A Time to Dream BIG and Watch the Magic Unfold

‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for April 2022

By Maradeva


April is a BIG month astrologically, the sun is back in the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, bringing a freshness with it, a clean slate and a renewed sense of energy and motivation. The sun will be in Aries until the 21st of April where it will then move into the sign of the bull, Taurus. This month also brings the ultra-rare and most important transit of 2022, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23°58 of Pisces, which hasn’t happened since 1856, so this really is a once in a life-time thing!

The month begins with a new moon in the assertive, courageous fire sign of Aries on April the 1st (March 31st in some parts of the world), this is a time to get things in motion and off the ground, to start something new. Since the sun moved into Aries marking the equinox on the 21st of March, we now have a new moon inviting us to plant new seeds and begin again. The sun and moon are in conjunction with Mercury and Chiron at the time of the new moon bringing communication, expression, news and the mind into focus, as well as healing of any wounds in these areas, if there are things we’ve wanted to do, things we have wanted to say and goals we have set our sights on but have not yet had the courage to act on, there’s nothing like a new moon in Aries to get this fire started and burn through the fears that have been holding us back!

Mars, the ruler of Aries is within orb of a conjunction to Saturn at this time (exact from the 4th/5th) we will need to follow through with what we start and be willing to do the work as well as have the patience to see our dreams come to fruition. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, which becomes exact on the 12th of April, is about exactly that! Our dreams! Both the ones we have when we drift off to sleep, as well as our hopes, wishes, ambitions and fantasies. This is a magical, mystical time, where ANYTHING is possible! Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, which hasn’t happened for 166 years, brings a very different energy, this is the perfect time to focus on what you want, not what you don’t! Jupiter in Pisces brings unlimited expansion and within the presence of Neptune, what we believe, is in focus, what we believe is truth can materialise so use this energy wisely.

As with all things Neptunian and Piscean, we can be feeling overwhelmed, foggy and confused this month, we might also feel unsure about what is real and what isn’t. This is a call to slow down, to reflect, to go inwards and to find a sense of inner peace and calm. It’s also important to stay grounded at this time and to release the need to control what we cannot control. This energy gives us the opportunity to connect with our intuition as it is heightened at this time, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces increases our sensitivity, so there is much to tap into here, the veil is thin, there is magic in the air as well as a little madness.

We also have the opportunity to connect with our emotions, to allow ourselves to really feel and heal, not only for ourselves either, this conjunction brings increased compassion and empathy for others and a desire to help and heal. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is about unity, it brings us together and blurs the boundaries and borders that normally divide us. It brings an awareness of issues outside of our own personal lives, it brings the desire to make the world a better, more inclusive place and a reminder that we are all part of the same human race. We are all in this together, we are not so different after all. It also reminds us of the interconnectedness of all that is. This transit can also bring endings, as Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces, and Neptune the modern ruler of Pisces are together in their home sign and the LAST sign of the zodiac, so we are encouraged to let go of what we no longer need now, to make peace with our past and to find forgiveness wherever it is we need to forgive. Acceptance is a big theme in 2022, especially in April.

Explore your beliefs, what gives you meaning, focus on your dreams (if you can focus that is!) If there was ever a month to go with the flow, to trust, to surrender and to be guided by something outside of us (or perhaps it’s actually within us…) that month is April! This is a time of learning profound lessons that bring us much spiritual growth. All forms of spirituality are beneficial to us now, as well as all forms of meditation; Sometimes this can be mindfulness, creativity or craft, going for a walk in nature or a swim in the ocean, prayer, ritual, magic or simply lighting a candle, whatever makes you feel calm, centred and connected.

Aries season always gives us a cosmic push, it’s time to move and get things going, paired with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, we have the energy and courage to dream big and take the action necessary to see these to fruition.

We can expect the feeling of energy and motivation to change a little as Mars moves into sleepy, dreamy Pisces on the 14th/15th, adding to the abundance of Pisces energy (Venus would have moved into Pisces on the 5th/6th too!) There is some soul searching to be done in order to move forward. If feeling the need to escape, do it in healthy ways and allow yourself to rest! Around the same time, Saturn squares off with the Lunar Nodes, perhaps bringing delays, feelings of restriction or responsibility and a need to re-evaluate our way forward; Trust, faith, patience and integrity are important.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 26° on the 16th/17th of April, influencing us to seek harmony, balance and compromise in our relationships and in our lives. The sun and moon are in a t-square with Pluto at 28° of Capricorn, illuminating themes of power, responsibility, authenticity and the need to find balance between the ‘ME’ vs ‘US’ polarity in our lives. A full moon on the Aries/Libra axis can really illuminate themes of independence and co-dependance, our needs/wants vs those of others, will-fullness vs compromise as well as fairness and equality. Remembering that sometimes others act as a mirror, showing us what needs to be healed within ourselves at this time, can be helpful. It’s a great time to look at which areas of our lives need rebalancing and a time to find just resolutions to conflicts that may have been haunting us. Venus and Mars, the rulers of Libra and Aries are both in Pisces; Perhaps empathy, surrender and forgiveness play a part in the way forward, as well as opening up to seeing things from a soul level.

The sun itself will be in an exact square with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld on the 18th/19th, bringing intensity and the need to face some things we may have been avoiding or unaware of. On the same day Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus, stimulating our minds and bringing some unexpected news and surprises. Insights and ideas often come through when Mercury is within the presence of Uranus, so make sure to do something tangible with these! These energies encourage us to think outside the box and find stability and comfort in the uncomfortable, perhaps relating to expressing our authentic truth. Mercury squares Pluto on the 10th before moving into Taurus on the 11th, so this energy of truth and needing to express something is brewing for most of April!

On the 21st, the Sun moves into Taurus; our focus moves to stabilising and persevering with what we started during Aries season. On the 24th, Mercury and Saturn square off, asking us to rethink our plans in a more serious and committed light. There is a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 27th/28th as we near the end of the month, highlighting relationship ideals and places where the grass seems greener, it also brings some loving, healing and creative vibes too. April ends with a lucky Venus-Jupiter conjunction and a lovely new moon in Taurus on the 30th of April (in the northern hemisphere) 1st of May in the south.

April has such BIG energy, there is a lot happening and it brings many profound lessons. The retrogrades begin in May so it’s time to get the ball rolling because the sky really is the limit now! (Remember your own limits though!) In saying that, I do feel like the energy of this month is “it’s not about the destination, but the journey”. Follow your heart and the synchronicities and be open to the magic that is all around us, you can really feel it now if you tune in.

Blessings x


— Maradeva
July 2022
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