July 2017

Q. I have quite a few houses with no planets in them. Does this mean they are inactive for me?

A. Houses without planets in them are called ‘untenanted’. No, it does not mean they are inactive. Everything in the chart is energised all the time. Untenanted houses will still have a sign on the house cusp which rules that house. The sign on the cusp has a ruling planet somewhere within your chart that will be linked back to the affairs of the untenanted house. An example being if you have an untenanted 2nd house and Libra is on the second house cusp the Libran energy of relationship, artistry, balance and fairness will be associated with your value system and security. It could include a worthwhile talent of yours to use and can also make you money. Let’s put Libras ruler Venus in the 10th house. The Libran 2nd house qualities and objectives just mentioned will now be linked to the affairs of your public world, your role or path so to speak (the 10th House). So, your vocation or public role will also be linked to your values, money, talents, security and self-worth so this is how your 2nd house now becomes active.

Q. I am about to experience a Progressed Full Moon and feeling a lot of change happening in my life. Is it because of this?

A. Yes, the Progressed Full Moon can be one of the biggest change worthy events in people’s lives, even more obvious than the Progressed New Moon which can take a year or so to really kick in. Everything comes to fruition with The Progressed Full Moon, the full lunar light is now shining on your life and everything has culminated to this point good, bad or otherwise. It feels like you can’t squeeze anymore toothpaste out of that tube. The last 14 years from new to full has reached its peak…so now what? What do I do next, where do I go, how can I prepare for the waning phases of sharing and dispersing what I have now become or how can I seek help if the changes need to be drastic. Many people make big decisions around this time so your feelings are right on track. My advice would be take note of where you are and realise it is a culmination of everything you have grown over the last 14 years. Try not to judge it but look at it more objectively and then make clear intentions around where to go next. It’s a milestone that gives you another chance to change things up for yourself and start you back on track in a very different way. It can be an extremely positive and powerful time if you allow it to be so be brave and move forward with a more integrated path in mind.

Q. What is an elliptic orbit?

A. Most planets including the earth have elliptic orbits. This means they do not cycle the Sun in an exact circle. Their orbit is wider at one end than the other. Some bodies like Pluto and Chiron have very extreme ellipses others like Venus can be rather minor. Venus’ orbit is almost exact. That’s why she makes the most beautiful patterns within her cycles and her conjunction to the earth. Pluto’s elliptic orbit is so extreme that it actually comes inside the orbit of Neptune of a period of time.