Stillness is the Key

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


And just like that, we are in the third month of the year!

March offers a mixed bag astrologically, with lots of different planetary shifts influencing us mere mortals.

The month opens with a New Moon in water sign Pisces @12 degrees on 2nd/3rd March depending on your world location. The New Moon isn’t only reserved for manifesting and wishes; it also gives us an indication of the emotional flavour for the month.

In Pisces, the Moon encourages us to tap into our feeling nature and to start to paying attention to our intuition.

I know that in our modern world, tuning into our inner wisdom can be difficult given the daily distractions and the busyness that seems to have become the norm.

Yet if we take even a small amount of time each day to sit in silence, journal, stare at a candle with focus or listen to binaural beats; we allow ourselves to let go of all the noise and connect with that part of ourselves that often gets pushed aside.

Stillness is the key to allowing the space for this part of us to emerge.

Pisces rules the 12th and last house of the zodiac, and points to reflection around a situation that may be coming to an end.

Or it can also indicate that you are going to give something one last try.

We can tune into our unconscious mind with more ease this month, which gives us the opportunity to face old doubts and fears and begin working on healing old wounds.

How this unfolds will be unique as you are. Neptune ruled Pisces will influence us to seek out the divine through spiritual healing, signing up for a retreat, experiencing the weightlessness of a float tank, or listening to music that transports us to another dimension.

Art, ethereal music, and creative expression are some of the other modalities that can be employed to connect with our higher self and universe.

Uranus is forming a sextile to the New Moon in Pisces, so we may receive out of the blue news, or have an “aha” moment of some sort. This aspect could also indicate that New Moon intentions may have an element of surprise to them.

On the same day that the Moon becomes new, Venus, Mars and Pluto join up for a short stellium in Capricorn before parting ways.

This can be an intense day where we feel driven to focus on our relationships and whether they are as passionate, nurturing, safe, etc… as we want/need them to be.

This day promises to be transformative and insightful no matter what your relationship status is!

Venus and Mars continue their side-by-side journey when they move into Aquarius on 7th March.

Our focus is drawn back to our relationships as we continue to delve into what brings value to our most intimate of connections.

In Aquarius we are prompted to look towards the future, honouring our romantic connections while also embracing our individuality.

We may reflect upon what our hopes and dreams are, and how we can breathe new life into partnerships via a joint venture or spending time in group environments.

Mercury moves into Pisces on the 10th, taking us into the realm of idealistic thinking and daydreaming. While this placement can help us tune into our creativity, it can also bring fogginess and confusion.

Mercury in Pisces is more attuned to feeling than thinking, so if in doubt about anything at all, trust your gut!

The element of water combined with Mercury will encourage us to view the world through a more compassionate lens and inspire empathy by understanding where others are coming from.

In this age of segregation and misunderstandings, this is a most welcome transit indeed.

The Full Moon rises at 27 degrees of Virgo on the 18th of March.

This can add some much-needed grounding to the “head in the clouds” vibe that can sometimes take over when Pisces is prominent.

La bella luna in the sign of the Virgin will turn our attention towards our health and wellbeing and daily routines. As boring as this may sound, our routines are what supports us when times get tough. Eating healthily, getting ample sleep and movement, and bringing an element of the spiritual in via meditation and yoga, gives us a strong foundation to achieve a healthy mind and body.

Routines aren’t the next trend or fad. They are what works for you. Find something that aligns with you and commit to doing it every single day!

This very practical Moon will also support us in decluttering our home and our lives, while also releasing pickiness and perfectionism.

Virgo can become very driven when they are in organisation mode, so remember to stop, breathe, and rest.

There is no standard to live up to apart from your own.

Put your feet on the earth and draw your energy down through your body and into the ground. This will help anchor the heightened energy that the Full Moon often brings.

And remember that no matter what you are going through, “this too shall pass.”

Both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres will experience themes around balance with the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes taking place on the 21st of March.

This is the time of the year when day and night are of equal length, and we honour both the light and darkness in our lives.

Here in the South, we give gratitude for what has been harvested in the way of intentions and efforts that have come to pass, and in the North, there is a sense of excitement as the light returns and new seeds are planted.

Regardless of location, we can ask ourselves the pertinent question of where we do or don’t have balance in our lives and reflect upon how we can go about obtaining it.

The element of fire also makes itself known on the 21st with the Sun’s move into Aries, and again on the 27th when Mercury joins the Sun in the sign of the Ram.

Aries symbolises the start of the astrological New Year and will inspire us to action new beginnings.

This is super exciting news-especially for those who felt that the first two months of the year didn’t kick off with the bang they would’ve liked.

Aries is the trailblazer of the zodiac and will inspire us to get moving. This combined with the “millions of ideas a minute” energy of Mercury in Aries, could produce some fantastic results.

And with no planets in retrograde motion, life is about to become very busy!

March ends with Jupiter and Neptune moving ever closer in preparation for their conjunction in April.

Amongst other things, this aspect prompts us to imagine that anything is possible.

This combined with the Aquarius planets encouraging us to step outside of our comfort zones, Pisces inspiring us to dream big, and Aries injection of action and motivation; indicates that something amazing is on the horizon.

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— Krishna Dodds
March 2022
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