Q. Why do the Lunar Nodes transit backwards?

A. The Lunar Nodes are the intersecting points of both the Moons orbit around the Earth and the Ecliptic, which is the Suns path around us.

The South Node point dips below the Ecliptic, the North Node point rises above. They are always in the opposite sign and house to the degree.

There are strong gravitational forces between the Sun and Moon making the Moon ‘wobble’ at certain places along its transit. As the Moon wobbles, it takes the orbit out of whack for a very short time. It can bounce around for up to nearly 2 degrees. This is the difference between the True Node and the Mean Node. The True Node takes in the wobble, the Mean Node smooths the wobble out calculating a more even orbit. Because of this Lunar shake up the intersecting point with the ecliptic is not exact, crossing just before where it did the time before. This creates the retrograde effect.

Q. I have heard that Chiron has a lot do with sickness. What do you think?

A. Chiron is classically termed the ‘wounded healer’. It comes in with a sense of inadequacy or rejection that can often feel rather painful. This wound is remedied by being a healing and teaching force for others.

Chiron is mind/body/spirit connected. I feel it carries its pain from other times as well as this life, therefore making its issue rather deep. Chiron is intrinsically connected to the body yet it also deals with life from a holistic level, understanding how our thoughts and feelings are interwoven with our physical health and wellbeing.

Although I would say Chiron is not just about health it can manifest in that way. It can be the bodies reaction to our attention on pain and comes into accord with the way we think and feel. I believe the gift from Chiron needs to be given out to others as its healing mechanism.

If you live in fear, shame. guilt, expectation, illusion, pessimism, disappointment or lack self-love and value the Chiron vibration internalises and has to act out somewhere. Often the body will reciprocate.

Q. I have a Leo South Node and my Sun squares the Nodal Axis. What do you think that could mean.

A. Any planets squaring the Nodes were a sticking point for you in times before. They could have stressed, frustrated, threatened, overpowered, cut, abandoned you or just plain old pissed you off. They need to be healed this time to support the North Nodes agenda.

The ruling planet of the sign of the South Node plays heavily into who you were and your circumstances. In your case, you have a Leo South Node making the Sun (its ruling planet) squaring it.

Here it looks as though you played a major part in your own difficulty. You could have shot yourself in the foot, got in your own way or allowed your own nature to bring you down. With Leo its generally about arrogance, dominance and the need for attention. Leo is a fixed sign making pride a major factor and it will often cut its nose to spite its face so that could also come into it. Of course, you would have to look at it within the context of a full reading to get the whole picture.