If you Dream it, you can Create it

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for June 2021

By Krishna Dodds


The sixth month of the year is upon us, just like that!! Time seems to be gathering speed at crazy levels.

Each month of the year has offered its own unique gifts astrologically, and June does not disappoint with the cosmic action.

The month begins with the recent Mercury RX period, a solar eclipse, the second square of Saturn and Uranus, and the beginning of the retrograde phases of Jupiter and Neptune.

Big shifts abound! No matter where we’re at on our personal journey, June is sure to affect us in some way, on some level.

Let’s begin!

Just as the sign of the twins can be paradoxical in nature, so too is the start of the month.

We walk into a new month looking backwards-thanks to Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Gemini.

Mercury here gives us a somewhat reflective quality, and encourages us to revise, revisit, and re-evaluate.

The way we assimilate information and communicate (with ourselves and others) are themes that will stand out over the next three weeks. Our attention may also be drawn to where we allow our focus to go. The way we perceive the world creates our reality and determines how we experience life. We may also discover that being caught up in the minutiae, is stopping us from seeing the bigger plan or our higher purpose.

The period from May 31st through until June 23rd can act as a mental detox of sorts. We have the opportunity to review our inner monologue, our thoughts, and our beliefs-and whether they are supporting or hindering us.

Pay attention to that which repeatedly presents itself throughout this phase, as it will be a key indicator of what we need to work on.

Once Mercury clears the shadow phase in early July, we should be flourishing with new ideas, possibilities, creativity, and mental growth.

The Solar Eclipse that takes place on June 10th will make direct contact with Mercury Retrograde. The message that accompanies this is “what do I need to finish, tie up, revisit, before I can move forward?”

Usually, a Solar Eclipse is a powerful time of new beginnings, yet in this case, we are strongly being encouraged to look backwards before we move forward. There may also be a second chance on offer, or an opportunity to do something better this time.

The Eclipse/New Moon in the sign of Gemini puts the emphasis on communication.

Communication is the key to all of our interpersonal relationships-and with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis strongly influencing the eclipses of 2021-we are being prompted to learn how to communicate in a way that is supportive to our personal growth, and our interactions with others.

The Gemini energy also encourages writing and exchanging information with others. This could be a perfect time to start a blog and share your message with the world.

If you dream it, you can create it.

As Gemini rules the hands, shoulders, respiratory and nervous systems; the next six months would be a perfect time to focus on these areas and how you can support them to function at the best level possible for you.

The second Saturn/Uranus square of 2021 takes place on 15th June.

The first square of these two heavyweights came together on February 18th; so, if you cast your mind back to that time and the themes that were a focal point for you, you may have an idea of what this second meeting will entail.

At the very minimum, this aspect signals a turning point. (That’s me being diplomatic!)

At a deeper level, this aspect points to a challenge between security and keeping things as they are, versus complete liberation and not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

We will start to notice at a cellular level where we feel stuck, or reluctant to change. We will also notice the fears that the promise of change brings.

I am a big believer into feeling into the body and noticing our response to certain people, places, and situations.

Our inner-tuition can guide us toward the parts of our lives that need an overhaul. If something doesn’t feel right, use it as a chance to explore what that may mean.

This aspect doesn’t mean that we need to completely overhaul our lives. It does speak of making changes around anything that is keeping us stifled, repressed, and oppressed, or rigid.

Even small changes can make a huge difference. As long as we are moving towards our soul’s fullest expression, it doesn’t matter if we take baby steps, or jump in with reckless abandon.

The Sun moves into Cancer on June 21st, bringing with it the soothing influence of the water element, and some much-needed reprieve from the mental focus of Gemini.

Here, our attention turns towards our home and family life, and nurturing and nourishment.

Cancer heightens our sensitivity and intuition and can also help with emotional expression.

A perfect accompaniment for our Winter season here in the southern hemisphere.

Mercury turns direct on June 23rd yet will not clear the shadow phase until July 8th.

With the heightened energy of the Full Moon and the other retrograde planets, we still may feel as though our minds are somewhat foggy.

It’s best to put off making any major decisions or important talks until we have integrated the insights of the retrograde period and have a clearer mind.

The Full moon rises @3 degrees of Capricorn on June 24/25th-depending on where you are in the world.

This Moon can give us a good, hard dose of reality and practicality-which is especially helpful in the middle of eclipse and retrograde season.

Good ole Cappy offers an anchor of sorts and can help us to plant our feet firmly on the ground amidst all the chaos.

June is a huge month-let’s be honest. And it can be hard to know what direction we’re going in and how to keep our emotions regulated, when there is so much taking place.

The Full Moon in Capricorn not only offers us the chance to declutter and release all that stops our forward movement; it also reminds us to make practical plans and understand that there is a solution to most problems.

Matters around our career and public standing may be under the spotlight, and our attention may also be drawn to whether our home and work life are in balance. It’s also a great time to take stock of our responsibilities, whether we are shouldering too many, and if and where we can delegate them.

The start of the retrograde periods of Jupiter on June 21st, and Neptune on June 26th, signal a time of inner awareness, spiritual growth, and heightened sensitivity.

Both of these planets have links to Pisces, and their retrograde periods signify that we may gain value by embracing the spiritual, altruistic, and compassionate side of life.

The expansive influence of Jupiter takes on a more reflective quality while in retrograde motion. We can gain much by turning our attention inward and exploring our inner truths and belief systems.

Neptune RX can put us more deeply in touch with our inner knowing and can bring things that were previously hidden to the surface. It could be time for those rose-coloured glasses to be removed.

Many insights can be gained while these two planets are in their respective retrograde periods.

View it as your own personal meditation retreat from now until October (Jupiter) and December (Neptune).

June is a mixed bag! As always though, the planets are supporting our psychological, mental, and emotional growth.

While this is fantastic for our evolution and awareness, it’s not always easy.

Go at your own pace, and make sure you have both internal and external supports in place for when days get tough.

Warm blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
June 2021
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