Welcome to the Future

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2021

By Krishna Dodds


The first half of February is strongly influenced by the element of air. Air represents our intellect, our memory, thoughts, knowledge, and our cognitive abilities. The move of Venus into Aquarius on February 2nd heralds a stellium that includes the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde. Our thoughts at this time will be firmly focused on our future, new perspectives, and how we can embrace change rather than avoid it. Such a big shot of Uranus ruled Aquarius energy, may prove to be unsettling or downright shocking-especially for those who firmly avoid change. This time would best be utilised by releasing stubbornness and looking at the areas of your life that may be in a rut or crying out for a breath of fresh air.

On the same day, Venus and Mars form a square which can indicate tension and misunderstandings. Use the diplomacy of Venus to diffuse arguments and look at new ways to come to an agreement. Channel strong emotions into something constructive and remember that finding a solution is a much better option that continuing conflict.

On February 8th, Mercury retrograde will join forces with the Sun and prompt us to start something new-or at least think about it. Plans or projects that are in the beginning stages now, may start to gain momentum or have more of a solid grounding when the Sun and Mercury come together again around April 18th/19th. Both the Sun and Mercury will be in the sign of Aries, so we can expect to see lots of forward movement around this time.

Mars and Mercury retrograde form a challenging aspect on this day, so arguments and misunderstandings may be rife. Frustrations and irritability are possibilities, and we may experience mental tension. Finding a productive outlet for pent up energy is a must! And remember the old saying that if you can’t find something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I’m all for expression, yet we need to be mindful of our words. Once delivered, they can’t be taken back.

The New Moon that takes place at 23 degrees of Aquarius on February 11/12th (depending on where you live in the world) will bring another round of excitement surrounding our future and the direction we are moving in. The New Moon will make a wide conjunction to lucky planet Jupiter-which itself is forming beneficial aspects to Venus and Mercury. The energy of the New Moon and the planets that are aligned to it, are prompting us to anticipate what we can create in our lives and how we would like our worlds to look. New ideas and projects could be on the horizon, and love and friendships with those who are a little different to us is a very real possibility.

Venus and Jupiter will make aspects to Mercury over the two days after the New Moon. This gives us the opportunity to smooth things over/make things right-especially if we have been hit with hard aspects in our personal charts.

Mercury retrograde is often known for misunderstandings and difficulty with communication; yet if we harness the energy of Venus and Jupiter, we can restore peace and harmony, and create the opportunity to turn situations around.

On the 18th February, heavyweights Saturn and Uranus form a square aspect to one another. These two planets could not be more different, and represent structure versus change-amongst other things.
It’s interesting to note that Saturn was once the ruler of Aquarius before the discovery of Uranus and reminds us that no matter how rebellious we might feel, or how much we feel like throwing caution to the wind and starting over again-being mindful and having a plan will put us in much greater steed as we move forward.

The Saturn/Uranus square will indicate where we feel stuck, thwarted by external circumstances, or reluctant to change. It can be an upsetting time for those with fixed personalities and rigid thinking.

The whole month of February is dominated by Uranus ruled Aquarius. Yet with transiting Uranus currently in slow and steady Taurus, and transiting Saturn in Aquarius, we are being asked to make planned and well thought out change. This should give some relief to those of you who are hesitant or fearful of stepping outside of your comfort bubble.

Of course, there will be mavericks who crave new experiences and think nothing of completely overhauling their lives in search of new horizons and adventures. Yet take heart in knowing that we all move at our own pace, and we can take baby steps if we need to.

I will say this though. If we ignore the areas of our lives-both inner and outer-that require a do over, we will submit ourselves to extreme tension. My suggestion is to feel into the places that have become routine and rigid and make a conscious effort to dust out the cobwebs.
We are here to evolve. We need to allow ourselves the room for that to unfold organically.
Saturn and Uranus will be dancing with each other throughout 2021. They will meet again on 15th June and 24th December.

This essentially gives us the whole year to work out how and where this transit will play out in our lives.

Pay attention to the parts of your life that have become oppressive. Those are the ones that will be most likely affected by this transit.

The Sun enters dreamy Pisces on February 19th and brings us into the element of water and the realm of feeling. Pisces rules the 12th house in the natural chart, so this may be signal a time of pulling back from the external world and taking some much-needed time out to replenish and recuperate. As we move away from the mind dominated influence of Aquarius, we may discover that our intuition and senses become heightened.

We may feel guided by our inner knowing-and with the forward motion of Mercury on February 22nd-there can be a sense of clarity about where we go from here.

Venus moves into Pisces on February 26th and brings a softness within the way we relate to others. We may start to feel creative and inspired to connect to worlds beyond the physical through meditation, yoga, or spending time in nature.

February closes with the Full Moon rising at almost 9 degrees of Virgo.

The light of La bella luna will highlight our health and daily routines, and possibly signify a project or working situation changing or coming to an end.

Virgo can help us to feel like we are back on track after the month that has been. This Moon gives us the opportunity to get organised and to feel a little more in control of where we are heading.
Our daily rituals can help us to feel incredibly grounded, and we can turn our attention towards our health and wellbeing.

Remember that it’s the little steps that we take every day that can support us when times get tough.
Any helpful regimes that you create now, will serve you well as you move through your days.

I will finish with this saying as I feel it’s beneficial to us all.

“Be in your body, it is where you live.”

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— Krishna Dodds
February 2021
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