We All Shine On

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2020

By Ingrid Anderson

2020 certainly has started with a bang, the year began showing its cards immediately with #worldwarIII trending on Twitter, Harry and Meghan, the intensification of the Australian bushfires, and the less than optimal response by those in power. Situations have inflamed and cracks are starting to appear in power structures worldwide under influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and the stellium of planets in Capricorn, and the final sweep of eclipse season.

So welcome to February where the celestial energies simmer down somewhat for a momentary reprieve. Overall, February will bring a softening to some of the confronting energies we have been experiencing (but at the risk of sugar coating, don’t get too comfy… we all know there’s no hiding from Saturn!)

The first half of the month is relatively quiet aspect-wise, with most of the astrological activity happening in the last two weeks of February. Most notable thing that happens this month – on 16th Feb Mercury stationing in Pisces before going retrograde, simultaneously whilst Mars ingresses into masterful Capricorn.

So at the beginning of February, the first notable event is that on 2 Feb, just before Mercury changes sign, it moves into the shadow zone where Mercury will meet up with the degree where he will finish his upcoming retrograde period. This is this territory Mercury will be revisiting later down the line.

3 February Mercury moves from Aquarius into Pisces where our minds shift from the rational to the more creative and poetic.

Followed close behind, Venus moves into Aries on February 7, having just spent three magical weeks comfortable in Pisces where she enjoyed tender moments and energetic bondedness (in spite of being squared by Mars for part of late Jan). This is an abrupt shift in tone, quite a switch in how we approach relationships, money, self-esteem, things that we value, and the things that are pleasurable to us. With Venus in Aries we feel more direct and forceful, more spontaneous and want our desires met more immediately. We don’t hold back and may enjoy edgy debates and are not opposed to a little friction in our relationships. When harnessed well this energy is fun, sassy and audacious. It blows away the cobwebs. But watch you don’t go too far and descend into all-out brawls and conflict. Fizz is exciting, door slamming is unattractive, Venus.

On the 9th Feb is Full Moon at 19 degrees Leo 6.30pm (AEST). This Full Moon has an exciting and energised feel to it that will really accentuate our creativity, our playfulness. We need attention when the Moon is in Leo, this can create some tension with the group if we are all vying for attention at once! It falls on the weekend so kick up your heels, catch up with friends, go somewhere nice and indulge a little. This is about feeling special and getting positive feedback from your social group or community. So take a risk and give your best performance, risk being your true uninhibited self. It’s time to shine! It is trined by Mars in Sagittarius, which may light your fire, so leave the car keys at home and catch an Uber. 🙂

Mars on 9th Feb goes Out Of Bounds. Which means Mars falls below (in declination) his lane on the running track that is the ecliptic. Mars can “turn rouge” and feel he doesn’t have to play by the rules for a while, this has the feeling of Mars enjoying its last days in Sagittarius, knowing the time is near to knuckle down and get into harness. Steven Forest speaks a lot about Out of Bounds planets, and when Mars goes out of bounds we throw out the rulebook regarding the expression of passion, anger, and intensity. “Positively, it is time for some bold creativity relative to all those old dinosaurs. Negatively, pent-up destructive forces of rage and resentment are freed from any moral boundaries or scruples that might previously have constrained them.” SF.

On the 10th February Venus catches up with Chiron at 2 degrees Aries. If this plays into your chart at early cardinal degrees (Aries, Cancer, Libra Capricorn) this might give you the courage to broach a past hurt or upset with a friend or loved one, and bury the hatchet once and for all, so you can forgive and move on.

On February 17th, Mars moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn, adding to the line up of planets we have in Capricorn. This is an important event because it will trigger the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. And is followed a few days later with Moon moving into Capricorn on 19th forming an intense 5-planet pocket of energy (plus the south node). This is a bit of a replay of the kind of intensity we experienced with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January on the days following the Trump administrations’ assassination of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani. On a personal level – once Mars crashes the party, no one is getting through without some disturbance to their chart in the house in which the Saturn-Pluto stellium falls. The good news is Mars is very at home in Capricorn, considered exalted by Traditional astrology. Mars loves being in Capricorn because in Capricorn Mars finishes what it starts, it has staying power that Mars in Sagittarius possibly lacks, Mars has grit and determination. Mars is highly motivated to smash through any barriers and to succeed.

Look at which house the Capricorn stellium falls in your chart, this is an area that you are being tested on, and no doubt are feeling in a big way (groan!). This is very challenging and requires hard work and application and facing our fears. It’s important to acknowledge this, because otherwise we can loose confidence and feel we are failing in this area. No, this is actually hard! Use Mars this month to fearlessly and tenaciously break through, and on the other side will be the sweet sense of accomplishment of having conquered a mountain.

This won’t happen overnight – the Capricorn energy will dissipate somewhat in April, but the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is with us for most of this year. Use it to transform yourself in a way you never thought you could. This is the year.

Did someone say Mercury Retrograde? Mercury stations at 12 degrees Pisces on 17 Feb and turns retrograde until 10 March. This is a longer than usual Mercury retrograde period, lasting 22 days. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces loosely conjuncting Neptune, has the potential to go down the road of all the classic Mercury retrograde clichés of miscommunications and crossed wires. However Mercury retrograde is a powerful time we can use consciously. As mental energy turns inwards at this time, this period is a brilliant time for study, writing, contemplation, and planning. This is also a time for going back over things – so all the actions with “re-” prefixes are smart things to do right now; revisit, revise, re-work, re-evaluate, reflect, re-consider, re-organise. This is how you use Mercury retrograde to your advantage. In Pisces this feels like having to feel your way, to go slowly, to favour right brain thinking over left, using our gut feel in decision making rather than logic. Allow yourself some breathing room in your calendar, anticipating the little delays and rescheduling that can really mess up a tight schedule. Or better still – if you can afford yourself creative time or give yourself more time to watch spiritual YouTube clips, or fill up on inspirational reading.

And on that theme, the Sun moves into Pisces on 18th February where our focus re-orients to our spirituality and what feeds our soul. This may bring some much-needed balance to your Mars in Capricorn impressive work ethic. We need time now for reflection and we may need to rest more.

On 20th Feb Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This is happening that occurs three times during this year (Feb 20, July 27, Oct12) and could be seen as one of this years themes. This is an exciting aspect of growth and possibility. It’s as if we have outgrown the old structures, both personally and collectively. And so this is about envisioning a new way of being in the world, new societal structures that reflect more compassionate beliefs. The concept of universal basic income, or meditation programs being practiced in schools for example.

It’s worth mentioning that on Feb 21st Mars in Capricorn is forming a trine to Uranus while the Sun is approaching a sextile to Uranus and a sextile to Mars on 24th. So Mars in Capricorn, the goal–oriented tractor in low gear, is now touched by Uranus’s ingenuity – physical endurance is powered by brilliance and innovation.

The inspirational vibes continue with a Pisces New Moon on February 23rd, which is high frequency and lifted. This is an incredibly powerful New Moon as it sextiles Mars, giving us the impetus to act on our inspiration. Do something to mark this New Moon, create a mood board of all your hopes and dreams, of all the good things you want to manifest in your life, and then start penciling in plans into your calendar!

Feb 24 Mars conjuncts the south node at 5 degrees Capricorn, this could be a confronting couple of days as we may be forced to let go of something, most likely an old karmic pattern that is not serving us. Perhaps we are going after something we want doggedly without thinking through the implications for ourselves and for others, so time to stop and take stock.

2020 is a leap year which means February has one extra day for us to enjoy. Feb 29th. A leap year has no significance astrologically. It’s a calendar correction, but in these busy times who wouldn’t say no to an extra day! Enjoy 🙂

— Ingrid Anderson
February 2020