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‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for September 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


September is almost upon us! It’s hard to believe that we are in the final throes of the year already. I know that I’ve commented on the fast moving pace of 2022 in previous posts; yet now that we are edging closer to the end of the year and the big C word in December…it all seems to be happening way too quickly!

Lucky for us, September blesses us with a combination of grounding Virgo energy, and balance seeking Libra.

The month starts with Venus moving into the sign of the Virgin on 6/9 and will help us become productive and practical when attending to our love lives. We may find that we give to those we love by way of acts of service and taking care of them by paying attention to detail.

On the 9/9, Mercury (the ruler of Virgo), will begin its retrograde phase in the sign of Libra-which happens to rule Venus and relationships.

This can manifest as feeling irritated by our partner, or unresolved relationship issues coming into our orbit to be resolved.

While we may feel that our connections are destabilised and uncertain throughout this period; we can take heart in remembering that the Mercury retrograde period does give us the opportunity to reflect, review, and redo.

This is a perfect time to address any grudges that we’ve been holding onto, look relationship issues square in the eye, and work out how to resolve them. There’s also the chance for reconciliation (if that’s what you’ve been hoping for) and making peace with someone from the past.

All of this air energy may have you feeling heavy in the head and out of touch with your physical body. Engaging in mindfulness and grounding techniques where you draw your energy down from your head and into your feet, will be most beneficial at this time.

The above suggestion counts doubly when the Full Moon rises @17 degrees of Pisces on 10/9.

Pisces is ruled by planet Neptune; and while it can bestow a dreamy and other-worldly energy upon us, it can also create a feeling of being disconnected from our bodies.

Neptune is forming a wide conjunction to the Full Moon, which means we may be dealing with something we can’t quite put our finger on. There’s a strong possibility of extra sensitivity around this time, and a feeling of wanting to retreat in both our internal and external world’s.

Our felt senses will be heightened, and our minds will be less able to process on the mental level. This isn’t a bad thing though, as it can help us to tap into our inner wisdom/intuition and receive the messages that our wise SELF is trying to convey to us.

Signs and guidance can also come through the dreaming state, so pay attention to lucid and recurring dreams.

The pieces of the puzzle may make more sense when Mercury exits the retrograde phase in early October.

Mercury heads back into Virgo on 24/9 and can bring disagreements and delays in the workplace. There can also be a tendency to get that Mercury ruled head into a tizzy by analysing and ruminating until you’re completely exhausted or overwhelmed.

Remember…there is only so much that we can solve on an intellectual level. Sometimes finding the answers requires taking a breath and walking away.

Otherwise we may find ourselves in the depths of burnout. Taking breaks, clearing clutter, revising our daily routines, and implementing some form of meditation or breathwork, are all great ways to navigate the retrograde period.

The Sun and Venus move into Libra on the 24th and 30th respectively. This gives us the opportunity to experience diplomacy, harmony, and a sense of balance after the upheavals that may have come to pass.

New opportunities abound when the New Moon rises @3 degrees on 26/9.

Here we are able to create new beginnings in the realm of relationships, set boundaries and renegotiate the terms of our connections. I know this sounds very businesslike, yet all relationships need a framework if they are to function healthily.

If you are a person that makes wishes or creates intentions around the time of the New Moon, perhaps look at what has come to pass in the last month, and how you would like to improve on any areas that need support or an injection of new life.

I know it can be destabilising when a retrograde planet brings all of our deep, dark secrets to the surface. Yet…if we can see this an opportunity to identify what isn’t working for us, right wrongs, and resolve recurring issues-we have a fantastic chance to move towards achieving balance and harmony.

And that my friends is what Venus ruled Libra most wants.

Warm blessings for the month ahead.

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— Krishna Dodds
September 2022
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