March 2017.

I was in the supermarket line the other day and noticed that the girl behind me only had one item when I had quite a few. I asked her if she would like to go before me and was fobbed off with a dismissive hand gesture as she feverishly scoured Facebook on her phone. Saying ‘hello’ to anyone in our unit elevator is often such an ordeal for most. The ones who are not wired up with gadgets usually wish they were just to avoid any real contact. How often have you seen two or more people sitting at the same table in a café all on their phones with the shades pulled down tightly between each of them.

In these times of super connectedness, we seem to be more disconnected than ever. What is going on here? It seems our fear of any real contact is getting more and more threatening yet our desire for anything that feeds us on a meaningless superficial level is becoming totally obsessive.

This is not so much a judgement as an observation, which brings me to the planet in question. Mercury ‘sees what’s there’. It is the planet of perception. It takes in what’s going on. As it travels through the sign of Pisces the sensitivity of our antennae will be turned up a notch.

Mercury enters Pisces on Feb 26th and exits on March 14th. It is travelling at speed coming into superior conjunction with the Sun on March 7th. It also treks across the South Node, Neptune and Chiron along its path.

Pisces/Neptune energy is everything and nothing. It is submerged into life itself yet has no sense of individuation on a personal level. As Mercury travels through Pisces we will be taken into our own story dealing with our issues around how we connect.

Are we one of those people that avoid eye contact at any cost. Have we become so scared of a smile from another person that if you did receive one you would be wondering what their motives were. Have we lost the ability to actually talk to someone who is in front of us without checking our phone?

Mercury in Pisces wants us to see each other as one. To recognise that we are all souls in the same boat all doing the best we can and to truly understand each other from that level. To not be scared of real contact, not only verbal but vibrational. By that I mean to open the gates and allow real communication to flow from the heart as much as the mind.

Yet what could happen here could be exactly the opposite. Our fear of this kind of release could be all encompassing. You may be thinking ‘if I open myself up to that degree who knows what may come in’. I need my shark net to keep out the weirdos, the users and people who could hurt me so its best just to close down.

This is an option and a choice but you will always be living in fear even after you have shut the gates.
Mercury in Pisces is highly intuitive and a perfect guide to your highest good. The trust you will have in the process of allowing will automatically sort out who comes in and who doesn’t, you will know this by listening to the way you feel.

Another manifestation of a frightened Mercury in Pisces transit could be burying yourself even further into addictive empty information that goes nowhere, leaving you dissatisfied, just perpetuating your frustration as you search for something that you think will make you feel good. Like an itch you can’t scratch.

As Mercury goes through Pisces it’s time to chill out, not take things so seriously and go with the flow with where life is taking you and if that means saying hello the neighbour you have never really spoken to then so be it. Also, and most importantly, take time alone and contact yourself. Take a walk in the park, on the beach or in the moonlight and just breath it all in.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you.

— Marc Laurenson