Q. What are Planets on the Angles.

A. The Angles are made up of 4 points in the chart, that link to either end of the horizon line, running horizontally across the chart and the Meridian, the line running from the highest point above a proposed location to the lower point on the other side of the world.

These lines are referred to as ‘The Cross of Matter’ as each line represent a new chapter of life. They correspond to the cusps of the 1st house (Ascendant) which denotes the Self. The 7th House (Descendant) which denotes the Other. The 10th House (mid heaven or MC) which denotes your Role in the World and the 4th House (IC) which denotes where you come from, Family and emotional background.

If you have a planet conjunct an Angle, it is elevated in importance as its energy is connected to a major terrain of life and will play out strongly in that area.

Q. I have Mercury retrograde in my chart, what does that mean?

A. Many people think that having retrograde planets in your chart is not a good thing. I totally disagree. Retrograde planets are internalised concentrated energy that need to ‘slow cook’ over time so they can be used to their utmost potential as we get older. Because of this they can feel a little challenged with expressing themselves early in life.

With Mercury retrograde there could be issues around communicating or not feeling heard or understood yet they are usually good studiers, readers and deep thinkers.

The slow burn of the Mercury retrograde is often ready to be used as we approach adulthood after years of concentrated focus. They often live lives where communicating can play a major role. The year Mercury turns direct by progression will give you a clue with when the energy can start to release.

Q. I tend to feel a little restless when the Moon is transiting mutable signs, why is that?

A. The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. They are the 4 signs that end each season so they do have a lithe, adaptable or flexible quality. These signs are ending up a process and ready to move into the new season so there can be a slight restlessness about their nature.

There is a tendency for anxiety especially with Gemini and Virgo and the need to free up with Pisces and Sagittarius which could make you feel a little fidgety. Next time the Moon enters a Mutable sign allow yourself more room to move, physically, mentally and emotionally. Try not to restrict yourself or become too pent up.