Q. My partner’s Venus is conjunct my North Node does this mean he is my ‘soul mate’.

A. ‘Soul Mate’ is a rather arbitrary term. It means different things to different people. If you mean he is a major player in your story as a ‘teacher’ with working your Venus well, then I would say yes.

He may have been a person (in the past life) who you yearned for and couldn’t have or even a partner you ‘stood in your way’. You would have to look at it in the context of the entire nodal configuration as well as the rest of the chart itself to get the full picture. Either way he will be a major catalyst in ‘helping’ you with your Venusian issues.

Q. What are Solar Arcs?

A. Solar Arc directions sometimes called Primary Directions are another forecasting technique used alongside Transits and Progressions to give a complete forecast reading.

This is an ancient technique, much older than Progression. This technique takes the degree arc of the Sun, which moves (in Solar Arcs and Progressions) at approx. 1 degree per year (roughly your age) to every planet in your chart.

This means every planet now ticks around at a degree per year keeping intact all the natal aspects but now makes aspects to your natal chart. They also change houses and signs. Many Astrologers put Solar Arcs right up there as a top ‘predictive’ tool as they are good makers for strong manifestations at particular years of your life.

Q. I still have an issue with distinguishing the Sun from the Ascendant. I seem to use the same words a lot to describe them both.

A. The Sun and the Ascendant are entirely different.

Think of it this way. The Sun is the cars motor. The Ascendant is the way it looks, drives, its apparel and surface features. The Sun is an inner energy that expresses outward onto the world full of purpose and joy. It’s a creative force and brings us to life. In the east this is called our Chi.

The Ascendant is the incarnated package we come in. This is given a name (an identity) and it enacts itself through a sense of ‘I’. It has much to do with our outer personality, our style, and the way we do ourselves in life. It is more superficial than the Sun, yet still very evident especially with first impressions.