January 2017.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The Sky Vibe for a fresh calendar year always seems highly significant to me.

Its energy not only permeates the month but seems to have a lasting effect over the entire year. Resolutions are made as the clock strikes 12 and a sense of committed renewal seems to abound. Whether any promises are kept past the first week is another story, yet the need to focus, set a path and concentrate on where we are heading is very Capricorn… don’t you think.

Because of this New Year vibration, I am honing in on the Capricorn New Moon as a central theme for the year to come.

The Capricorn New Moon became exact at 7 degrees on December 29th. It was conjunct a retrograde Mercury. As the New Year was ushered in, the Moon was still in its New Phase taking the New Lunar energy with it into January.

New Moons are always starting points which aligns nicely with the New Year’s need for revitalisation.

Capricorn is a sign of responsibility, but let’s not get too caught up with the flat, uninspiring version of responsibility where it is all about burdens, duty and obligations. Let’s spin this word on its head and start looking at responsibility in an empowering way. Let’s view this as you becoming responsible for your life.

I bet you never thought of the Saturn/Capricorn energy as a means to freedom but that is exactly what becoming responsible for your life actually is.

2017 brings with it the freedom of knowing that no one or nothing can have authority over you unless you let them. You are the CEO, the boss, the decision maker and where the buck stops in your world.

This all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? but here’s where things can get a little sticky. If you are committed to the ‘blame game’ where it’s always the fault of someone else or the effect of an outside influence that stops you from getting your act together, then 2017 could just be another drag.

If you see yourself as a victim of circumstance and have a million excuses to prove it and justify it then welcome to another tedious uphill dredge of a year.

There is nothing inherently wrong with blame and victimisation, it just doesn’t feel good and most importantly you must remember this is a choice, it’s what you are choosing to be. This New Moon vibration will make you acutely aware of that.
Taking responsibility for your life is about being responsible for every choice you make. If you know you are choosing less that desirable situations, then change it. Take charge and become the driver in your world rather than the passenger.

The traditional image of Capricorn was the Sea Goat; the goat had a fish’s tail connecting it to the oceans. It bridged the gap between solid earthly reality and the link to its higher purpose. 2017 carries an instinctive knowing that we have incarnated for a reason and we need to become accountable for why we are here.

Capricorn is a productive sign, it hates waste on all levels, particularly a waste of life. In 2017 you may need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask the questions ‘Who am I’ and ‘why am I here’. Sit with that for a moment, be silent and just allow whatever comes in.

You may recognise how much authority you give over to life to keep you restricted, small and inconspicuous. How you may deny your birthright by always giving others the licence to lord it over you and tell you how to live.

The Capricorn New Moon puts you in charge. It knows you can steer your own life beautifully by owning your choices, commit to what you want and by having the unwavering power of the Universe on your side.

Remember the planets won’t make you do anything. The choice is always in your hands. They will provide the wave for you to ride, how you surf it is up to you