Lunar Report for June 2019

By Krishna Dodds

New Moon @ 13 degrees of Gemini:
3rd June
5 am New York
10 am London
8 pm Brisbane

Full Moon @ 26 degrees of Sagittarius:
17th June
3.32 am New York
8.32 am London
6.32 pm Brisbane

The lunar phases of June represent the halfway point of the year. Can you believe that we are already into the 6th month of 2019!!

The New and Full Moon already hold a powerful energy, and I feel that their presence this month will offer us somewhat of a reflective quality. The Gemini New Moon will help us to re-evaluate how far we have come thus far, and the small details that need to be looked at if we are to make positive adjustments to our lives. While the Sagittarius Full Moon will support us in finding what brings truth and meaning to our lives, and perhaps what we may need to let go of so that we can follow our own destiny.

For those of you who follow astrology or the moon cycles, you will know that the New Moon is a time of new beginnings. This is when the sky is as black a velvet blanket dotted with stars, with the moon nowhere in sight.

This is a powerful phase of manifestation. One in which we can harness our inner visualisation to bring about changes in the external world. I like to think of it as a time of co-creation. Working with the universe to bring our hopes and dreams to life.

The New Moon in the sign of the twins will bring our attention to all things pertaining to communication, the mind, and how we give and receive information. Gemini is an air sign who loves nothing more than connecting through thoughts and words. They are quite social creatures who leave no stone unturned when they put their mind toward something. Depending on the quality of thoughts, this can be to their advantage or their detriment.

This month can see innovative ideas present themselves to you, and a fresh new perspective on how you view you the world. Be open to learning new things and broadening your mind. Communication isn’t just about talking, it is also about listening, and we can gain so much from hearing the stories of others.

This is a great time to check in with the quality of our thoughts and how they are driving our behaviours and actions. Our mind is a very powerful tool, and how we use it will determine the quality of life we experience.

You may feel inspired to start a short course, take a holiday, become more social, start a blog, and think about new ways to approach a problem.

Gemini is a light-hearted and fun energy and will bring a much needed respite from the heavier transits that have been taking place this year.

Fast forward two weeks and we have the Full Moon taking place in the sign of Sagittarius. The Full Moon holds a completely different energy to the New Moon. This is when we are halfway through the lunar cycle and have gained insight into what is worth bringing to fruition and what needs to be released so that we can move forward with what’s important to us. As the light of the full moon builds in the sky, so too can we feel our emotions rising within us.

These feelings give us a strong indication of the themes we will be dealing with around the time of the full moon. The Full Moon will bring to light what has been hidden and gives us the opportunity to work with or release whatever that may be.

In Sagittarius we will be challenged to identify what brings truth and meaning to our world’s. Are we living our lives according to another’s beliefs or are we solid in our own sense of truth? Do we have a sense of purpose in life, or are we wandering around aimlessly trying find meaning through other’s philosophies? Sometimes we can have an eclectic belief system-one that borrows from many different teachings and perspectives. While this can help broaden your worldview, it can also leave you feeling scattered and unsure of what is truthful for you.

This Moon can help you refine your own belief system and identify your mission statement for your time here on this planet.
Gemini is about ideas and information, while Sagittarius is about seeking understanding, and truth and meaning.

What’s true for you may not true for someone else. Use this as a tool for learning. Celebrate each other’s differences. Learn from each other. Allow your mind to be expanded through your interactions.

This can be quite a cerebral month-one in which the nervous system can be over-stimulated and the mind takes precedence over the body. Air and fire dominate with both the New and Full Moon. A picture of a hot air balloon comes to mind as I write this. And while this can help us see the “bigger picture”, we can’t float up there forever. We need to ground the new information; and the best way to do this is by connecting ourselves to the earth.

Balance is always the key, regardless of the sign a planet or the moon is in.

Enjoy this month of discovery, learning, exploration, travel, planning, new ideas, connection, conversation and mind stimulation. And… have fun… life wasn’t meant to be serious all the time. Do something that brings joy to your heart and peace to your mind.

I couldn’t think of a better way to mark the halfway point of the year.

Lunar Blessings,
Awaken Your Inner Wisdom