Mindful May

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for May 2020

By Krishna Dodds


Can you believe that May is upon us already?! April went for what felt like 500 days, so it will be nice to have some new energy coming in to blow away the cobwebs!

May is a mercurial month, with quite a few planets moving into the sign of the Twins, and three planets beginning their retrograde cycle.

Whether the month is full of mayhem or magic will be up to us and how we respond to said transits and where they are turning up in our chart.

I find the key during this time is to be mindful. To view situations from the observing mind-not so easy when Gemini wants to explore the nook and cranny of every single detail-yet achievable with the introspection that the retrograde planets bring.

May starts with a very short conjunction between Mercury and Uranus. This is an ideas transit. One that can bring sudden flashes of inspiration and news that seemingly turns up out of the blue. It can also create a racing mind and an overactive nervous system, yet the grounding energy of Taurus should balance it out very nicely. This is a great couple of days to keep a notebook and pen handy to jot down ideas as they come through to you. The practical vibe of the Bull will help you sort through what is worth pursuing and what isn’t.

From the beginning of May all the way through to the end of May, Venus and Neptune will form a somewhat challenging aspect to each other. Usually Venus moves quite quickly, yet thanks to the retrograde phase that begins on May 14th, Venus and Neptune will be locked into a dance for most of the month. A Venus/Neptune conjunction or trine can be what romantic dreams are made of.

With the square aspect, there may be a tendency to feel disillusioned within our most intimate of relationships and perhaps even disconnected from those we once felt close to. There also may be the sense of something feeling off or not quite right.

This aspect will afford us the opportunity to re-evaluate our connections and our values. The Neptune aspect can help us tune into our intuition and our felt senses, if we can bypass the chatter that often crowds our mind.

As I said, this transit will run through most of May and will come back for a second meeting towards the end of July.

How we relate to others, our relationships with women, casual dalliances, and what is truly of value to us, will be major themes throughout this period. As will be finding out the truth regarding certain situations. Neptune can be an elusive enigma, so it is important that when in doubt about anyone or anything, we listen to our gut feelings (inner-tuition) above all else. It is also important that we see people for who they really are, and not paint them into beautiful pictures of who we wish them to be.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 7th heralds a time of emotional cleansing.

Pluto ruled Scorpio represents transformation, so with that in mind, it is time to feel into what is no longer supporting you and make the changes necessary to eradicate it from your life.

Toxic relationships, obsessive behaviour, and negative thinking are just some of the themes that we may be dealing with under this Moon.

The Full Moon is a heightened energy within itself; and with the addition of Scorpio, emotions and tempers may be running high.

Do your best to let go of grudges and nasty behaviour, and instead focus on healing the parts of yourself that need nourishment and self-care.

Mercury “comes home” on May 12th, with its ingress into Gemini.

How we think, process information, and communicate, will be taken up a notch right now.

Thoughts will come thick and fast; and you may even find yourself running off at the mouth before your mind has a chance to catch up.

Attention to detail, a razor-sharp mind, and hyperactive energy lend themselves well to reading, writing and study.

Perfect for all the free short courses that are available online at the moment!

If you find yourself missing your social life due to the current restrictions; why not set up a Zoom or Skype meeting with a few of your friends. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your favourite music on, and imagine that you really are with each other.

It’s nowhere near the same as catching up in person but will break the monotony and stop you from climbing the walls in boredom.

Saturn moved into Aquarius towards the end of March when the Australian Government started implementing social distancing and other restrictions. It is interesting to note that some of those restrictions are being relaxed around the time that Saturn begins its retrograde phase on May 12.

Saturn retrograde can make us feel aware of our personal limitations, and with everything going on externally, we may feel powerless around the direction of our lives.

On the plus side, Saturn is the planet of structure and foundation, and while it’s in retrograde motion we can start reflecting upon what we would like to build for the future.

In the sign of Aquarius this may look completely different to what it once was-yet there is nothing wrong with being a visionary.

We are all finding old ways to do new things both personally and collectively.

It is important throughout this period that we maintain our individuality and not believe the first thing we are told just because it sounds good or we’re grasping for some kind of security.

Be true to yourselves, and research anything you don’t understand.

On the 14th May, Venus will begin the retrograde cycle for approximately 6 weeks.

A retrograde period can feel as if the positive function of the planet has left the building. Instead of focusing on the external, we become more introverted and reflective.

With Venus retrograde in the sign of Gemini, we will reflect upon our values, the standard of our thoughts and the way we communicate, how we interact with others, and who we are interacting with.

Relationships come under the spotlight, and we may start to assess the quality of our relationships and the impact they are having on our lives.

Similar, to Mercury Retrograde, the retrograde phase of Venus in Gemini can bring about misunderstandings, and the belief that we are always right.

It can be a time of saying hurtful words and projecting our pain onto others.

Fortunately, Mars moves into Pisces on the same day, reminding us to treat each other with kindness, and to speak from the heart.

Empathy is paramount during this time. Look at the way you treat others and ask yourself whether you would be happy to be treated the same way.

If not, be more mindful of the way you interact.

Venus retrograde creates the opportunity for us to take a sober look at the imbalances in our lives and sort out what our priorities are.

On May 15th, Jupiter begins its retrograde phase for approximately 4 months.

Jupiter is generally associated with optimism, expansion and growth.

When this giant goes into retrograde phase, it may feel as if our enthusiasm has left the building.

During this cycle we learn to rely less on external experiences to prop us up, and more on our inner resources.

This is a time of re-examining our belief systems, cultivating inner awareness, and giving ourselves the space to grow spiritually.

On the Capricorn side of things, we may be reflecting upon our career path and purpose and feeling into what type of work or vocation will bring meaning to our lives, while providing us with the security and longevity that Capricorn favours.

So many have lost their jobs due to the changes happening in the world and may be feeling uncertain regarding their next step forward.

The Jupiter retrograde period can help you discover what it is that you’d most love to do, and how you can start making plans to bring it to fruition on the physical plane.

Opportunities may not be as overt as they are when Jupiter is direct, yet they are still there.

Keep your eyes and ears open and know that things will look very different by the time Jupiter turns direct in mid-September.

May the 23rd brings the New Moon in Gemini. This lunar cycle will bring our attention to…you guessed it…communication! All our relationships are based on how well we communicate with each other.

Good communication can create positive experiences within relationships, while not so great communication can create misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Speaking truthfully and clearly is even more important while Venus is in retrograde phase.

Use this cycle to check in with the quality of your communication and how you can improve it if you need to. Remember that listening also falls under the umbrella of communication. Sometimes no words are needed-some may only need the space to be heard.

It is also a great time to check in with our inner-dialogue and what we are communicating to ourselves.

I mentioned treating others with kindness earlier on in the article-yet we must also afford ourselves the same kindness.

The Gemini New Moon may encourage you to confess to someone how you feel. It will also bring the desire for chatting, socialising and flirting.

Emails, text messages, Skype calls, phone calls and writing of some sort-even jotting down notes-will be more prominent throughout this phase.

Gemini is quite a light-hearted-energy, yet it can also be scattered and anxiety inducing.

Keep an eye on your nervous and respiratory systems, and engage in meditation, yoga, or simply sitting on the earth to bring you back to a state of rest and relaxation.

The flurry of Gemini liveliness will be taken down a notch or two when Mercury moves into Cancer on May 28.

Our thoughts now turn towards our family and home life, and we may notice ourselves saying things like “take care” and “look after yourself”.

Cancer being a water sign will help us to connect more to our feeling nature and to trust the hunches we get.

Mercury in Cancer can be quite moody and withdrawn… so if you find yourself feeling this way, take some time out to self-nurture and nourish.

With so many changes going on in the world and in our lives, it can be easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed.

We can’t always control what is happening, yet we can control the way we respond to it.

This month, challenge yourself to respond rather than react. That is where the real power is!

— Krishna Dodds
May 2020
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