Sky Vibe
April 2017

Have you ever felt on certain days that you just have the blahs? This is not necessarily a mood or a state of mind but more a feeling around your general wellbeing and vitality. We don’t realise how important just feeling good without an external reason is affecting our everyday mojo. You may think that any planet being affected by a hard aspect could be the instigator of this, yet not all planets are going to bring on this feeling of absolute apathy and defeat.

When we don’t allow the Sun to work in our lives it is arguably the most debilitating of all. The Sun is a life giver, it shines its rays down on to the earth keeping everything alive. Without it we die. The Sun in our charts is the same. Without the Sun fulfilling its purpose we feel like the walking dead. I know that sounds rather dramatic but that is the most accurate way I can put it. We drag ourselves through life trying to survive, living lives that are purposeless, uninspiring and often we dread. The Sun is a co-creator with life itself. It is intrinsically interwoven into who we are and glorifies in what we have to offer on this planet by just being us. It craves joy! And it desires purpose as its means to express this.

When Astrologers look at health in the chart they will often look at planets involved with the 6th or 12th houses. These are areas of course that are health conscious and you may find some important clues there but in my experience health issues are usually a resistance or the lack of expression of the Sun and the Moon, particularly the Sun.

Our health is determined greatly by the way we feel. Not living into our purpose and enjoyment with just being alive starts to drain us. We are getting spiritually syphoned. The term ‘high spirited’ is all about the Sun. Our vibration raises when we exert our Suns light and because our body is constantly responding to the way we feel all our cells are rising too. Adversely when we are neglecting our Sun it like a month of clouds and rain and our immunity becomes compromised. This is not a revelation, it just makes so much sense. I have noticed with my clients, friends and even me, health and wellbeing pretty much always is tracked back to the Sun (or Moon).

Knowing this I thought I would track the Suns progress this month and realised it enters the Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus T – Square.

The Sun is a quick mover shuttling around the chart at a degree per day. It comes into opposition with Jupiter and squares Pluto on April 8th and 9th. It then comes into conjunction with Uranus on the 14th and 15th the day Venus turns direct. The Moon also gets into the act on the 11th and the 19th.

On these days become particularly aware of your general vitality level. Don’t judge it, just become conscious of it. An element of change is in the air via your state of being. This of course is not a life altering transit but it could be the precipitator of more a profound change down the track. Something is trying to shift on these days around how much you allow your ‘feel good’ endorphins to flow. If you notice you are under the weather, indifferent, tired or just feeling plain old yuk something is going on around what you may need to change to bring the Suns warmth out again.

If you have planets in the middle of Cardinal signs these days will be even more significant. The Sun is in Aries so you may need to be brave and make sure you get your own piece of pie. There is nothing holy about not getting what you want, so it could have something to do with you allowing others to usurp your desires.

You may feel even more agitated, frustrated or defeated during this period, if so what is this trying to tell you?? Whatever happiness and purpose means to you will have the Suns light shining heavily on it on those particular days. Make a conscious vibrational shift and entertain the notion you are a co-creator and an essential component with life itself.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you

— Marc Laurenson