Conscious Transformation

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for November 2019

By Krishna Dodds

Mercury takes centre stage as November starts-moving into retrograde phase on the 1st and continuing through until the 21st.

Mercury is the planet of communication, listening, the transmission of information and how we process our thoughts.

In Scorpio, Mercury turns our attention to the emotional aspect of ourselves and will help us get in touch with feelings we may have been avoiding. Anger, rage, issues around power and control, aggression and anything that has been pent up for a long time, may well be vying for our awareness now.

Mercury retrograde in a water sign encourages us to pay attention to our intuition and the messages it is trying to convey. To make the most out of this almost three-week period, it is important to spend some time alone and tune into the felt senses of the body. Ask yourself “what do I need right now?” and wait for the body to respond. It may be to send love to a certain area of your body, to talk to a loved one, or to make an appointment with a therapist to speak about deeper emotions.

As scary as it sounds, this retrograde period gives us the perfect opportunity to get in touch with our shadow self or inner demons.
We are in the second last month before the decade ends, so it makes sense to rid ourselves of “baggage”.

Other people’s money, joint finances, taxes and how we connect on an intimate level are possible and prominent themes.
If you have been struggling to connect deeply with others, this a great time to reflect upon what may be blocking you.

Uranus in the opposite sign of Taurus-although not forming an aspect to Mercury-may bring some shocking revelations or experiences. While this may not always be comfortable, it can be extremely liberating and freeing if we see it from the perspective of moving out of ruts that have become restrictive.

Scorpio is an intense sign. Yet it can also bring healing and the ability to know ourselves on a much deeper level if we allow it.

Use this period to review, reflect, revise, repair and bring resolution to anything that is no longer aligning with you and how you live your life.

Pay attention to your dreams, de ja vu experiences and your intuition, and allow the deep and healing waters of Scorpio to transform you and support you in being born anew.

On November 2nd, Venus the planet of security and safety and love and relating moves into Sagittarius. After traversing the deep caverns of Scorpio, Venus takes on an almost gypsy vibe. Venus in the sign of the archer values travel, adventure, and seeking truth and meaning from life.

If partnered, you may be seeking a little more freedom within your relationship. If single, there is a strong possibility you will be drawn to those you can explore new horizons with.

This is a buoyant and optimistic energy that can help us see life from a more philosophical perspective, and perhaps even motivate us to gain knowledge via study.

Just be mindful of taking on too much and focusing so much on the outer that you forget your inner needs.

If Venus in Saggy inspires you to make travel plans within the Mercury Retrograde period, make sure you triple check all arrangements, as there may be delays, wrong information given, misunderstandings etc…

The Full Moon on the 12th/13th (depending on time zones) is in earth sign Taurus.

Taurus rules the 2nd house of the natural chart, and tuns our attention toward financial safety and security, our values, self-worth, and how our inner resources can perhaps generate an income.

The Full Moon is a time of illumination; bringing what was previously hidden or consciously ignored, to the light.

In Taurus we are being called to look at the state of our finances. How we make our money. And whether we are working in a job or profession that we value. What is our relationship with money? And do we value ourselves and our work enough to charge well for our services?

Taurus is all about practicality. If you are not happy in this area of your life, it is time to do something about it.

Make a plan. Get clear about what your goals are, and release anything that is standing in the way of achieving them. Remove physical clutter and anything you no longer need. Cancel gym memberships, and any services you are no longer using. Write up a budget and stick to it.

Taurus is a fixed sign that can become easily stuck in ways of thinking and being. If we truly want to move forward, we need to change the way we have been approaching certain areas of our lives.

This Moon will show us that it’s time to overcome laziness and inertia and become determined to move toward what matters most to us.

The earth signs teach us that hard work and practicality are the very things that will help us build the security we all crave on some level.

With Mercury in retrograde forming an opposition to the Full Moon, it’s a perfect time to transform this area of your life.

The Plutonic themes of the month continues when Mars moves into Scorpio on November 20th.

This is a powerful combination that brings an “all or nothing” kind of energy. We may be driven to transform the deeper aspects of self, or we may completely turn away from it, choosing pleasurable activities that we can lose ourselves in. Either way…nothing will be done in halves!

The assertive and impatient energy of Mars can bring the deeper and hidden feelings of Scorpio to the surface-often times in ways that are argumentative, aggressive and way over the top!!

If you find yourself being drawn into a heated interaction, my suggestion is to take a deep breath, count to 10, and perhaps even walk away.

Words can be like weapons throughout this period, and the wounds they create may be hard to heal.

Your “hot buttons” will reveal all to you at this time, so take notice of what they are saying. If you are triggered by something or someone, it shows what you need to attend to within yourself.

Exercise, strong, physical activity and sex, are all great ways to channel the Mars Scorpio energy.

Mercury moves out of the retrograde phase on 21st November, yet will not clear the shadow phase until 7th December.
Use this period to reflect upon what came up during the retrograde period and how you will integrate new ideas and insights into your world as you move forward.

Venus’s move into Capricorn on 27th November brings a practical and serious energy to the way we relate.

Don’t be surprised if your career takes precedence and you commit yourself to hard work.

You will channel a considerable amount of time and effort into worthy relationships.

Frivolous and time-wasting pursuits will not appeal to you throughout this phase, yet having said that, it won’t hurt to let your hair down and have some fun!

November closes with the Sagittarius New Moon on 26/27th depending on time zones.

This is wonderful time to co-create with the universe to invite a sense of adventure and fun into our world.
Jupiter ruled Sagittarius can help us to broaden our minds, explore life, reflect upon our own philosophies and examine belief systems.

It is a fantastic time to think about expanding our minds through study and travelling to places that hold meaning for us.

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds of what we would like to see unfold in our world’s.

Think about what you would like to create, set your intention, and put it out to the universe.

It may take dedication and hard work (everything that is worthwhile does), yet with the Sagittarius New Moon on your side, the opportunities are as limitless as your imagination.

— Krishna Dodds
November 2019
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