Motivational March

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2021

By Krishna Dodds


Can you believe that it is March 2021 already! I was going to name this article March Madness yet decided on Motivational March instead.

The reason being is that there is nothing too drastic taking place in March (ahem, but the planets always do have a way of surprising us), and a lot of get up and go in the second half of the month-courtesy of the Aries planets coming into play.

The month starts with the move of Mars into Gemini on March 5th. Now, as Mars is no longer on a road trip with Uranus, this may signal the end of the heightened and buzzy energy that these planets may have brought to your life throughout January and February

Yet…Mars moving into quicksilver Gemini, can bring some hyper-activity of its own.

Mars in this placement will give us the drive to make plans, share ideas and continually seek out mental stimulation. This is a perfect time to channel all of that mind activity into a short course or gaining information very quickly through books and articles.

Mars in Gemini can create a bit of a “know it all” vibe, so try to slow the brakes on your mouth before you speak. Let the brain register what you are about to say before you say it.

And.. choose your battles wisely. As there is a somewhat argumentative feel to this transit, words can be shot out without a second thought. Remember that everyone has views and opinions of their own, and that we can choose whether we want to engage with them or not. If you find yourself becoming heated over an interaction, take 10 deep breaths, and DECIDE whether you want to take part in the dynamic, or walk away. Sometimes not saying anything is the best option.

The Sun and Venus in Pisces take the edge off the feistiness and hyperactivity of Mars in Gemini by influencing us to engage in practices that replenish the soul and offer the opportunity to connect to ourselves on a deeper level.

Meditation, yin yoga, and spending time in nature or in bodies of water are just some of things we can engage in to soothe our spirit and nurture our bodies.

If the Sun/Venus conjunction does inspire you to socialise, you may be drawn to visit an art gallery, attended a sound healing group, or check out your local spiritual church.

The Pisces bubble that is prominent for the first half of the month and includes the Sun, Venus, and Neptune, will be joined by the New Moon on the 13th and Mercury on the 16th,. This will make it easier for us to tap into our compassionate and empathetic side. We may herald the call to help others and will be more inclined to treat ourselves and our fellow human beings with kindness.

Imagination will more than likely be expanded throughout this period, so make sure to jot down any ideas so that they can be put into action when Mars ruled Aries dominates the second half of the month.

The 13th March sees the Sun and Moon come together to form the New Moon at 23 degrees of Pisces.

The New Moon-among other things-is about creating new beginnings and setting intentions for what we would like to bring to fruition throughout the coming month. The New Moon in Pisces encourages us to reflect upon the dreams and visions that we would like to make a reality.

It can also inspire us to treat others with compassion, and to develop the altruistic side of our nature.

As Pisces rules the 12th house in astrology, we also may feel the pull to draw our energy within and take some time out from our everyday lives. While I realise this isn’t always an option with the busy worlds within which we live, we can create mini retreats where we can light a candle, take a bath, get creative with drawing, painting or pottery, and connect to our spiritual selves through breathwork, journaling, or doing a reading with oracle cards.

Pisces is a great reminder that we need to fill our own cup before we can give of ourselves to others. If we don’t do this, we will burn out.

Pick one thing that you can do to care for yourself throughout the coming month and set an intention with the New Moon to make it so.

Mercury moves out of the shadow of the retrograde phase on the same day as the New Moon, heralding a time of moving forward with plans that may have been on hold.

Communication should start to revert to a language that we understand, and our minds are more easily able to absorb information and share our thoughts and ideas with others.

Anything that may have been unclear or an issue at the end of January, should start to make more sense or resolve now.

The day after the New Moon, Venus and Neptune form a conjunction in Pisces. Love is in the air! Even if only in our imagination. This energy can inspire creative expression and can mark the beginnings of a beautiful piece of artwork or a poem or sonnet.

The Sun enter Aries on March 21st, signalling a time of drive and energy.
Mars ruled Aries is great for motivating us to start new projects and work towards achieving our goals.

Around this time, we may see the progressive ideas that the Aquarian energy brought to us back in February, start to be acted upon.

The movement of the Sun into Aries coincides with the Autumn Equinox here in the Southern Hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox in the North.

Although we may feel fired up and ready to jump into new beginnings and new adventures; the Equinox reminds us to also give space to the Libran themes (the opposite sign of Aries) of harmony and balance.

Not everything has to be gung-ho. We can move at our own pace. Particularly those who don’t have a lot of fire in their personal charts.

When Venus moves into Aries on March 22nd, the way we relate to other becomes fiery and passionate. Singles may feel bold enough to finally ask that special someone out, and those in partnerships will feel the pull to spend some time solo.

Time out is important for us all-no matter what our relationship status. It can be the very thing that injects new life or a little va-va-voom into our dynamics with others.

Mars and Saturn forming a trine on the same day, brings a drive and energy to creating plans and building new foundations. While a trine is seen as an easy aspect in astrology, it can also be a little lazy.

If you want to get something started on this day, you may need to call upon the Saturnian disciplined approach to get things moving.

The month closes with the Full Moon rising at 8 degrees of Libra.
The Full Moon is forming an opposition to Chiron and Venus in Aries, signalling that something needs to be attended to in the realm of relationships.

The Full Moon is often a time when things come to light, so we may start to see situations from a new perspective.

It’s a fantastic time to check in with all things Venus oriented-as Venus rules Libra.

We can ask ourselves what is important to us? Whether our needs are being met? Do we even know what our needs are?

One of the biggest questions we can reflect upon with the Full Moon in Libra, is how balance is showing/or not showing up in our lives.

Libra rules the relationship house in astrology, and can sometimes unfold as the pushing aside of one’s own needs to accommodate others.

Use the light and the heightened intuition of the Full Moon to see where this may be occurring in your own life.

Then take steps to resolve it.

No matter how things turn out throughout this period, know that if you’ve been true to yourself, that you’re making the right decisions for your own journey forward.

As a final note I would like to say that there are no retrograde planets right now. Yippee!! With the combined instinctual energy of Pisces, and the dynamic and determined drive of Aries, we can make a lot of headway this month by feeling into where we are heading, and putting all our creative ideas and inspirations into a physical form that can be actioned by the adventurous and risk taking Ram.

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— Krishna Dodds
March 2021
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