Intensity, Change and Transformation

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for October 2022

By Maradeva.


October is a big month with the potential for profound change, growth and deep transformation. Several planets are going direct and we are back in eclipse season! There is a feeling of forward movement at least for the first few weeks.

The month opens up with Venus opposing Jupiter which is not a bad place to start! This energy asks us to spend some time looking at any relationship themes relating to independence and compromise, it also brings opportunities to expand our relationships and to learn about ourselves through others, this is a bit of a theme in October! What did you learn relating to social interactions and relationships while Mercury was retrograding through Libra over the last few weeks? It may be time to apply some of those lessons now too. While this is happening, Mercury the planet of communication and the mind stations direct at 24° Virgo; Normally things start to seem clearer when Mercury turns direct, however in this instance it will be opposing Neptune, so things may still seem blurry for a little while yet. If feeling overwhelmed it can be helpful to work on prioritising and organising your tasks while taking enough time in between to rest, it can also be helpful to be gentle with communication at this time particularly in relationships.

On October 9th Pluto will station direct; The ability to make changes we have been pondering is easier, now that we can see how we have transformed and are more aware of what lies in the shadows

On the 10th we have a fiery full moon in Aries at 16°, putting the focus on assertiveness. There is an energy inviting us to stand up for ourselves and to ask for and go for what we want! With so many planets retrograde lately, it can seem like we have been at a halt in our lives, going backwards in a way, going back over things, revisiting the past but also focusing our energy inwards; If we have put our passions and desires aside for whatever reason, we can feel motivated to get the ball rolling now. What we have learnt over the last few months can be applied to our way forward. This full moon also gives us the opportunity to look at where we may lack courage and how that may get in the way of what we want. It is quite a healing full moon as well and can be somewhat confronting; The moon is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, asking us to look at any old wounds that stand in the way of attaining what we desire. Venus is also involved; perhaps looking at our sense of worth, our values and how we may love ourselves and others, can be helpful too. It’s also a good time to look at any co-dependency issues we may have, reflect on where they come from and how they manifest in our lives, we have an opportunity now to heal and to take charge of our lives!

Mercury re-enters Libra on the 11th then opposes Jupiter on the 12th which can stir up opinions and how we express ourselves, we may feel caught between polite, diplomatic communication and direct, honest ways of expressing in our relationships and interactions, the key is to find the balance between the two; to say what you need to say and stand firm on your beliefs while considering others and being respectful of independent thought. There’s a feeling of facts vs beliefs at this time. Mars in Gemini also squares up to Neptune; so it can be hard to focus and be challenging to express, we may feel the need to voice our opinions but things can feel confusing and unclear, we may also feel misunderstood and misinterpret others and information at this time so go easy, slow down, remember empathy (for yourself too!) and show compassion even when you don’t fully understand. If you’re finding it hard to begin something or like something is missing, visit your imagination; you may find the answers there!

On the 19th/20th the Sun and Venus square Pluto bringing themes related to power and authority to the forefront, especially within our relationships, our values and money can also feature with this one. This can be a good time to address any unspoken issues that we have been holding back in our relationships in fear of disturbing the peace, the irony is that this might be just what we require in order to have harmonious, balanced relationships without any resent lingering below.

On the 23rd the Sun moves into Scorpio starting a month of deep transformation if you dare venture into the shadows! At this time, Venus also enters Scorpio so we may find ourselves seeking deeper connections and truthful interactions. Saturn also stations direct so we may start to notice the path towards our goals and ambitions seems less congested with obstacles, we now understand how the hard work, restriction and limits have helped us get to this point.

On October 25th we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2° of Scorpio. Eclipses in general bring change, they can bring unexpected events, realisations, endings and new beginnings. If we have felt a little stagnant or like we have veered off our path, this eclipse in Scorpio is going to help us back on it. My favourite thing about eclipses is that they open doors for us that we may not have opened ourselves, doors that if we dare to walk through, bring profound lessons on purpose and steps forward in our soul’s evolution. This is a south node eclipse, so we may need to eliminate something or leave some things behind in order to fit through a new door.

Venus is conjunct the sun and moon at the time of the eclipse so relationship themes can feature strongly in this one again, as well as anything holding us back relating to money, our values and self-worth. This eclipse in Scorpio helps to unearth things, to bring any fears and unconscious patterns to the surface so that we can face them, feel them and heal them, it also brings the opportunity to investigate what keeps up disempowered so that we can emerge reborn and empowered!

On the 28th Jupiter retrogrades back into the mystical and imaginative sign of Pisces where it will stay until December 21st before it re-enters Aries. Empathy, compassion and acceptance are heightened at this time, we may feel called to do something that helps others. We may also see some completions and it can be a good time to tie up loose ends. While Jupiter is in Pisces we have access to opportunities for spiritual growth as long as we stay open to the possibilities. If things feel a little crazy, practice surrender and going with the flow, stay grounded and have faith!

On the 30th, Mercury enters Scorpio awakening our investigative minds and helping us to communicate deeply and authentically, this is a great time to take a deep dive into how our subconscious minds work and what lies there that needs to be unearthed. We’ll be doing a lot of work with the mind over the next few months as October closes with Mars the planet of action, stationing retrograde in Gemini. It’s time to go inwards and examine what needs to change before we can move forward, especially relating to thoughts, communication and all things mental. Remember that delays are opportunities to make things better, to rethink our strategies before initiating change. Delays also align us with better timing, so trust in them. With Mars retrograde in Gemini we may find we are re-evaluating themes related to information, media, study, marketing and sales, it also asks us to think about whether our way of communicating needs to change and how we can be more direct, decisive and assertive with what we are trying to achieve. It may also be helpful to take a look at the facts before moving ahead and to contemplate how we use our energy. If we have been in a state of ‘Go go go’ this retrograde period invites us to slow down (or stop,) reverse and find the best road to take.

October is jam-packed with intense energies. Throughout the month there is also a familiar feeling in the air, Saturn in Aquarius is within orb of a square to Uranus in Taurus, this transit became exact 3 times over 2021 and gets very close again this month, although it has kinda been hanging over our heads for a while now. This energy is all about the old vs the new, authority vs the people, tried and tested vs new ideas, restriction vs freedom, which can all feel stressful, but the underlying current is progress and change, and we have seen a lot of that over the last year or so, in fact we are probably getting better at navigating it. Even though it has been intense and change can feel scary, uncertain and unknown, it is necessary and inevitable. Without change, there would be no growth, no new experiences, no progress, no future. This month it can be helpful to ask yourself questions like; What do I need to change? What do I need to break away from? New foundations can be just as sturdy and can provide a good sense of security but we have to build them first based on what we have learnt in the past. This October gives us many opportunities for progress, if you allow the universe to be your guide you may be pleasantly surprised by where you end up! It’s going to be a wild ride but a lot of the time we don’t realise how much better things can be until we let go and step into the unknown.

Wishing everyone a fantastic, transformational month!

Blessings x