To begin the New Year on a fresh note I thought I would introduce a new segment on the website.

This will involve questions that I encounter quite often as an Astrology teacher.

I believe it could be quite beneficial for those who wish to expand their Astrological knowledge.

I hope you all enjoy it



What is the difference between the Sun and the Ascendant in the natal chart? Many interpretations have them sounding rather similar.


The Sun and the Ascendant are very different. Admittedly both are external expressions of ‘the self’ yet that is basically where the similarity ends.

The Sun is our life force, our Qi, it’s our cosmic motor.

When you think of the Sun in the sky, we realise it radiates its life giving energy on to the planet keeping everything alive. Without it we die. This is the same vibration as the sun within us. It keeps us alive through a sense of joy, self-expression, creativity and purpose.

The Sun looks after our vitality, our energy and our fundamental love of the self and our life. When we do not shine and create with our Sun we feel down, depressed, depleted and blue, much like a weeks’ worth of cloudy days. Expressing the sun is central to our health.

The Ascendant on the other hand is the Cusp of the first house which is rising at the time of our birth. The sign and planets there are being ‘born’ as we are. Therefore, the Ascendant governs our incarnated self and how we enact it. It is a lot more superficial than the Sun but in many cases more evident.

The Ascendant is not deep, it handles our personalities, our style and how we approach life. It can often be what people see first when meeting you. It does not have the inner creative drives and purpose of the Sun but is very important with how we meet life, get what we want and enact the shell we call ‘our self’



I find oppositions fascinating. They are totally different on one level yet there is also a rather subtle similarly.


Yes, oppositions are extremely interesting. They are both ends of the see-saw or the flip side of every coin. The curious thing here is the notion of the ‘coin’. The coin is the similarity, either side posing the opposite view point. I like to call the similarity between the opposites the ‘bridge’ as this is what joins them together. The bridge is what both have in common

The Bridge between
Aries/ Libra is ‘the Self’
Taurus/ Scorpio is Security
Gemini/Sagittarius is Learning
Cancer/Capricorn is Foundation
Leo/Aquarius is Individuation
Virgo/Pisces is Suspension of ‘the Ego’.

I will go into the opposites in more detail in later Q and A segments.



I realise that all Sun signs will express themselves differently depending on the chart as a whole, yet I find Pisces Sun signs the most various in personality. Is there a reason for this?


Yes, you are correct with understanding that the entire chart will be the dominating factor with expressing your Sun sign, but I do validate you observation with Pisces Sun people. Pisces is a liquid vibration, it is fluid without boundary and tends to merge easily into all there is.

So it makes sense that it would do this within the context of the natal chart itself. Pisces being so unsolidified will tend to fuse with the more defined energies in the chart to make what we would call ‘our nature’.

For example, a person with Sun in Pisces in the 1st house could take on the more assertive Aries qualities. In the 6th they could be a much more practical, work oriented Piscean. The Pisces Sun conjunct Uranus could show a stronger Aquarian flavour to their nature The Pisces vibration will sap up the surrounding frequencies like a sponge. Saying this though, Pisces is a much subtler energy externally but still remains internally strong within the depths of consciousness, the psyche or soul. The personality may take on different roles but who they truly are lies deep within.