I Can See Clearly Now

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for October 2021

By Krishna Dodds.


I am writing this article on the last evening of September. Spring is well and truly in the air here in North Queensland, with an abundance of bird life, days becoming longer and warmer, and that feeling of something new to come.

There is a feeling of magic in the air, and the promise of new beginnings.

If you have been feeling stuck or completely overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies that have seemed to become the norm; hold tight, because October promises a shift.

I have been seeing lots of posts about how many planets are in retrograde, and the subsequent responses about how much it sucks, and how much it’s affecting people.

What these memes don’t tell you, is that there are four planets coming out of retrograde motion in October. They also don’t give you an indication of what it means that multiple planets are retrograde.

Pluto is the first planet to come out of its 5 plus month retrograde on October 6th.

This means that there is a total of 9 days only that Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are heading backwards at the same time. In the bigger scheme of things, this is not a long time.

The retrograde of Mercury (being a personal planet) may make the other retrogrades seem more intense or closer to us-especially if we are over analysing them.

Yet, please know that the planets are working for us, and that soon we will be able to move forward hopefully armed with the wisdom that the retrograde periods have bestowed upon us.

Let’s begin.

So, it’s probably no surprise that October starts with Mercury beginning its retrograde phase.

Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra brings our focus to the partnerships in our lives. This can include intimate and business connections.

This retrograde period gives us the ability to reflect upon the state of our relationships and attend to any problems that may be showing themselves.

It is also a perfect time to identify issues around peace and balance, and whether we’re so content on maintaining harmony, that we don’t really express our wants and needs.

Libra is ruled by Venus and sometimes this can give way to “keeping up appearances.” Not only does this stand in the way of forging deeper connections, but it also stops us from addressing anything that needs to be resolved.

Mercury is the mouthpiece of the zodiac and encourages us to help others to understand us by getting our view across.

While this may be somewhat of a challenge during the Mercury RX phase, it does give us the opportunity to identify anything that we may want to speak about when our communication becomes clearer.

Misunderstandings can be a frustrating part of this period, so just know that your nearest and dearest aren’t deliberately trying to upset you.

Big decisions do not need to be made throughout this time. I see this period as a chance to turn our attention within, identify grievances we may have others, and check in with our relationships and perhaps even renegotiate where it Is needed.

As I indicated earlier, Pluto stations at 24 degrees of Capricorn on 6th October, and starts moving forward very slowly from there on in.

Pluto has been retrograding since the end of April and may have brought lessons around power, control, and authority.

The forward movement of Pluto-especially the time in between now and the end of January-indicates a chance to connect or reconnect to our inner power and discover what areas of our lives have been reborn.

More of this story may be revealed when the Sun and Mars move into Pluto ruled Scorpio at the end of October.

The New Moon in Libra takes place on the same day that Pluto is no longer retrograde.

Talk about a powerful day!

The lunation in Libra gives us the ability to make amends with others and bring peace and harmony to our relationships.

This is especially helpful as Mercury in its backwards spin may have us speaking like we’re from another planet.

If we want transformation in our relationships, this is the day to direct our focus towards it.

Venus moves into bright and bubbly Sagittarius on October 7th, bringing a fun and light-hearted vibe.

This placement helps us to be a little less intense about our relationships and encourages us to get outdoors with those we love and have some adventures.

Venus in Saggy may also indicate a need for independence and having some time away from our partner so that we can discover what holds truth and meaning for us.

This is a great time to get out and socialise, meet new people, and travel somewhere new.

Saturn ends its retrograde motion on October 10th, followed by Jupiter and Mercury on the 18th.

This is big news people! After months of perhaps feeling stuck and frustrated-either internally or externally, or both-we can start to feel a sense of freedom again.

The song “I can see clearly now” is playing in my head as I write this.

Even though none of the abovementioned planets would have cleared their shadow phase by this date, there is a sense of clarity and relief at finally being able to move forward.

This is given extra oomph by the Full Moon in Aries that rises on 20th/21st depending on where you are in the world.

Something may come to a peak or end around this time.

Release what you no longer need and clear the decks so that you can move forward with what aligns with you now.

Watch for heightened emotions and temper flare ups.

The arrival of the Sun and Mars in Scorpio on October 24th and 31st respectively, signify a time of stepping into our inner power and taking control of our lives.
Both planets have an inclination and drive to create transformation and will leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

The energies of the Sun and Mars combined has a warrior like feel and will support us in developing a strong will so that we can go after what it is that we most desire.

October is a powerful month! Lots of shedding and releasing so that we can free up our energy to embrace what is of value to us now.

There is also a lot of forward movement. So, what was stuck of stagnant will start to open into more expansive spaces.

Use the last few weeks of the retrograde planet to truly reflect upon what it is that you want from yourself and life.

Say goodbye to stories, vows, contracts, and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you. And hello to the the wisdom that you gained from the experiences.

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— Krishna Dodds
October 2021
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