Embodiment, Not Just Lip Service

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for November 2021

By Krishna Dodds


The month of November is upon us; bringing with it another mixed bag of cosmic offerings.

Each month has a signature flavour depending on the sign and elements that are dominating them.

This month sees us heading into the Scorpio/water terrain of deep reflection and mystery.

November kicks off with a New Moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio on the 4th in the southern hemisphere, and the 5th in the north.

The New Moon’s influence will always be determined by the sign it is in for the month.

In the sign of Scorpio themes around death and rebirth will be prominent. We will be called to go within and contemplate the parts of our lives that we would like to transform or completely overhaul.

Scorpio can also put us in touch with deeply buried fears and gives us the courage to face the shadow aspects of self.

This is by no means a superficial sign. Scorpio requires embodiment-not just lip service. Scorpio will pull us down from the mental realm and plant us firmly in the body if we allow it.

Scorpio encourages us to do the inner work so that we can become free from the shackles that stop us from embracing all that we are. We may also meet our “golden shadow.” The golden shadow represents the disowned aspects of self and our submerged greatness. The golden shadow can often turn up when we are admiring the qualities and traits of others. If you notice this happening for you, reflect upon the amazing parts of yourself that you may be hiding from yourself and the world, and how you can bring them into being.

Uranus is forming an exact opposition to the New Moon which means that there may be unexpected events or surprises that take place on an emotional level around this time. It can also indicate that our New Moon wishes may manifest in unforeseen ways.

Uranus is the great Awakener and Liberator of the zodiac. So, if something needs to be freed up, or looked at from a completely different perspective, this aspect will greatly support this process.

Be open to sudden insights and “aha” moments, especially when Mercury moves into Scorpio the day after the New Moon.

Mercury has had an extended stay in Libra thanks to the retrograde period, and its move into Scorpio shifts the focus from relationships to what we would like to transmute.

Mercury in Scorpio has a somewhat investigative quality and can help us to uncover truths and find solutions to problems.

This placement has a research quality to it and can reveal information that has been hidden.

While Mercury in Scorpio can sharpen our mental prowess, it can also heighten our intuition-so pay attention to the prompts and feelings that come from within.

A quote from a book I am currently reading sums up the Scorpio energy beautifully. “What is needed is not transcendence, but inscendence.”

“This descent, this inscendence is the journey of soul discovery.”

“The impulse not to rise above the world, yet to climb into it and seek its core.”

Venus switches signs on the same day as Mercury, moving from the fun and light-hearted Sagittarius, into the more serious sign of Capricorn.

Venus here will squarely bring our attention to our responsibilities in our relationships and our goals and career.

Venus in Capricorn may have us feeling inspired to commit to something on a more permanent level-whether that be a person in our lives, or a job. It can also signify a time of gaining pleasure from our work or valuing it more.

Venus will be in Capricorn until early March, thanks to the retrograde phase that starts on December 20th.

The themes that come up for you from 5th November-20th December, will certainly be something to be aware of when Venus begins her change of direction just before Christmas. There is a sense that something needs to be sorted out or negotiated before we can move forward.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that takes place on November 19th @27 degrees of Taurus, is the first part of a series of eclipses that will unfold on the Taurus/Scorpio axis over the next 18 months.

Themes will be firmly centred around our immediate physical environment, such as where we live, our possessions and cash, and financial security vs our psychological and psychic needs, and our ability to sense into the energy behind what we see with our physical eyes.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse brings our attention to what we value both on the physical and the internal planes. We will be inspired to take a practical approach to dealing with issues that may arise. There is also a sense with this eclipse that our attention will be drawn to where we feel safe and secure (or unsafe and insecure), and what we need to remedy the situation. Grounding our energy by connecting to Mother Earth can soothe the nervous system, and support us feeling calm in the face of any possible crisis that may arise.

Regardless of what any of us are going through on a personal level, Taurus teaches us that making a practical plan on how to approach any situation can work wonders in resolving whatever challenges we may be experiencing.

Eclipses can bring a heightened energy with them, so make sure you treat your body and mind to some sort of relaxation, such as a massage or facial. A spa day or mini retreat is a perfect way to rest and recharge and regulate emotions.

Scorpio season ends with the move of the Sun and Mercury into the jovial sign of Sagittarius on November 23rd and 25th respectively.

Saggy offers a reprieve from the intense inner work of Scorpio, by encouraging us to discover the external world through travel and adventure.

Sagittarius is optimistic and enthusiastic and can enliven almost anyone and anything.

Mercury in Sagittarius can help us to uncover what holds truth and meaning for us on a personal level and may inspire some to explore new teachings-particularly subjects with a philosophical/spiritual/religious slant.

Be aware of foot and mouth disease (Saggy has a tendency to just blurt things out) and becoming scattered by engaging in too many subjects or overcommitting yourself to events, people and places.

Utilise the Sagittarian energy by blazing new trails and viewing the world through a different lens.

November is a transformative month. One where if we commit to our inner work and taking responsibility for our behaviour, we can make great inroads into healing old wounds and embracing life in an empowered and embodied way.

With so much happening in the world on a collective level, it can be easy to lose our centre and find ourselves enmeshed in dynamics that aren’t ours.

We all have the ability to choose “who we dance with” and what will we allow. Reflect upon this before forming energetic commitments to people, places and situations.

Set strong boundaries, and choose what you are allowing into your world.

Evolution comes through growth, yet that growth doesn’t always needs to be overwhelming.

The more we can attend to our wounds and triggers on an internal level, the less we will need to project them outside of us.

May you move through this month with ease, grace and awareness. May the transformative waters of Scorpio bring you wholeness and healing, and a deeper connection to yourself and the natural world.

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— Krishna Dodds
November 2021
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