Let Your Hair Down

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for July 2022

By Krishna Dodds


We have reached the halfway point of the year…Eeek! Is it just me, or does it feel like 2022 is moving at a sprinters pace?!
The recent Mars in Aries energy may have something to do with the feeling that we are flying through the months, yet the move of Mars into Taurus on July 6th offers a slowing down of sorts.

Mars in Taurus will encourage us to take our time before making decisions and will turn our attention to more earthly matters such as looking after our bodies, eating well, and connecting with nature. While the “push” of Mars is still felt in this placement; Taurus bestows upon us the patience to wait for what we want instead of rushing into action.

Those with Taurus prominent in their charts may feel like their energy has been revitalized in some way, while the rest of us will benefit from dropping back the pace and being in the present moment.

Our focus may turn towards what we value on the physical level, and how we can go about bringing financial security and stability into our world’s.

While Mars in Taurus can inject us with the sheer will to bring about that which we desire; it can also increase stubbornness and resistance.

During this six week period it would be wise to check in with ourselves to make sure that fixed ways of being are not stopping us from having a growth mindset and evolving from the different experiences that the planetary movements have to offer.

When Mercury moves into Cancer on July 7th, our thinking shifts from the very cerebral realm of Gemini, into a feeling space. Mercury in Cancer’s influence will have us communicating in a more intuitive way and will often lend itself to sensing the unspoken.

We may even notice that our voice changes to a softer tone, and that we are sprouting out phrases like “take care of yourself”, and “have you eaten?”

How we talk and listen takes on a kinder quality, and our attention to other’s words may help them to feel validated, acknowledged and safe.

Mercury in the sign of the Crab can promote emotional thinking and worry around family members, the children, and the home. If you find yourself in this space, give yourself a nice, big butterfly hug, and put your feet on the earth to ground any anxious energy.

This is a perfect time to connect to our past through stories of our ancestors or exploring our family genealogy.

The Full Moon rises @ 21 degrees of Capricorn on July 14th.

This Moon signals the halfway point of the year and encourages us to check in with ourselves around any goals that have been made previously, the progress of those goals, and want we need to change or redirect as we move forward.

As the Full Moon is a time of culmination, we may find that a project or a position is coming to an end, or there may be accolades for a job well done.

In any case, the influence of Capricorn will assist us in facing reality and creating practical steps to move towards our ambitions-whether they be personal or practical.

Although Pluto is forming a wide conjunction to the Capricorn Moon, it’s transformative influence will still be felt.

The placement of Capricorn in your personal chart will show you what part of your life can do with a major do-over, and what may need be released over the next six months between the Full Moon in Cappy and the next New Moon in Capricorn at the end of December.

Take this time to identify what you would like to prioritise and where you need to surrender control.

Venus moves into Cancer on July 19th and bring our attention to matters of the home and heart. As Venus represents love and money in very simple terms, we may find that we are happy to connect to those we love through sharing meals together, cuddles and affectionate touch, and a general feeling of warmth and protection. Family gatherings may be valued more at this time, with loved one’s choosing to gather at home instead of heading out socially.

Regarding the money side of Venus, some may choose to work from home if they can or take time off to spend time at home.

Cultivating emotional connections will be of utmost importance throughout this almost four week phase.

The fire element is amped up a notch when the Sun moves into Leo on July 23rd. As Leo is ruled by the Sun, this period signals a double dose of solar energy!

What can I say about Leo that will do them justice?! There is nowhere near enough word space here!

But I will say this; the Leo energy demands attention! This is a “look at me” sign that stands out with its magnetism and charm.

We all have Leo somewhere in our charts. So if you have been feeling down, or tired, or lacking worth or motivation for whatever reason, know that you can access the brightness and supreme confidence that the Lion has to offer.

Leo inspires us to have fun, tap into our inner child, and express our creativity in a way that is unique to us. Leo does not thrive with too much seriousness, so with that said, take this time to let your hair down and enjoy life.

Be careful of blowing your own trumpet too much (there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance) and remember that we are all equal and deserve to shine our light.

Remember that life is about being the best versions of ourselves-not better than others!

The New Moon @ 6 degrees of Leo falls on July 29th, and ushers in a new cycle of creativity, confidence and fun.

This is a perfect time to set your intentions for what you would like to call in and birth over the next six months.

Leo inspires us to be proud of who we are and to share our assets and talents with the world.

There will be a desire for attention, yet we need to learn that self-validation is equally important (if not more) than receiving acknowledgement outside of ourselves.

This is a fantastic time to launch something that you want to share with the world, and to pursue romantic love-if that is what you are looking for and open to.

July closes with Jupiter joining the retrograde phase along with fellow social planet Saturn, and transpersonal planets Neptune and Pluto.

There are some that believe a retrograde planet signals that all of the positive attributes of that planet have left the building (or the universe for that matter).

My view is different. I believe that the retrograde phases influence us to turn within and journey with the lessons and experiences that are being shown to us.

Jupiter retrograde for example could assist us in clarifying what we believe in and what holds truth for us-rather than relying on external sources to guide us.

While I am all for learning, studying and expanding my mind through knowledge and information (Gemini Sun, here), I also believe there comes a time when connecting with the Self yields much greater answers than anything outside of us.

The Jupiter Retrograde period can be one of inner awareness. One where we can connect with what holds meaning for us. This can be vastly different to what we once believed.

So instead of thinking that the Jupiter RX period will mean that our luck will diminish along will all of the other positive influences that Jupiter has to offer, expand your perspective to see that this four month period can take you on an incredible journey into Self-one where many hidden treasures, truths, and strengths can be uncovered.

Voyage well my fellow travellers.
Warm Blessings,

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— Krishna Dodds
July 2022
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