this when one person’s Sun is just in the same sign as the others Moon. The union is usually very bonded emotionally and can often last a long time.

Q. I was born on an Eclipse. Does this make Eclipses stronger in my life?

This is a rather challenging question to answer as I truly can’t be sure.

I was born on an Eclipse also and Eclipses that made strong aspects to my chart have always been very eventful years and I would tend to say possibly more than other peoples. So I can only go on that.

If you are an Eclipse baby, one node will be very close to your Sun/Moon conjunction (if Solar) and the Sun and Moon opposition (if Lunar) are close to both nodes, so there is another ‘karmic’ element to consider here as well.

Your birth Eclipse will repeat roughly every 19 years, making the years 19, 38, 57, and 76 important years in your life.

Q I have Saturn on the Midheaven and many people have mentioned that this is a good placement for ambition and climbing to the top in my job, but I am not like that at all. What is your opinion?

A. I would have to see your Saturn in context with your entire chart to give a clearer and more individual interpretation.

Saturn on the Midheaven can have the potential for high achievers, the slow but steady deliberate rise to the top, but of course it is so much more than that.

Saturn as a planet wants you to master the area of life that it inhabits. To master something takes hard work, application, patience, responsibility, focus and endurance. That’s why many Astrologers say Saturn usually comes together for you later in life.

The Midheaven (MC) is your role in the world, the path you walk. It doesn’t always correlate with career. With Saturn, there is a sense of taking this area seriously and responsibly, to take charge and become your own authority.

If you are a full time Mum that is what you will master and manage. This is not what most would call a career but for many it is. On another level you could be learning to become the CEO of your own life, taking authority in your own world, not necessarily a vocation.

Where there is Saturn, there is often hesitation around the work and effort one needs to apply, so many people will never take their Saturn on and then blame the world, the government, their mother or their lack of something or other for never taking charge or getting ahead. Can you relate to any of this?