The Retro Mars Effect

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for September 2020

By Marc Laurenson


Welcome to September Everyone!!

The dawning of the Spring equinox for us down her in Oz and of course the Autumn equinox for our northern hemisphere friends. Either way it is the beginning of a brand new Zodiacal chapter.

I’m a big fan of the change of seasons. It’s such a glorious reminder of the Cycle of Life.

My attention in September is not so much on the Equinox but on the planet Mars

This month Mars begins its 65-day retrograde period in Aries.

Mars turns retrograde on September 10 at 28 Aries, turning direct on Nov 14th at 15 Aries. This would be the day before for our friends on the other side of the planet.

Mars goes retrograde once every 2 years for roughly 58 -82 days. When Mars is retrograde it opposes the Sun and comes as close as it can get to Earth. This Mars retrograde will be super strong as it will be in its ruling sign Aries so I’m sure it’s effect will be more intense than usual and felt by many.

Mars is the ‘warrior’ archetype. Fueled by action, energy, passion and desire. It is the thrust or the drive in all of us. Its our masculine energy. It wants what it wants, loves to be challenged and doesn’t take no for an answer. In its highest form it is extreme bravery and courage in the face of fear. It is inspiring, pioneering, motivating, exciting and a hero. In the sign Aries you can double all those things. It is chocolate sauce on chocolate ice cream.

Played out in lowest form it is rage, viciousness, selfishness and brute force.

Mars is arguably the most challenged planet when experiencing retrograde motion as its natural energy is so overt. Its akin to holding back a charging animal, so we have to be extremely mindful with how we play Mars in retrograde as feelings of extreme frustration, passive aggression and indirect anger and outbursts can be experienced if we are not careful. We need to use this time purposefully with planning where Mars wants to go next. This is the perfect time to reenergize, regroup and get into training. Its an important time with fine tuning Mars, refining its objectives and working out how to direct its energy in a healthy and effective way.

In this SkyVibe I have given a quick overview of Retrograde Mars in Aries through each of your birth chart houses.
For people who know their birth charts just look at the house that contains the second half of Aries for what it means for you.

If you do not know your birth chart you can still use what I have written in a Solar Chart. This is more general as in a sign for each house.

Just scroll to the end of the this Skyvibe to see which House is connected to each Sign in the Solar Chart

Retro Mars transiting your 1st House

This is a time to reassess the way you use willpower, how you assert yourself and get your needs met. The retracting effect of Retrograde Mars has you pulling back on your usual M.O. and re-evaluating a new plan of attack. This does not mean you have to retreat over this period of time but Mars’ usual impulsive approach will need to slow down, become more deliberate and think before taking that leap. This is the boxer during his break from the fight, sweating in the corner of the ring and being clued up by his trainer. It’s time to plan your next move and be clear with what you really want in life. The usually rash decisions are now being harnessed to get you to hone and direct the energy decisively, courageously and independently. This is not about stopping your drive just revising and revisioning the way you go about activating it

Retro Mars transiting your 2nd house

This is a time to reassess what you truly value in life and the energy used that could be going in the wrong direction. Here our sense of personal security is being overhauled and we will need to step back and take a good look at what we regard as worthwhile. Its best at this time to slow down and take time to readjust or reorganize the more material side of life, particularly your money. It may be an idea to rethink purchases. Where is your money going? Is this purchase truly what you want or just something to make you feel good in the moment? The big one is your personal value and this will be up for revision. What makes you feel valuable as a person? Mars is looking at ways to assert your real worth, your talents, gifts and abilities. This is the perfect time to rethink what real security is about for you and to feel safe as yourself from the inside out.

Retro Mars transiting your 3rd House

This is a time to reassess the learning, relating and communicative areas of your life. All mental processing, fact finding and enthusiastic ideas now need to be taken at a slightly slower pace. Mars in the 3rd can make some pretty impulsive and rather fast decisions, only understanding half the information before plowing ahead. Here we need to know what’s really going on and hold back a tad, making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Communication and how you relay information will be need to be more deliberate over this period of time with a think before you speak approach. Double check to make sure what you heard was also correct. It’s a great time for study and writing. Take your time with signing contacts, buying and selling and any decisions that ask you to ‘fill something in’ Also there is a need to sit back and mull over any confrontations you may be thinking about with close relatives or neighbours.

Retro Mars transiting your 4th house

This is a time to reassess areas to do with home and family and your needs vs theirs. Emotions can be brought to a head here where you could find yourself between a rock and a hard place with your own personal wants and those of your loved ones. Here it’s time to sit back and take it all in. Rather than reactively charging to your defense, take time to look at what you want out of this situation. There is a sense of needing to hold your own here and getting your piece of pie and fighting is not going to help. There is no need for a showdown just take the time to review and work on a firmer approach that allows you your own time as well. On a more everyday level, it could be time to do some reevaluating or planning with putting some energy into the actual home or domestic area itself.

Retro Mars in the 5th House

This is a time to reassess and take stock of all the things that bring you joy. This could include your creativity, children, love life, hobbies, recreational pursuits and sex. Mars transiting the 5th can be like a kid in a candy store going hard and fast for all the yummy treats and then making themselves sick. As it retrogrades its time lay back a bit and revise what you truly love in life, what give you that buzz and how you want to shine. Look at how you could be wasting time trying to find love and appreciation in all the wrong places. This is about you as a creative force in your own right and being able to express in a generous and life affirming way. Take you time to rediscover what is truly important about you, realizing you matter and plan how to bring that to life. Reviewing your love and sex life could be part of this too, as well as any areas with children that may need to be revisited

Retro Mars in the 6th House

This is a time to reassess all areas of work, your skills and improving your health. You may have experienced a nose to the grindstone period, all head down bum up without even coming up for air. This may have been very tiring, possibly even exhausted you. As Mars retrogrades this is the perfect time to take 5. Just pull back and retreat from the ongoing routine and take a good hard look at what you are doing and why. Are you working just for the sake of working or are you being productive and developing in areas that improve your wellbeing and where you feel truly effective? Start to take things at a slightly slower pace and become conscious of how much effort you could be putting into things that don’t give you that much back. This will be of huge benefit both physically and mentally. Revising what keeps you healthy is another good idea. Getting into a health routine of sorts, maybe researching a new eating or exercise plan.

Retro Mars in the 7th house

This is a time to reassess all the areas of personal relationships. This is the classic my needs vs theirs and you may feel the impulse to really put your foot down and ‘brave up’ with all your connections. Retrograde Mars is asking you to put the reigns on this runaway horse and take a good look at what you really want in all your relationships. Be mindful of any held in or misdirected anger here and take your time before taking any impulsive action. The 7th house is a sharing house where things do need to come into some form of balance. It’s time to readjust the scales in all your relationships particularly the ones that have tipped away from your needs. Take your time, no need to rush, just go back and relocate your independence and sense of autonomy and realize you don’t have to lose those once you are with someone else.

Retro Mars in the 8th House

This is a time to reassess the personal power in your life. How much power do you give other people? How much do you think you need from others? How much power does money have over you? These are all questions that will be asked as Mars Retrogrades through your 8th house. This is the time to go back over all areas of joint connections that worry you, making you feel controlled or small. Any areas where there is an imbalance of power or where you feel intimidated or under the thumb of something outside yourself. This includes any areas pertaining to sex and finances. It’s time to reconfigure a stronger sense of personal value and come back into these areas more resilient and braver than ever. On another note take your time dealing in areas to do with money transactions, sales and business agreements and make sure you know exactly what’s going on between both parties.

Retro Mars in the 9th house

This is a time to reassess what you think you know and what you truly believe in. Sometimes we can have very strong opinions around particular subjects and will forge ahead believing we are right. With Mars retrograding in the 9th it’s a good idea to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Are your own beliefs and your way of life working for you? Maybe you do need to take a moment to check out where they could actually be hindering you. Some of your own principles, laws or ethics may need and overhaul or a revision of sorts, possibly by being taught something you didn’t know before. This could come through any new philosophy, belief system or another way of life . This could be a very inspiring and insightful time and could offer further meaning to your life. On another level it’s a great time for study, researching Courses and reviewing travel once Covid is over of course.

Retro Mars In the 10th House.

This is a time to reassess your goals and your path in life. You may feel motivated to get moving down a new road within your career or role in the world and want to begin this trek all guns a blazin’, yet something may feel like its holding you back. Here Mars Retrograde is putting a little water on that fire. It’s not putting it out, it is just taking the heat off for a while, having you go over what this new venture entails. Planning, surveying, and structuring where you are heading is what’s important here. Where is this path taking you? There is a sense of leadership and personal responsibility involved here and you may need time to work on taking more charge of your life’s trajectory. On another level, taking the lead and becoming more of an authority in your life in general will need this time to strengthen you so you can manage life more independently overall.

Retro Mars In the 11th House

This is a time to reassess your place within groups, friendships, social settings and projects. Here you could find that your own needs are being overlooked in the mix and it could really start to aggravate you. Rather than a major confrontation Mars Retrograde is asking you to take a step back and go over what these connections are really all about for you. Are you in a group that honors your own drive and ideas? On another level you may feel rather enthusiastic with getting a project, venture or vision off the ground. During the retrograde it’s a good time to go over where this venture is heading and to do the revision or planning necessary to keep it on the right track. It’s also an ideal time to take stock of the people in your life who you call friends or colleagues and not rush in to adding new people to this list. Championing a new cause will also need a good going over before getting involved full on.

Retro Mars in the 12th house

This is a time to reassess your needs through reflection and quite time. Transiting Mars in the 12th can getting stuck and confused if it tries to activate anything for the ego’s demands alone. It feels a much deeper need to connect to something beyond the everyday mind. Here the retro Mars in the 12th is retreating back inside of you. It is asking to you to relax and be brave enough to listen to your feeling’s, your intuition, inner voice, gut or spirit. It wants to activate what your soul wants for you. This is a great time to spend walking in nature, sitting by the water, putting on soulful music, meditation or being spiritually energized with whatever floats your boat. Mars wants action and this is the way it gets motivated. Really take your time here. Don’t fight it. Be courageous enough to let go and feel inspired by the Angels.

The House for each Sign using the Solar Chart

If you are:
Aries read 1st house     Libra read 7th house
Taurus read 12th house     Scorpio read 6th house
Gemini read 11th house     Sagittarius read 5th house
Cancer read 10th house     Capricorn read 4th house
Leo read 9th House     Aquarius read 3rd house
Virgo read 8th house     Pisces read 2nd house

— Marc Laurenson
September 2020