Q. I have heard that apart from the popular interpretation, the 12th house has a lot to do with early childhood. Is that right?

A. Early childhood experiences are generally given to the 4th house, even the 3rd with the primary school years but I believe the 12th also has much to do with our early life, particular the years between birth and 7 years old.

The innocence of these years has us playing cosmically in tune with all there is without resistance, therefore making us vibrational sponges to what’s going on around us both internally and externally.

We connect easily to ‘past incarnations’ as well as all the frequencies in our current life that trigger memories of our ‘soul purpose’ as well as the challenges we chose with getting there. 7 years old is also our first Saturn square which presents the initial confrontation with reality and the limitations of this life. After 7 we have pretty much bought into this notion and leave our ‘awareness’ behind.

Q. You mentioned in class that you found that the 4th house is stronger with fathers for girls. Can you elaborate on that?

A. The 4th house represents the family, background, heritage and past in general. It collects much of our emotional baggage from childhood and family experiences.

When personifying this arena, the 10th house was given to the ‘shaping’ parent, usually the mother, the 4th to the ‘less seen’ parent, usually the father. This of course can flip flop case by case but I have noticed in my experience that the 4th house for girls is mostly the father.

Getting love from the father was often more challenging than from the mother. It is also a need for love from the opposite sex that a girl carries into adulthood. Fatherly love, the love from a man makes them feel emotionally safe, secure and solid. Someone to shield them, hold them and protect them. Of course you can also get this from a mother, but I feel the remoteness that can come with male love may it all the more desirable.

Q What is the difference between an applying and separating aspect?

A. An applying aspect is when a faster moving planet is approaching an aspect with a slower moving planet. A separating aspect is when the quicker planet is pulling away from the aspect and dissipating. The applying aspect is said to be stronger as the wave is swelling, the separating slightly weaker as the wave is breaking. I have noticed some rather strong separating aspects so this notion is rather general.