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‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for January 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


We’ve come to expect January to carry the “new year, new me” vibe. You know the one where we make resolutions for the upcoming year and promise ourselves that this time, we will commit to them 100%, only to find our enthusiasm waning a few weeks into the new year.

Well…. This January has a bit of an extra surprise up its sleeve, as 2022 starts with Venus still retrograding in the sign of Capricorn, with Mercury joining the backwards dance on the 15th.

What this means is that January will be a month on reflecting up on what is important to us and perhaps even revisiting old goals and ambitions to see if they align with where we wish to head when the planets give us the green light to move forward.

Venus in Capricorn will inspire us to check in with our values around the realm of career and life purpose, while Mercury will have us contemplating how we would like to initiate change into our world’s, and how we can solidify our hopes and dreams to make them a reality.

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 3rd will have us thinking about long term goals and perhaps initiating a change or new beginning in the career zone of our chart.

Professional aspirations will be very much at the forefront of our minds as we think about engaging in work that is fulfilling and rewarding.

Capricorn reminds us that hard work and discipline pays off when we are working toward any type of goal.

Yet here’s the thing! The retrograde planets can keep us in a holding pattern-much like an aeroplane awaiting further clearance before they can land.

We may know where we want to go and how we want to get there, yet there is a delay.

Now I know that this can seem super frustrating at the time… yet it also gives us the chance to clarify whether what we think we want, is actually what would fulfil us on a deeper level.

My suggestion for January is to develop a twelve month plan. Identify your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and create an action plan of how you can bring then into being.

Just know that the reflective nature of the retrograde planets (which are both personal planets by the way), will require you to be flexible in your approach, and may require you to chop and change before you get to the final draft of your plan.

This may sound frivolous to strong Capricorn natives yet affords the opportunity to be certain of what you want before committing to it 100%.

The first Full Moon of the year rises in the home sign of Cancer on January 18th and is in opposition to transformative Pluto.

This placement signifies an ending on an emotional level, and points to potent changes regarding family members and where we reside.

We may also find ourselves disconnecting from old family dynamics and trauma and seeking to live life on our own terms.

This can be an intensely emotional time where we feel our triggers and sensitivities acutely.

Forewarned is forearmed though, and if we can be aware of our “hot buttons” throughout this lunar phase, we may gain deep insight into what parts of ourselves require healing.

Emotional release is an absolute requirement of this phase, so it’s important that we identify safe and nurturing ways to release anything that is being held in our bodies.

Comfort and support are a must at this time, so please reach out to those who can provide this for you.

On January 19th Uranus stations direct for four days before beginning its very slow journey forward.

Uranus has been in retrograde motion since August 2021 and won’t leave the shadow phase until 5th May 2022.

The energy of the retrograde transit was directed within and may have had you thinking about the areas of your life that you would like to change-or where you can feel change is brewing or being forced upon you but has not yet become external.

The forward motion of Uranus can mean that the unpredictable nature of this planet will start showing up in your outer world.

What this means for you will strongly depend upon the house that Uranus is transiting and the planets that are being aspected.

Without having the above knowledge around your birth charts, let me say that Uranus at the very least, will either free you up from stagnant situations, or have you making big and unexpected adjustments to events that have/or are about to take place.

Mercury and Uranus will square each other around the 16th of January, while both in retrograde motion.

While Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is getting geared up to move forward, Mercury in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus) is heading backwards.

This may cause delays and frustration, as we can feel at the very depths of our beings that we are ready to embrace the new, yet our minds (Mercury) haven’t quite caught up yet.

The ingress of Mars into Capricorn on the 26th of January fires up our ambitions and revisits the themes I spoke about around the New Moon on January 3rd.

Venus finishes her retrograde period on January 30th and will reach the degree of the January New Moon on 6th February.

Around this time, we may finally start to see some progress around our intentions from January.

Mercury turns direct on February 5th, and Mars in Capricorn will activate the degree of the January New Moon around February 10th.

All of the above means that February is a month of movement. One where we can see progress in the areas of our lives that appeared to be stuck in January.

January is a month to journey within and reflect. There will be parts of you champing at the bit to move forward, yet now is not the time to do so.

Use January as a means to release what no longer aligns with you and start thinking about your year ahead.

Capricorn is all about building structures that stand the test of time. You want to be sure that the foundations you are laying down are the ones that you want to take you into the next phase of your lives.

January is very much about gathering the skills, information, insights, and knowledge that you need for your toolkit before you begin your next adventure.

Remember that patience is a virtue and that all will be revealed in good time.

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— Krishna Dodds
January 2022
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