Eclipsed by a Quest!

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for December 2021

By Krishna Dodds


Can you believe that it’s less than five weeks until the end of the year! Like honestly, where has this year gone?!

Even though time appears to have sped up, I feel that the majority of us may have a few scars to show that 2021 has indeed been challenging and slow moving at times.

Not only have we had to attend to our everyday life stuff, but we’ve also had to navigate the very unsettling terrain of the collective experiences taking place in the world.

It’s definitely been a growth year…one I like to diplomatically call “character building.”

December begins with Neptune stationing direct for a few days from 2/12, and then starting to slowly move forward from 6/12.

Neptune has been retrograding since the end of June and depending on where that took place in your chart, may have assisted you in tuning into those niggly feelings that we often ignore, and looking at the areas of our lives where we bury our head in the sand.

The forward motion of Neptune should help us to see things a little more clearly, with the 22nd of March 2022 being prominent in helping us to become more discerning about a situation in our lives.

No matter how this period unfolded for you, know that it’s time to take the rose-coloured glasses off and view things practically rather than idealistically.

The Sagittarius solar eclipse rocks our worlds on December 4th @ 12 degrees of Saggy.

This eclipse signals the end of a pattern of eclipses that started back in June 2020.

It will be interesting to note what was taking place both collectively and personally at this time, so that you can gain an idea of what is coming to completion.

Even though this signifies an ending of sorts, there are also new beginnings to be had-as the Solar Eclipse intensifies the energy of the New Moon.

The energy of the Archer encourages us to stand up and speak our truth, to demand freedom, and have faith that our voice can make a difference in the world.

This lunation welcomes in courage, creativity, and the fire and motivation to put new plans into action.

The Sagittarian energy prompts us to have fun. To laugh a little, and to not take life so seriously.

We may also be drawn to study and travel-remembering that exploration can be experienced both on the inner and outer realms.

There is a philosophical side to Sagittarius, and we may find ourselves reflecting upon what brings truth and meaning to our lives.

While there is a teaching quality with Sagittarius, we must remind ourselves that everyone has their own paths to follow, and what holds true for them may not hold true for us. It is an important time to remember to stay in your own lane and check in with any information you receive to make sure that it aligns with you.

Mars enters Sagittarius on 14/12, giving us the determination and drive to put plans into action. This placement is one of double fire-as Mars rules fellow fire sign Aries.

If you have been lacking physical energy and the motivation to get things done, you will definitely feel a boost when this vibrant transit rocks up
Think about what you would like to pursue and get to work!

Mars can also boost our New Moon wishes and the themes I mentioned above-especially if we find that our manifestations are lacking a bit of oomph, or we lose a bit of steam as the moon cycle progresses.

Mercury enters Capricorn on the same day that Mars moves into Sagittarius. Capricorn puts the brakes on the feisty energy of Mars and offers structure and the ability to think about what we would like to achieve long term.

This could be a very ambitious time-one where we find it easy to focus on our long-term goals.

Mercury in Capricorn is calculated and practical and will find ways to make sure that the foundations we are building are strong and will stand the test of time.

The last Full Moon of the year takes place at 27 degrees of Gemini on the 18th/19th December-depending upon on what your time zone is.

This Moon indicates that communication will be prominent around this date. With the Sun in feisty Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini, we will be encouraged to speak our truth, yet in a way that also conveys how we are feeling on an emotional level. Not something that Gemini is particularly great at…or Sagittarius for that matter. Yet…. the Gemini Full Moon does indicate that conversations can lead to resolution, so we need to put our pride and fears to the side and reach out to those we wish to reconcile with or convey something to.

The themes around this Moon focus on how we speak and understanding how much of an impact our words have-towards others and also ourselves.

Check in regularly to make sure that you are speaking to yourselves and others with compassion and kindness.

On the flipside, Gemini like Saggy, reminds us to have fun. So, get out there and flirt, talk and share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded souls.

The Sun makes a move into Capricorn on 22/12 and gives us the ability to start thinking about the New Year and the plans we wish to make.

There is a hiccup though. Venus begins her retrograde motion on 20/12 in Cappy and brings somewhat of a lull to any burning ambitions you may have at this time.

While this may feel completely frustrating, it also gives us the space to make sure that we actually want what we are pursuing.

Venus retrograde in the sign of the Goat may have us reflecting upon our career path, our relationships, and our values.

If you are considering making a purchase around this time, it might be wise to triple check all of the details and wait until the retrograde phase passes before committing to anything.

Venus will end her retrograde phase on 30/1/22 and will clear the shadow phase on 2/3/22.

After this time, you will have a clearer view of the themes mentioned above and will feel more solid in what you have chosen to move forward with.

Saturn and Uranus have their last dance for 2021 on 24/12. This challenging square has met up on a number of occasions throughout and 2021 and has revealed to us where we must break down restrictions and obstacles that are keeping us from fully embracing our free and unique nature.

If you cast your mind back to February 17th and June 24th of this year, you may get an idea of how this last square may play out for you based on the themes you experienced previously.

These two planets could not be any different from one another and can create quite the challenge in our personal worlds if we aren’t allowing the space for both of them to be expressed.

Saturn likes structure and routine, while Uranus is the unpredictable revolutionary of the zodiac.

If your life has become stuck of stagnant in some way, you will be feeling the pull of the Uranian rebellious nature.

A great question to ask ourselves around this time (Christmas Eve of all days…why not!), is “where am I keeping myself safe?”

Safety within itself is not a bad thing, yet it can become draining or stagnating if it manifests in a way that stops us from fully embracing our true nature.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this transit doesn’t mean that we have to overthrow everything we know for a new life.

It will benefit us though to look at the areas of our lives that are crying out for liberation and taking steps to remedy it.

Jupiter moves into Pisces for the second time this year on 30/12.

Jupiter expands our interest in the spiritual realm and blesses us with the ability to have compassion and empathy.

Jupiter was last in Pisces from May 14th through to July 28th, so if you cast your mind to back then you may get an idea of what this energy holds for you.

A deepening of your connection to the divine and your intuitive self, your creative ability and your emotions are just some of the ways that this dreamy energy may unfold.

You may also feel drawn to be of service to others in some way.

As the year draws to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you an abundance of everything that makes your heart happy.

May you move forward on your journeys with ease and grace.

Warm blessings,


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— Krishna Dodds
December 2021
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