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‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2023

By Krishna Dodds.


March is a massive month to say the least! Not only do we have the regular cycle of planets changing signs; we also have the movement of two of the big hitters of the cosmos (Saturn and Pluto), moving into Pisces and Aquarius consecutively.

March also heralds the start of the new astrological year with the Sun’s move into Aries.

And last but not least…. Mars will finally leave the sign of Gemini after being there for a whopping seven months!!

It looks like we may be in for a bit of a wild ride… yet as always, where there may be upheaval in one area of our natal chart/lives, there will be other forces working their hardest to bring balance and a sense of peace.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 3rd of March and will support us in becoming mentally prepared for what’s to come when Saturn moves into Pisces on the 8th.

Our focus switches from the very intellectual realm of Aquarius into more of an intuitive, felt sense, and wanting to connect to something bigger than ourselves kind of vibe.

We may start becoming physically aware of the themes that will presents themselves when Saturn moves into Pisces: and may also have the sense that there are big changes afoot.

A new Saturn cycle indicates that we have come to the end of one part of our learning and are now opening up to the next lesson/s that come when a planet moves into a different sign.

Saturn often receives a negative rap due to its association with words and phrases such as “hard taskmaster”, “Lord of Karma” “challenges and obstacles” etc…

Yet, if we can align ourselves with words such as commitment and stability and building new structures or improving upon old ones…we may accept the gifts that Saturn has to offer us more readily.

For me, Saturn is about facing aspects of ourselves that we may not like. It can also make us acutely aware of our limitations and our capacities.

This is great news!! Because if we are aware of what our limitations are we can either a) stop putting our energy into people places and situations that are wasting our time, or b) we can work towards overcoming our limitations if the desired outcome is something that is aligned with goals that hold meaning for us.

Saturn transits can have a tendency to remove structures from our world-possibly long standing and familiar ones at that.
Yet, Saturn will only encourages us to step away from the structures that are no longer supporting our growth.

Saturn in Pisces will motivate us to traverse our inner worlds and our subconscious mind to identify where we may have patterns of dysfunction that are keeping us stuck in a perpetual cycle of shitty relationships, situations, and mindsets that are familiar, yet no longer conducive to our growth.

There will be a push to deeply let go of baggage and belief systems that we have been carrying around for eons.

Pisces rules the 12th house in the natural chart and signifies the end of the journey before we start again.

There is an opportunity over the next three years for us to dedicate our time and energy to deepen our awareness of ourselves, face our shadows, let go of old hurts and fears, and bring healing to the places in our worlds that need them the most.

Saturn in Pisces can bless us with wisdom and the ability to listen to our inner voice.

Saturn reminds us that if we work hard and remain committed, we can bring about the results that we are seeking.

In Pisces, this will more than likely be something related to the realm of spirituality.

Perhaps you want to become more in tune with your inner voice; perhaps you would like to learn how to meditate and incorporate a daily practise into your life; or maybe you want to develop your psychic senses, understand them better, and discover which ones hold the most strength for you.

The possibilities over the next three years are as unique and varied as we are as humans.

I don’t ever want to be the bearer of bad news; yet I want you to remember that Saturn can be cold and calculating.

Everything that I have mentioned above can be incredibly challenging at times-especially when obstacles appear in our way.

Our commitment and dedication will be tested. We are human. We doubt ourselves at times. We give up when things become hard.
When these situations arise-ask yourself “am I in this for the long haul?”

If you aren’t, perhaps the person, experience or situation is not right for you.

If you are…keep going. Keep turning up for yourself and facing the obstacles that appear.

By doing this you will gain a level of self-mastery that only comes from completely and wholeheartedly knowing yourself.

It may not be easy…yet it will well worth the effort in the end.

The Full Moon rises at 16 degrees of Virgo on the 7th of March, around the same time that Saturn enters Pisces.

There may be a sense of heaviness or overwhelm at this time, as we are dealing with a luminary and a change of sign of a major planet.

Although Saturn won’t be in aspect to the Full Moon…they are in opposite signs and may create a push/pull feeling.

The Virgo/Pisces axis reminds us to balance the mundane world with the spiritual world…and that both are equally as important as the other.

This Moon will go a long way in helping us to release perfectionism, criticism and self-doubt.

It can also inspire us to be productive and clear out anything that is no longer required on a physical level.

Once we let go of what doesn’t support or serve us, we can open our channels up to receive higher guidance from the universe and life itself.

We also pave the way for our inner wisdom to become more known to us and to be receptive to the messages of Self.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 17th of March and will help bring some much needed grounding to our worlds as we move through the shifts of the month.

Our attentions turn towards how we relate to others and the importance of stability within our most intimate of connections.
This is a very sensual placement-one that is related to touch and the senses. We may find that we are drawn to spend more time in the home, cooking up hearty and earthy meals and treating ourselves to long baths and massages.

Our connection to Gaia can increase feelings of stability and can support us in feeling centred and emotionally regulated.

After a quick dalliance in Pisces, Mercury moves into Aries on the 20th of March, followed by the New Moon on the 21st/22nd-depending on where you are in the world.

The move of the Sun into Aries symbolises the start of the astrological year, and increases the intensity of the push for new beginnings and new adventures.

As Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, you may feel as if the year is just starting for you… and that you now have the motivation to start thinking about how you would like your year to unfold.

It’s a great time to look at creating a 12 month plan and what you would like to achieve.

If you’re not quite sure what that is right now, you will have another chance to reconnect with this energy when the Solar Eclipse in Aries takes place in April.

The combination of Mercury and the New Moon can help us to think quickly yet can also bring about feelings of impulsivity and hot headedness.

Try (that’s a big ask under this influence😉) to think before you shoot verbal weaponry from your mouth. Once it’s out there, it can’t be taken back.

Also, be careful what you wish for. These are strong energies for manifestation…so make sure what you think you want in the heat of the moment, is actually something that will support you on your journey forward.

Pluto moves into Aquarius on the 23rd of March after a 15 year stay in Capricorn.

Pluto is now classified as a dwarf planet, yet I believe its size has no relevance to the energetic punch it can pack.

Pluto shifting signs will bring changes on both a personal and collective level.

We have the great planet of transformation combined with the energies of the unconventional and quirky traits of the Water Bearer.

Pluto may encourage Aquarius to become less emotionally detached and more embracing of their feelings and their depth of connections with others.

We may gain a sense of empowerment by finally embracing ourselves as the eccentric and unique individuals that we are.

Our relationship to technology may transform, and we may look at new ways to connect with networks and groups.

There is a sense that our focus will now be on our future and what needs to change so that we are free to live life in a way that aligns us with us.

And of course, there will be a push towards the unconventional and stepping outside of our comfort zones.

It will be interesting to see how this cosmic combination plays out post the Covid lockdowns, restrictions, and mandates etc…
Now that Saturn has left Aquarius, and Pluto has arrived…there is a possibility of rebellion and more people standing up and fighting for their rights and freedoms.

Pluto is in Aquarius for three months before heading back into Capricorn in June. So we may see a snapshot of what is to come, before the powers that be try to reign us in again.

Pluto will head back into Aquarius in January 2024, and I am curious to see how this tug of war between tradition and the future will play out throughout 2023.

As the month draws to a close, so too does the very long transit of Mars in Gemini.

Farewell to being in our heads!!

Mars moves into Cancer and brings a determination to focus our energy on our home and family and protect those dearest to us.

While we feel drawn to tend to emotional needs and those pertaining to our loved ones, there is also a chance for tempers to flare up and conflicts to take place.

Mars in Cancer is not the easiest placement due to the opposing natures of the planet and the sign.

Deal with any issues as they arise and try not to brood or hold grudges.

Our home life can often be our saving grace in a world that is full of so much change and uncertainty, so it’s important that our foundations are solid and quarrel free.

Some very big shifts are taking place in March!

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when so much is happening at once.

My suggestion to you is to keep practising the things that you know bring you a sense of peace and grounding.

It’s paramount to have a sense of familiarity in the midst of so much change.

Some of these changes may be subtle and felt as a nudge on an inner level, and others may be right up in your face.
It depends on you, your birth chart, and what’s been taking place in your world.

Having a practise such as meditation, going for walks in nature, yoga, or journaling etc…can help keep you anchored and regulated and more able to welcome whatever comes your way.

Find what works for you and do it.

I’m holding the intention that you move through March with surrender and ease.

Cosmic blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
March 2023
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