‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for October 2020

By Krishna Dodds


I hereby rename the tenth month of the calendar year, ROCKTOBER!! I have chosen this name due to the many intense and transformative transits and aspects that are taking place throughout the next four weeks.

Just know that we will all be walking out of October with our world’s rocked in some way or another. How this looks will be dependant upon our own charts, what we have been doing/and where we have been spending our energies up until this point, and whether we greet challenges as a chance to grow and evolve, or take on the “woe is me” persona.

ROCKTOBER kicks off with Mars continuing the retrograde cycle in its home sign of Aries. Saturn-which has only just come out of the retrograde phase-is joining the party, by making a difficult aspect to Mars.

This gives Mars a double dose of restriction, and can lead to feelings of frustration, irritability, and even rage.

Feelings of nastiness and hostility may bubble up to the surface, so it’s important to have an outlet for all that fire.

Saturn can help tame the Mars energy somewhat by coming in as the voice of reason and reminding us all to be responsible for our actions. To take accountability for our behaviour, and to think before we act.

This aspect links in perfectly to the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, by helping us to become aware of unhelpful self-talk, limiting beliefs, and what is ours to work with.

The Full Moon takes place at 9 degrees of Aries 7.08am Brisbane time on October 2nd.

The Full Moon on its own can create intensity and heightened energy, and with the added pressure that I mentioned above, it gives the impression of a water pipe on the verge of exploding.

Chiron can go a long way in helping us heal our wounds, yet we first need to address what they are.

As a Mars and Chiron/ Aries native myself, I know what it feels like when intense emotions build up in my mind and body.

Having a physical outlet will go a long way in helping to “let the steam off”, so to speak. Exercise, dancing, screaming into a pillow or out loud, and undertaking strong physical work, are just some of the ways to tame the fire, so we can access what’s underneath.

Once you connect with the soft underbelly of what is left, treat yourself with lashings of self-love and kindness. Speak to yourself as you would a child who needs comfort.

Underneath all the tension is the opportunity for new beginnings and regaining a sense of adventure and leadership.

When we shed the dross, we can more easily see who we are, what we stand for, and feel empowered by our choices and actions.

Avoid ego clashes and petty arguments and trying to gain a sense of power by controlling others.

Power comes from within-it’s important to remember this as the month progresses.

On the 3rd, Venus moves into Virgo, bringing in some much-needed earth energy to balance out the fiery first few days of the months. Venus in the sign of the Virgin, values organisation, tidying things up, and approaching situations in a practical way.

As Virgo rules the 6th house in the natural chart, we may find that we gain joy from establishing daily routines and attending to our health.

And….something that I’ve noticed with all the wonderful Virgo’s I have in my life, is that they have a great sense of humour. So, when life is getting you down, engage in activities that will bring a smile to your dial and a big laugh to your belly!

Pluto turns direct on the 4th, after more than five months in retrograde motion. As Pluto is a very slow-moving planet, the retrograde period only saw a move of two degrees. When Pluto moves back to the degree it went retrograde at (at the tail end of January 2021) we will become more aware of just how much our world’s have transformed and the rebirth that needs to take place so that we can keep evolving both personally and collectively. Themes that took place between the end of April and the beginning of October 2020, will be super prominent.

Pluto rules Scorpio, and as it is a big Scorpio month astrology wise, it is a given that October will hold themes around the life/death/rebirth cycle.

And to take the intensity up even further, Mercury will begin its retrograde cycle in the sign of Scorpio on the 15th.

This is where secrets abound, and what has been hiding in the shadows of the subconscious mind, starts to come to light.

The element of water will connect us more deeply to our emotions, and as an outcome, we may come into contact with some very painful feelings.

This is a perfect time to use the transformative powers of Scorpio to support deep and long-lasting healing. It may be tempting to act on feelings of rage and vengeance against anyone who we feel has wronged us-yet this will only cause more pain in the long run and keep us trapped in corridors of the past.
Remember that Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is now in direct motion. Pluto wants us to move forward. If we can do the work now, we can move forward unencumbered by the ghosts of yesteryear.

Look beyond the hurt feelings and projections outwards, to find out what it is that your soul really needs. This is where true power is found.

Use the next three weeks to review, reflect, and reassess. Know that your words hold power, so use them wisely.

Water will be your ally. Immerse yourself in bodies of water, nurturing baths, and allow the tears to flow when they need to.

A great time to engage in therapy if you feel drawn to sharing with another.

On October 17th, we begin a new lunar cycle @24 degrees of Libra. Now ordinarily this would be a time of improved relationships and looking to gain more balance in our lives….YET, there are some hard aspects from Pluto and Saturn throwing quite a big spanner in the works.

The feeling I have around this New Moon is that we need to be really sure about what we want and where we are putting our focus. The Libran energy can be people pleasing at times, and therefore will go along with what others want without paying attention to the niggling feelings inside telling them that perhaps something isn’t right.

Bending ourselves to fit in to something that is not for us in disempowering-not harmonious.

The Saturn/Pluto square to the Moon is bringing themes of staying true to oneself. Asking ourselves what foundations we would like to build to help us feel supported and secure. And what is it that brings us a sense of empowerment?

This New Moon does present a few challenges. Something needs to be looked at, adjusted or addressed before we can move forward.

Take this time to dive into any issues that are present within your connections and find solutions that will benefit all.

Doing the work now will help enhance and strengthen meaningful relationships and bring balance to those where cooperation is required.

Don’t take the easy road of trying to smooth things over and pretend that everything is ok. It will only come to bite you on the bum further down the track!!

Just before the month draws to a close, Mercury moves back into the sign of Libra, on the same day that Venus does.

Yay!! A double dose of Venus.

This is a great day to patch up any differences that may have occurred during the month, see things from another’s point of view, and to practice more harmonious and peaceful ways of being.

Listen to what others are saying and meet them in the middle.

It’s a nice little salve to end the month on, and a great day to show love and kindness to yourself and others.

Wow!! What a big month we have ahead. It’s so important that we find ways to express our feelings and attend to our pain/wounds.

With so many big energies around it can be easy to get caught up in what doesn’t belong to us or concern us.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, take a few deep breaths and get some space.

If you are triggered by something, know that it’s showing you that there is still some work to do around that particular issue. It certainly doesn’t mean you need to engage with the person or situation that pressed the “hot button.”

One of my favourite sayings of this year has been, “stay in your own lane.” Be observant of what is taking place around you yet know that you only need to engage in what you choose to.

NB: Due to time differences, the southern hemisphere does not have a second Full Moon on October 31st.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, the Full Moon will be at 8 degrees of Taurus on October 31st. Uranus will be conjunct the Full Moon, bringing a sense of rebelliousness, erratic emotions, impulsivity, and the need to leave any ruts you may find yourself in.

— Krishna Dodds
October 2020
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