Picture this

By Esther Dudley (Level 3 Student)


Picture this; your alarm rudely insists you get out of bed at 7:00 on Monday morning, you shuffle over to put the kettle on for your cup of adrenaline (coffee). You do this every Monday that this 7:00 coffee routine feels tediously unvarying, monotonous.

Now let’s take a look at it from an astrological perspective. Every time your alarm jolts you from the dream realm, you wake to a different astrological sky. Your kettle boils to an energy unique to that moment, completely individual in the presence of whatever transiting planets are meandering across the zodiac. Astrologically, the world is fresh, every day, every second; all things, actions, moments marked with a specific configuration of astrological interactions.

In this sense, astrology is more than just our Sun sign, it is more than our birth charts and our transits, it is a unique system in which we can live a more energetically astute and aware existence. It is real life poetry; it is both a way of living, and a language in itself. It is faith in a concept that runs across culture and breaks through construct, prevalent in energies and archetypes.

You know how everyone is always on about living a mindful life, well astrologers have been living mindful lives for thousands of years – the very premise of astrology originates from cosmological observations and synchronicities in the mundane world. Astrology has helped me to break through mental barriers, it has broadened my perspective of the Universe so greatly that you really do begin to see the poetry in every second. To live our lives with new astrology every moment, and to have the awareness of what this might feel like, or how to channel the different energies, and how they interplay in your own birth chart is simply empowering.

Astrology intersected with my life during a Uranian Sun, Moon, Venus opposition, and more closely with Jupiter contacting my ascendant. This Uranian shake up to my paradigm came through in a very Jupitarian way; at that time, I was seeking change and I was open to receiving what Jupiter had in mind for me – behold! along came astrology with this inspired way of learning and thinking ready to instill energy into my life. Astrology will continue to add insight and expansion to my existence, because the very nature of astrology allows such a dynamic relationship that you can make it your own, bending and weaving with the cycles of nature.

I wonder, how has astrology impacted your life? Has it changed how you view things? Can you coincide any significant transits with your introduction to astrology?

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Esther Dudley @esther_astrology