July with a Cherry on Top

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for July 2020

By Krishna Dodds


It’s officially July! I don’t know about you; but for me, the months seem to be moving very quickly.

Now this may be music to the ears of some, as let’s face it-2020 hasn’t been the easiest of years.

I see lots of memes and posts from people on social media, joking about how their sole biggest waste of money was a 2020 diary and planner, and how they wish it was Christmas already, as that would mean that 2020 was almost over.

While I can see the humour in all of this, I can also say that if we don’t deal with our challenges and allow them to help us grow; then we do face the very high possibility that we will drag our stuff along with us-and a new year won’t fix it, unless we take the steps to deal with our issues and facilitate whatever changes are needed.

I truly believe that the movement of the planets can help us to evolve by opening us up to new experiences and by helping us to gain insight into ourselves and how we live our lives.

The recent retrograde period of Venus afforded us the opportunity to gain greater understanding into what we value and how those values are being implemented in our lives. It also shone a light on our relationship with others, our relationship with ourselves, and whether we show appreciation and love to ourselves as much as we do to others.

Venus moved into direct motion on June 26th and will move out of the shadow phase on July 29th.

This means that Venusian themes that we have been dealing with since May 15th (when Venus moved into retrograde phase) should start to make sense now. Change of job and income, relationship break ups and make ups, self-esteem and boundary issues, beauty, and jealous and envious feelings are all possibilities under the Venus flag.

Think back to the main themes that have been running through your daily routine throughout this time, and how you have dealt with them.

Now, think about whether dealing with them with them in a different way will be more helpful to you.

Venus in Gemini in direct motion will support us by giving a new perspective and understanding that expression through communication and speaking our truth is of utmost importance as we continue our journey forward.

Some say that anything that ends during a retrograde period may come back to be revised when the planet in question is in direct motion.

If this does occur for you, just know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to “give it another go.” It may be simply to show you how far you have come, and that whatever left your world, no longer needs to be part of your journey.

Venus in Gemini encourages social interaction and engaging in mutually stimulating connections. If you’ve been feeling like somewhat of a hermit lately or life has had you feeling down, now is the time to shake off the cobwebs and get out there and have some fun!!

On July 3rd, Saturn moves back into its home sign of Capricorn, after a three-month sojourn in Aquarius.

The motion of Saturn retrograde in Capricorn will reactivate the stellium that first took place in March of this year.

This gives us a chance to revisit situations in our lives-both personally and collectively-and ask ourselves which structures need to be torn down, which areas of our lives are crying out for change and transformation, and what needs to be let go of completely.

It will be interesting to see how this stellium will play out in the external world relating to government and power, and how many more systemic flaws will be revealed.

Saturn poses the question “how do I deal with responsibility?” So, throughout this time it will be super important for everyone be accountable for their words, behaviours and actions.

Mean what you say and say what you mean; as these powerful planets will always reveal anything less than truth.

The Lunar Eclipse that falls on July 5th @ 14 degrees of Capricorn, further illuminates the need for transformation to occur in certain areas of our lives.

Decisions and changes made now can have far reaching effects into the future and relate to the Cancer/Capricorn axis of family vs work, nurturing vs practicality, and emotional foundation vs structure.

During this lunar eclipse you may find that you are seeking recognition at work, your personal ambitions are heightened, and that your career is somehow in the spotlight.

Utilising the intuitive and insightful traits of Cancer, and the practical and logical traits of Capricorn, will help you to arrive at the best decision to make regarding this area of your life.

Feel into what is right for you, and then make a plan to bring it to fruition.

Mercury turns direct on July 13th, and with that we may feel less needy and like our emotions are ruling us.

Then on July 21st we have a second New Moon @28 degrees of Cancer.

Due to the fact that there was a New Moon in Cancer in June, this coming New Moon speaks of continuing to build upon what was put into place at that time.

Themes around the Cancer New Moon relate to building a solid foundation around the home life and within that feeling anchored and secure to reach toward professional goals.

Cancer longs to belong, so this may be a time of strengthening family connections, and perhaps exploring your ancestry.

Living situations may change, and our potential to nourish ourselves and others increases.

As this New Moon is almost at the anaretic degree of 29, there may be a vacillation around a certain decision, or a sense of urgency regarding starting something new.

My suggestion here is to not rush into anything. Wait for the heightened energy to pass, and then revisit the situation.

It’s amazing how differently something can look when you give yourself time to come from a place of response rather than reaction.

As the month draws to a close, the Sun moves into its home sign of Leo on July 23rd.

This brings much welcomed spirit, enthusiasm, confidence and joy.

The Lion reminds us to be courageous and to revel in the unique beings we are.

Fire sign Leo can enhance our creative spirit, and sprinkle our lives with fun, enjoyment, and romance.

The perfect cherry on top of the sundae that is July.

— Krishna Dodds
May 2020
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