Q. What is the Black Moon Lilith?

A. The Black Moon Lilith is not a planet or physical body as such but a Lunar point calculated equidistant from the Moons central rotating point to the Moons apogee (furthest distance from the Earth). It was looked on as the dark side of the Moon, with a nature that opposed the classic Lunar principle of the Mother and Nurturer.

She was depicted as the untamed, rebellious and ‘shocking’ part of the feminine and demonised in most traditional scripts.

This is a very sad portrayal of the yin energy just struggling to express its power. The only way a woman has control over a man (in some men’s eyes) is through sex so throughout the ages this energy has been repressed, subjugated and punished.

It’s been called a witch, a whore, a bitch and in many religions and cultures made to dress in a way that totally denies the body.

In our charts she represents a deep transformation through freedom. A freedom that glorifies in feminine power and does not suppress it. Lilith is just as important in a man’s chart with how he deals with the strong yin in himself and others.

She is not just about female energy but she comes up in all areas where oppression of the self is experienced.

Q. What is a sesquiquadrate?

A.  A sesquiquadrate is an aspect from the 8th harmonic family where two planets are separated by 135 degrees.
This is the midpoint between the square and the opposition and acts as a ‘hard’ or challenging aspect. It has much the same impact as semi square as the friction between the two planets needs to be acted upon to heal.

Q. What does it mean when two planets are in mutual reception?

The term Mutual Reception is given when two planets are in signs that the other planet rules. I usually say they are minding each other’s babies.

An example being the Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in Cancer. Here the Moon is in Saturn’s sign and Saturn is in the Moons sign. Another being Venus is Aries/ Mars in Libra, again we notice both are in each other’s rulership signs.

With interpretation we can underscore this energy as it has come up twice, meaning both planets basically have the same agenda. You can add extra emphasis to this particular vibration in readings.