‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for August 2019

August, the stirring of new Life

And… breathe!! We’re still standing (some of us barely so) after the rough and tumble month that was July.

The 7 month of the year that is predominantly ruled by water sign Cancer, gave us a cold, hard dose of reality with two eclipses, and a very intense Mercury retrograde phase. If you feel July was a time of trudging through the trenches; August will seem like a gift from the universe.

This month blesses us with two new moon’s, and both Mercury and Jupiter moving into direct motion.

The curtains open with a New Moon in Leo on August 1st, followed very quickly by the forward motion of Mercury on the 2nd. Yay I hear some of you cry with squeals of delight!!

The New Moon in Leo brings the element of fire to the fore. This increases our sense of enthusiasm and optimism and injects a level of motivation into our being. Now, after the reflective inner processing that took place throughout July, this is good news!

It is time to take action. To tap into our creative spirit, and to invite more fun and joy into our world.

Leo inspires us to fall in love with ourselves and life, and the fixed element of the sign gives us the ability to commit to a course of action that will see us moving closer to living a life that we truly love.

If there have been issues with children and lovers, now is a great time to start looking at how you can make amends and strengthen bonds.

I believe we create our own good fortune; yet the New Moon in Leo and the direct motion of Jupiter on August 12th, tells me that we may have celestial support on hand. And who doesn’t love a bit of extra help!!

On August 2nd, Mercury turns direct at 23 degrees of Cancer, signalling the end of a very long retrograde period and shadow phase. If you cast your mind back to 21st June when Cancer was first at 23 degrees of Cancer, you’ll get a sense of the themes that were prominent then, and how you chose to work with them as you moved through the retrograde period. Considering it was Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere on this date, chances are the focus had been on transformation and rebirth. The completion of/ or the letting go of the old, and the emergence of a new way of seeing and perceiving the world-and therefore how you take your place in it.

The shadow phase between the 2nd and 15th August gives us time to integrate new ways of being, and when Mercury crosses the degree of the New Moon on August 18th, we will really start to feel a sense of renewed direction and clarity.

On August 12th Jupiter checks back into our world’s, as Uranus checks out.

Jupiter has been on a hiatus since 11th April this year, signalling a time of introspection and possibly the halt of enthusiasm towards projects, people, or places. When Jupiter is in retrograde it can bring a Saturnian energy to the fore; one that is a little more sober and less optimistic. We learn to rely on ourselves rather than anything external to us. We may also deeply question what we believe in.

As Jupiter begins to move forward, so too should our zeal for life and the house that Jupiter is visiting in our personal chart. If you have felt stuck or that life isn’t as buoyant as it usually is for you, you should start to notice a difference in energy-especially when Jupiter moves back to 24 degrees (the degree it went retrograde at) on 6th November.

In the meantime, continue to strengthen your spiritual practices and explore how you fit into the larger tapestry that is life. Also be on the lookout for new opportunities!

Uranus heads into retrograde motion for almost 5 months, turning direct on January 12th, two days after the first eclipse of 2020.

Having just experienced my Uranus opposition, I can confidently say I know the energies of the planet well.

Uranus can be a cold so and so. In my experience Uranus transits help us to evolve by shaking us up out of the ruts we have been in and awakening us to the truly unique and original souls we are.

Uranus is not overly concerned about love and warmth. Its main function is to rouse us, to stretch us, and help us to plant the seeds of change for others.

When Uranus is retrograde, we may feel thrown into the unknown. We have experiences that are unfamiliar to us and have no reference point.

Yet internally we may be reconnected to aspects of ourselves that we have consciously hidden or suppressed for whatever reason. The Uranus retrograde can help us become aware of the disconnected parts of self-and in the sign of Taurus, there’s a strong possibility we will be confronted with inadequacies, self-worth and esteem issues, and redefining our values.

To help yourself through this time of unknowns, I suggest that you look after your nervous system, remain flexible, avoid being impulsive, and find a practice that can anchor and ground you.

Attending to yourself and maintaining balance throughout strong outer planet transits, will help you receive the benefits of what is being shown to you. And in this case, it is to be authentically you, free, independent, and an original thinker.

In keeping with the Uranian theme, the Full Moon on the 15th is in the sign of Aquarius.

Full Moon’s are usually a time where cycles of life, situations or circumstances come to a natural completion-or we consciously will something to come to an end.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, there is a sense that we may need to detach from something-even if it’s only to gain an objective viewpoint.

It is a time of letting go of anything that is suffocating us or restricting our time, and surprise, surprise-being our most authentic selves.

As friendships and groups fall under the Aquarius/11th house umbrella, we may decide to distance ourselves from something in this domain.

Change is coming and it might show itself in an unexpected way. As I mentioned earlier with Uranus, the events might be uncomfortable, yet they will always put you back in touch with the “real you”.

And just when we think everything is topsy turvy again, Mars and Venus move into Earth sign Virgo within a few days of each other, followed by Mercury, and then the Sun and the Moon.

We end the month with a second New Moon with a stellium of Virgo planets.

The stellium of planets indicates a super charged effect of the Virgo energy, and supports us in becoming efficient, productive, and more conscientious within our jobs.

It can also amp up our nervous system and stress and anxiety levels, so it’s important to find ways to counteract that. Meditation, yoga, essential oils and breath work are just some suggestions.

Virgo is an earth sign that reminds us to be practical and grounded. It is through routine and repetition that comfort is found.

Themes to focus on as we move into Virgo season are:

Becoming more organised
Living a healthier life
Taking care of our body and mind
Working in a job that allows us to encompass our skills and talents

I love that the month is a nice combination of the elements-bar water.
We start off with the motivational and enthusiastic energy of fire, we move into a somewhat objective Full Moon-that shows us what we need to let the Water Bearer wash away, and then we finish the month with a whole heap of Earth to bring us back to our centre, and envisage how we can bring our thoughts, ideas and plans to life in a practical manner.

Bright August Blessings,

— Krishna Dodds
August 2019
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