All or Nothing

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for May 2022

By Krishna Dodds


The month of May offers a mixed bag of cosmic happenings. Lots of dynamic energy with Venus, Mars and Jupiter making their move into the trailblazing sign of Aries, and the all or nothing vibe of the Scorpio lunar eclipse on May 16th.

We could be fooled into thinking that forward movement may be taking place, yet Mercury the trickster has other ideas.

Mercury in its home sign of Gemini throws a spanner in the works when the retrograde period begins on May 10th- just as Jupiter enters fire sign Aries.

And… Pluto continues the retrograde journey into the underworld that started on April 30th and will continue until October 9th.

Pluto retrograde at the very basic level represents a tearing down of sorts.

The almost 6 month retrograde period reminds us that change and letting go is not always a quick process.

Pluto influences us to dive deeply into ourselves and to work through the layers of dysfunction and hurt that may feel familiar yet is not allowing us to live in alignment with ourselves and the natural world.

While the Pluto retrograde will often hit us at our very core, the retrograde phase of Mercury will call into question how we perceive and process information, and therefore how we view the world.

Both planets are holding up a proverbial stop sign and asking us to reflect upon where we have been and how we have approached certain situations-and whether we want to change anything up before we move forward.

May begins with the Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 10 degrees of Taurus here in the Southern Hemisphere. For those in the North, the eclipse takes place on April 30th.

Intentions set now can have an effect for up to the next six months, so if you are looking to make a change-now is the time to direct your focus to the areas of your life that you would like to see this occur in.

The Taurus energy turns our attention towards our self-worth, our ability to create abundance, our value, and what brings us safety and security.

We also may have a desire to connect more deeply with nature and the care of our physical bodies.

As Uranus is within orb of the eclipse degree, there may be some upheaval or radical shifting required before we can fully invite in new ways of being.

Two days after the eclipse, Venus makes her move into fire sign Aries (3/5) and gifts us with more energy to attend to our relationships. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this placement is a new beginning of sorts. If you’ve found that your connections have been lagging or a little ho-hum, Venus in Aries can inject them with a newfound sense of dynamism, assertiveness, and sexiness.

Jupiter moves into Aries on 11/5 and bestows upon us the gifts of taking action and seizing opportunities when they arise-rather than waiting for them to happen. Jupiter in Aries can influence our leadership skills and our ability to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

While Jupiter and Venus won’t form an exact conjunction, together in the same sign they can indicate an influx of energy around our social and love lives, and the general feeling of goodwill towards others.

Mercury begins the retrograde phase on the same day, indicating that it’s time to reflect upon what has come to pass, rather than what lies ahead.

This can be a confusing time, as we may be holding opposing feelings of wanting to initiate change and welcome the spirited vibration of Aries, yet also intuiting that we need to tie up loose ends or complete something, before we can fully embrace what’s to come.

My suggestion here is to channel the motivated and active influence of Aries into reflecting upon how you communicate with yourself and others.

Take this opportunity to contemplate your beliefs and perceptions of life and the world, and whether they are working for you or against you.

Our words and our thoughts are so powerful, and how we use them can greatly influence our quality of life and relationships. Use this time to check in with the quality of your inner monologue, your communication with others and how you receive and transmit information.

Regarding the “negative” information that always get sprouted when Mercury is retrograde, there are some things you can do to make this period much less frustrating.

One of the main suggestions is pausing and breathing before you speak, hit send, say yes, make plans, or sign documents.

As our thinking may be a little jumbled, it can be easy to speak or act before we think things through.

This time is generally better spent revisiting and revising, rather than starting something new.

Once Mercury moves out of the retrograde and shadow phase on the 4th and 19th June respectively, we should be able to feel the excitement and newness that the Aries planets gave us a hint of in May.

May 15th sees Venus forming a conjunction with wounded healer Chiron. This aspect provides us with the ability to heal our hearts and the way we are relating with others and can also inspire us to be more vulnerable with ourselves and those closest to us.

May 16th heralds the lunar eclipse @ 25 degrees of Scorpio. This Full Moon indicates a culmination or an ending of something that was in the spotlight back in November of 2021, when the eclipse cycle shifted into the Taurus/Scorpio axis of fertility and creation and the life/death/rebirth cycle.

This full moon feels more powerful than most, and will at the very least, offer transformation on some level.

I get the sense that there is a major letting go occurring around this Moon, one where we release or move away from toxic and outdated ways of being and relating, power struggles, chaos, manipulations (and possibly ingesting things that aren’t great for our physical bodies.)

This is an all or nothing energy! One where we may feel fired up and passionate or overwhelmed to the point of feeling apathetic.

Much can be cleared away at this time if we remind ourselves to turn towards our emotions and process them, rather that turning away from them and engaging in activities to cover them up.

Psychic energy and dreaming may be heightened throughout this phase, so pay attention to your felt senses and any imagery and symbolism that you receive from your inner world.

What is released now can help open the doorways to embrace the current transit of the North Node in Taurus traits of inner/outer security, stability and contentment.

We may also gain a clearer understanding of what holds value to us and how our values can support us in living a life of fulfillment and authenticity.

The Sun enters fun loving and childlike Gemini on May 22nd, bringing a playful and light-hearted vibe for the next month. The Sun may also strengthen the Gemini traits of gaining information and generating ideas that have been watered down by the retrograde phase.

Speaking of retrogrades; Mercury moves back into Taurus on May 24th and switches the focus to our finances and material possessions. Mercury was last at this degree on April 29th, so if you cast your mind back to this date, you may gain an idea of what needs resolving or your attention before Mercury turns direct on June 4th.

Mars moves into its home sign of Aries from 26thMay until the 6th of July. This is dynamic placement as Mars is “at home” in the sign of Aries.

Mars here injects us with courage and the ability to assert ourselves and take action!

Mars will join up with Jupiter on May 29th, encouraging us to act upon our wisdom. This placement provides us with a double dose of confidence and the ability to succeed in our endeavours. There is no playing it small with this conjunction!

As this placement takes place one day before the New Moon @ 9 degrees of Gemini, there is the sense that new projects and new beginnings may be very successful.

The New Moon in Gemini grants us the possibility to become more adept at communicating to others and learning how to deeply listen to another and truly hearing their words. This creates the opportunity to connect more deeply to those we love and those we wish to get to know more intimately.

New information, fresh ideas, and increased social activities are also on the horizon and will click into gear more solidly once Mercury ends the retrograde phase.

The move of Venus into Taurus just before the month ends, draws our focus toward pleasure, comfort and security within our relationships. This placement won’t have the fire of Venus in Aries yet can build up to a slow and enduring burn. It can also help us to amp up our levels of self care and self love.

Perfect for the upcoming Winter months in the Southern Hemisphere.

As I said at the beginning of the article; May is a mixed bag.

The planets are inviting us to learn and evolve through their very different pathways.

Rest and replenish when you are called to. Use higher energy days to get things done.

Remember that the energies of the eclipses can be felt for the next six months-which also corresponds with Pluto turning direct in October and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Even if you can’t see progress, know that every step you take is supporting your healing path.

Change can be very subtle, and old layers take time to dissolve.

Give yourself time to integrate any new learnings that come.

I wish you well as you journey through May.

Warm blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
May 2022
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