Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2022

By Krishna Dodds


June begins with the end of the Mercury Retrograde phase on the 4th. While communications and making plans should become easier over the next few weeks, we still need to clear the shadow phase of the retrograde-which ends on June 18th.

The shadow phase offers us the chance to integrate any lessons that were presented from May 12th onwards, and how we can put to use any new skills such as a change of mindset or more positive self-talk.

Saturn begins its 4.5 month retrograde phase on the same day that Mercury turns direct. This can create a kind of “two steps forward, three steps back dynamic”, and throw us off balance somewhat.

Saturn will form a square with Mercury up until the 18th of June when it moves out of orb. It’s interesting to note that this is the day that Mercury moves out of its shadow phase.

What this means is that we may need to work extra hard to keep our thoughts coming from a helpful place-as it can be easy to fall into depressive thinking. There may also be the sense that we have extra responsibility heaped upon us.

Another possible influence from this transit is that original ideas and plans may feel thwarted in some way, and there may be a sense of not fitting into society if we present as different, unique, or free thinking.

The average person has approximately 6000 thoughts per day, and it is up to us to choose which thoughts we allow ourselves to follow. Negative thoughts can often lead to rumination and a feeling of powerlessness, while more helpful thoughts will feel expansive and uplifting.

My suggestion throughout this two week period is to commit to attending to your mental hygiene. Don’t get caught up in the stories and the loops of the mind. Use meditation or other peaceful practices to observe the mind and engage in processes that keep the inner critic at bay.

Saturn will move out of the retrograde phase later in the year, yet the lessons of slowing down, taking accountability for ourselves and our actions and reviewing our responsibilities can last a lifetime.

Mercury moves back into Gemini on June 14th, and we may experience a lift to our mental mojo.

Ideas will start flowing more easily, we may receive news or have an “aha” moment and plans or projects that were put on hold will start to move forward once more.

The move of Mercury into Gemini corresponds with the Full Moon @ 23 degrees of Sagittarius. The Moon is also at one of the closest points to Earth it will be at all year.

The Saggy moon reminds us not to get caught up in the minutiae of life, and to zoom out to see the bigger picture and what has been eluding us.

The energy of the Archer encourages us to see life as an adventure, and to take a few risks instead of choosing comfortability.

This is a HUGE ideas day with the combined energy of detail-oriented Mercury in Gemini, and the BIG plans and intentions of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius!

Freedom can come in many forms, and this Moon reminds us to loosen up what has become restrictive or stagnant. This can pertain to releasing limiting thoughts on the internal level and freeing up confining spaces and situations in the external world.

This is a high vibe day to say the least – one where the Moon’s influence will be felt in the areas of our lives that need a do-over the most.

It’s time to take action and have FUN while you’re doing it!

Neptune will be forming a square to the Full Moon, which can create somewhat of a fog between what is real and what isn’t.

Neptune encourages us to tune into our intuitive senses and being open to receive messages in the form of symbols and dreams.

The ethereal vibration of Neptune may seem at odds with the dynamic energy of the fire ruled Saggy Full Moon, yet if we allow ourselves the space to retreat into our inner world-away from the distractions of the outer world-we may be able to strike a balance between our inner wisdom and any actions that need to be taken.

Neptune square the Full Moon can bring BIG feelings and heighten already heightened sensitivities. Staying grounded will be especially important throughout this phase. The quickest way to do this is to plant your bare feet on the earth and nourish your physical bodies with wholesome foods.

The Sun enters Cancer on June 22nd and will turn our attention towards our home and family lives. Cancer also offers us the chance to rest and replenish and to seek emotional support from those closest to us.

Venus enters Gemini on June 24th and will highlight the desire to communicate well with those we are in relationship with.

Intellectual compatibility is important to Venus in Gemini, as are words of affirmation, and being curious about what makes others tick.

This is a very chatty time-one where mental stimulation and sharing ideas are coveted.

Paying a compliment or two or offering validation when in conversation with another, can go a long way with this transit.

The New Moon @ 7 degrees of Cancer on June 29th brings our attention to how we nurture ourselves and others.

This Moon corresponds with the halfway point of year and will encourage us to think about how we would like the next six months to unfold-especially in relation to our private lives.

There may be new beginnings around our home or a child, and we can also work upon our insecurities and whether our protective crab shell (while stopping negative influences from coming in), is stopping us from experiencing joy and forming deeper connections to those we love.

June closes with Neptune beginning its retrograde period that lasts for approximately five months.

This can be a time of stripping away illusions and the things that we tell ourselves to make life more comfortable or bearable.

While this can be incredibly confronting, it can also help us to identify anything that has been clouding our judgement and will bring us in direct contact with reality-without the comfort of rose-coloured glasses.

June offers a mixed bag astrologically; yet one theme that stands out to me is the ability to see things as they really are. This is a time of discovering what holds truth and meaning in our worlds and letting go of anything that doesn’t align with that.

As always, the planets afford us the opportunity to evolve and grow if we are open to their influence.

Resistance to this, can often show us the areas of our lives that need change the most.

Go well. I’m holding the intention that the month will unfold in exactly the way you need it to for your highest learning and healing.

Warm Blessings,

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— Krishna Dodds
July 2022
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