Getting Serious

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for August 2022

By Krishna Dodds.


August opens with a choice that may need to be made-thanks to Saturn’s opposition to Mercury.

This transit only lasts for a few days yet heralds a time of “getting serious” about something and making decisions based on reality as opposed to fantasy.

Joining this transit on 1/8, is Mars conjunct Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Unexpected and exciting developments are afoot, and we may feel as we want to break free from what we know.

The other side of this transit can indicate inner stirrings prompting us to take up the call to move into new territory yet feeling afraid to give up what we know for the unfamiliarity of new terrain.

This may create a sense of inner turmoil; yet we are offered a second opportunity to look at this dynamic with the eclipses that take place in October and November.

Mercury moves into its home signs of Virgo on August 5th, bringing a sense of comfortability and productivity. Mercury here wants to pay attention to the finer details and “clean things up” so that there is a sense of spaciousness both internally and externally.

This is a perfect time to engage in the chores that we have been putting off, finish off uncompleted tasks, and writing lists regarding what we would like to get done throughout this period.

Our thoughts may also turn towards how we can bring more focus to our health and wellbeing and whether our daily routines are supporting us or not.

Just a heads up! Mercury will move into retrograde motion around the 11th of September in the sign of Libra, before heading back into Virgo on September 24th.

Use the time before this to get organised, plan ahead, and be prepared for any hiccups that may occur when the trickster starts heading backwards. Forewarned is forearmed!

Venus moves into Leo on 12/8 and will help us to open our hearts and feel more generosity towards those we love. Venus in Leo is incredibly affectionate and loves love! There is a touch of the dramatic with this placement, and with the Full Moon rising @ 19 degrees of Aquarius on the same day-there may be some fireworks!

This Full Moon links into the Mars/Uranus/ North Node conjunction that occurred at the beginning of the month, and is symbolic of detaching from a person, situation or place.

Uranus ruled Aquarius like to do things their own way and can feel stifled when there are restrictions showing up in their world.

A great way to identify where there are restrictive energies showing up in your life, is to feel into where there is a sense of stuckness, and where you have been unwilling to move.

The chances are that these places within (or without), are the ones that can most do with some honest reflection and some steps put into place regarding how to free them up.

Uranus is forming a hard square to the Full Moon in Aquarius and does indicate some unexpected developments and possible endings-especially around friendships or groups that you have been a part of. Relationships are also under the Moon’s spotlight thanks to the Venus Leo link.

Looking to the area of your chart that Aquarius rules will give you more of an idea of how this lunation will play out for you.

Letting go of something or someone can be challenging; yet if we are to move into new territory, we need to create the space for new possibilities and opportunities to take place.

Mars enters Gemini on August 21st and will stay here for a whopping 7 months thanks to the retrograde period that begins on October 31st.

Gemini Sun’s and those with Gemini personal planets will receive an extra injection of warrior energy throughout this phase. There will be an enthusiastic drive for freedom, and communication may become sharper. Be mindful that your words don’t become weapons and that you understand the difference between communicating aggressively and assertively.

With Mars in Gemini, thoughts may come in at 100 miles per hour, and words are shot out of the mouth like bullets.

While more energy may be experienced on a physical level; all of this Mars energy can overstimulate the nervous system.

Exercises that allow the expression of an activated sympathetic system will be most helpful throughout this phase, as will meditation or a breathing practice to calm the mind and support us in dropping into the parasympathetic nervous system.

Plans and ideas come in thick and fast with Mars in Gemini; and you might find that some of them are worth reflecting on once the retrograde phase starts in October.

It’s a great time to read or study-but only in short spurts, as Mars doesn’t have the patience for something it deems to be long and drawn out.

Mars in Gemini can bring our focus to our siblings and neighbours, so just be sure that your temper doesn’t get the better of you when it comes to these dealings.

As feisty as we may feel during this 7 month period, it’s important to remember that nothing is worth losing your head over. If you find yourself in a frustrating situation, take some deep breaths and count to 10. Everything looks better on the other side of allowing yourself some space.

The Sun enters Virgo on 24/8 and will bring some much needed grounding after the big energies of the first few weeks of August.

The Sun joins Mercury and the New Moon @ 4 degrees of Virgo on 27/8, and will help with increasing productivity, gifting us with organisational skills, and cleaning up our environments.

The Virgo influence can offer respite from the challenges that have gone before us, as it allows us to create new schedules and routines that gives us a sense of control.

Virgo acts us a reflection point to ask ourselves where we are and where we would like to go.

We can also contemplate how we would like to get our lives into order.

I mentioned earlier when I was talking about Mercury in Virgo, that there is a strong health influence associated with this sign.

Perhaps it is time for a do-over relating to all levels of health in our lives.

We can gain better health not only by looking at our food intake and the way we do or don’t move, yet also by looking toward our outer environments and whether the attachments we have are supporting or hindering our growth.

A big question to ponder.

I am holding the intention that you are able to utilise the cosmic energies of August to support you in making decisions that align with the Self.

Warm blessings,

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— Krishna Dodds
August 2022
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