Q. I am a bit confused with the South Node. If it is unresolved energy that needs to be remedied by the North Node is it still useful in our charts moving forward?

A. Yes of course it is. The South Node is not to be dumped from the chart like refuse but used as fertiliser to grow a new understanding and meaning to what its energy is all about. The ancients used the image of the Dragon’s head and tail. The head being the North Node takes in the nutrients of life the tail being the excretion point (pooing it out) uses it to fertilise new soil. By putting attention toward the North Node, the South node now gets a very different view of its higher purpose. An example being if you have an Aries South Node and Libra North Node, by developing Libra qualities of compliance, peace, balance and equilibrium you can now use the Aries in a way that’s inspiring, pioneering and life shaping without the aggression, stress and selfishness.

Q. I have transiting Uranus crossing my Ascendant and I am feeling rather agitated. What does this mean?

A. Uranus energy is very strong by transit. It tries to evolve us, pushing us forward to create anew. It often gets call disruptive or unpredictable but that is usually in situations where we are resisting any of the changes that need to be made. As it crosses the Ascendant those changes are with you. You are literarily being reinvented. There is something about the way you ‘do you’ and your approach life that needs a radical shake up. You are becoming more individuated over this time and a need to stretch the boundaries and break barriers will be strong, hence the agitation or frustration if you are holding back. You are changing into a more authentic expression of who you are so it’s best not to fight it and allow yourself to be you.

Q. With the Eclipses occurring currently, I was wondering does everyone get effected by them?

A. Eclipses on a personal level will only be effective in your life if the eclipse degree (the degree of the sign that the eclipse happens in) is in aspect to any of your natal planets or points. The Sun and Moon being the strongest and conjunctions seem to be the most potent. If this happens then the year ahead will be rather eventful. If you do not have a natal planet or point in strong aspect it will probably pass relatively unrecognised.