Q. I have heard you mention ‘symptomatic’ Astrology. What does that mean?

A. Symptomatic Astrology is a term that I use when Astrological interpretation is given out just with symptoms rather than looking at the root cause.

For example, a person with natal Pluto in the 7th house would be told with ‘symptomatic’ Astrology that they could be subject to intense relationships with rather controlling types. This of course is true, but just leaving a client with that keeps them at a loose end. It makes them feel like this is their lot and there is nothing they can do about it. When you move past the symptoms and look at the ‘why’ behind attracting these types of relationships, you can see that a level of the clients own personal power is needed when interacting with others. This is about the client taking their power back from those who intimidate, control or dominate them. This will of course will take them down the road of having to deal in rather intense scenarios with relatively powerful people until they become fearless enough to do this kind of change for themselves.

Q. Jupiter is supposed to be a ‘lucky’ planet but I haven’t really experienced that side of it. Any suggestions?

A. Jupiter expands the area of the chart it resides in or is travelling through. It gives us more rope to learn, adventure and explore. More than anything Jupiter seeks a sense of meaning and it needs to learn this through life’s experiences. Jupiter relies on a sense of faith or a belief to motivate it, this gives Jupiter an air of confidence, opening itself to things that are hopeful, inspirational and can work out. This is where the luck comes in. With this confidence and your beliefs aligned with a positive vibration often things can manifest accordingly. You must remember Jupiter is about expanding our consciousness and it is willing to learn and find meaning in all areas of life. This includes inflating conditions where we have issues or your beliefs are not so positive. For Jupiter, this is an attempt at gleaning knowledge and expanding our awareness. It sees this as an opportunity and hopes you will take something encouraging from a not so ‘good’ situation. Kind of like becoming wiser through experience. So, in this case it may not look obviously lucky but if you’re open to the Jupiter benefits and have faith in its generosity there will be something advantageous that can come from it.

Q. What is an orb?

An orb is the amount of degrees you give for the energetic influence from a planet or point. This is particularly important with aspects and forecasting work. The amount of degrees you give between planets in aspect will depend on the Astrologer themselves. Some Astrologers are very tight with their orbs allowing only 1 or 2 degrees between aspects, others are more liberal extending up to 10 degrees. Some Astrologers would say a planet is in Aspect just by sign. Personally, I would give up to 10 degrees for the conjunction, opposition, square and trine. Up to 5 degrees for a sextile and only up to 3 degrees for the quincunx.