Dare to be Different

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


If you felt that January was a little ho-hum and didn’t really kickstart the year the way you wanted it to; then you will appreciate the Joie de vivre that February can offer.

2022 started with Venus in retrograde motion and was joined by Mercury mid-month. Big gun Uranus was also in a backwards spin until 20/1.

This means that January probably didn’t deliver the goods in the way of motivation and goal setting. Yet, everything has its place. And the first month of 2022 gave us all the opportunity to slow down and reflect upon certain aspects of our lives, tie up loose ends, and release baggage that no longer aligns with where we are heading.

Once Mercury stations direct on 4/2, there will be no planets in retrograde motion. This means that we can finally start to see progress and have the felt sense that shifts are taking place in our world.

The New Moon takes place at 12 degrees of Aquarius on February 1st.

The influence of the Water Bearer sets our sights firmly on the future, as we think of ways to bring change and new energy into our personal world’s and that of the collective.

If we have been feeling stuck or restricted in some way, the Aquarius New Moon can support us in breathing fresh air into what has become stale.

Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is forming a challenging aspect to the New Moon, which means that the change we are seeking may come in completely unexpected and even upsetting ways. There is also a sense with this aspect that stubbornness may be standing in the way of new beginnings.

Saturn is conjunct the New Moon, which adds practicality into the mix. This conveys the message that our hopes and dreams are more likely to come to fruition if we are realistic about what they are and how we pursue them.

Change and new perspectives are coming. How they turn up will depend strongly upon the areas of your chart that are being “lit up” by the lunation, and how open you are to welcoming them in.

There is a stellium in Capricorn that will be felt in the first half of February-especially when Mercury stations direct on 4/2.

As both Mercury and Venus were retrograde in Capricorn throughout January, we may have felt that our plans and ambitions had come to a screaming halt.
Now that the planets are moving direct and are joined by Mars and Pluto (who both have ties to Scorpio), we can expect to feel a revival of passion and motivation towards our goals.

Just a reminder that goals don’t always need to mean that we have to take over the world or be CEO of a company. Goals can be as simple as wanting to cultivate more peace in our lives, fostering health and wellbeing, or dedicating more time to self-care, etc……

The influx of the Capricorn energy will support us in identifying what our goals or intentions are, and where we need to put our focus for progress to be made.
Mercury moves into Aquarius on 15/2 and encourages original and innovative thinking and communication.

With this placement we have the ability to detach from emotional thinking and direct our focus towards ideas that can initiate growth and change.

We can also start to make amends with those who we may have had misunderstandings or miscommunications with throughout the retrograde period.
The Full Moon on 17/2 inspires us to tap into our creative side and to become more heartfelt in our approach to life. With so much seriousness consuming the planet, it’s important to remind ourselves to play and view the world through the enchanted eyes of a child.

Romantic connections come into the spotlight around this time, and we may need to release stubbornness and pride so that we can truly convey to another what is in our heart.

La bella Luna may also illuminate just how amazingly magnificent you are. This is not a time to hide away from your greatness. The Lion wants you to be confident in who you are and share your unique gifts with the world.

The Sun moves into dreamy Pisces on 19/2, heralding the beginning of Water season.

The element of Water takes us directly into our feeling nature; and in Pisces this focus is directed toward the creative and the spiritual.

Not only will you start to feel more sensitive regarding your own feelings and emotions, but there is also a strong likelihood that you will have heightened empathy and compassion for others.

Pisces can help us to tap into nuances that surround us, and therefore we become aware of the ebb and flow of those circulating in our orb.
While it can feel like a superpower of sorts to be able to “feel into” what’s happening for others, we can also run the risk of taking on emotional contagion that doesn’t belong to us.

Be understanding by all means yet remember where you end, and others begin.

Exercise firm boundaries and develop a spiritual and emotional hygiene practice.

If you have been feeling disconnected, this is a perfect time to reconnect to your soul and whatever it is that you believe in.

Bodies of water and time spent in solitude can offer great cleansing and healing.

February is a month of gentle forward movement and deciding who and what we would like to take with us as we progress along our path.

Something else that comes to my mind as the article draws to a close, is how important it is to take the time to comprehend what others are saying to us.

My experience of Mercury is that “communication” is so strongly focused on, that we forget that the comprehension of that communication is equally as important if we are to understand those that matter most to us.

Try active listening this month and see how much of a difference it makes to your connections.

Venus will thank you for it.

Warm blessings,

krishna dodds astrology

— Krishna Dodds
February 2022
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