‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for April 2021

By Krishna Dodds


April kicks off with a massive dose of Mars ruled Aries energy, and ends with the transformative influence of Pluto-courtesy of the Full Moon in Scorpio and Pluto retrograde.

As Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio, it will also influence the Full Moon at the end of the month along with Pluto.
With the determination and push of Aries, and the metamorphosis of Scorpio, April looks to be a month that is driven by change and transformation.

The month opens with Mercury’s move into the sign of Aries on April 5th. This combined with Mars in Gemini, means that mental energy is heightened, and that there is strong motivation to put plans and ideas into action.

The Aries energy makes itself known again with the New Moon taking place at 22 degrees of Aries at 12.32 PM AEST on April 12.

Generally, the Aries energy inspires us to start new projects, create new beginnings and work towards achieving our goals. The square to Pluto indicates that there may be a psychological block or something on an emotional level that is stopping us from moving forward.

The balsamic moon that takes place just before the New Moon, would be a perfect time to dive deep into our psyche and identify any subconscious blocks or sabotaging behaviours that are hindering us from going after our dreams and goals. There may also be some kind of emotional crisis. No matter how this plays out for you, know that Pluto is ultimately on your side. It is there to tear down walls and cleanse us of what no longer needs to be in our world.

That way we can move forward unencumbered by old stories and paradigms that no longer resonate and open our hearts to everything that we would like to embrace.

A New Moon intention example may be: I now release anything that doesn’t serve me, and throw my arms open to welcome the new.

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into the sign of the Bull on the 15th and 20th April, respectively.

This brings a change of pace and turns our attention to what brings comfort and security to our world’s.

Taurus is a sign that likes to feel grounded and secure and will go about finding ways to make this a priority. As Uranus is also currently transiting through the sign of Taurus, we will be influenced to find unique and different ways to make this happen.

While the Taurus season encourages slowing down and enjoying the more sensual and luxurious side of life, Uranus can create a restlessness to step out of our comfort zone and try new things.

Uranus can also make our nervous systems feel like they are pinging. The remedy to this is to connect to the Earth daily, eat well, and make sure you are getting enough sleep. This shouldn’t be too hard with comfort loving Taurus.

Mars moves into Cancer on April 24.

Mars and Cancer make strange bedfellows, as Mars needs an outlet to express its fire, and may feel completely watered down by Cancer.

Mars is not really a “feeling” planet, where Cancer is all about feeling.

During this two-month sojourn, we may feel completely driven by our emotions, and may feel easily triggered.

It is important that we find an outlet for pent up emotional energy.

Getting things sorted around the home is a perfect way to channel some of the broodiness that may be around.

Attend to things you’ve been putting off-such as handyman work, cleaning out cupboards, sorting out clutter etc….

On the flipside, we may feel inspired to take action for the way we feel by seeking support in the way of a therapist or trusted friend.

Getting to the bottom of why we feel a certain way can go a long way towards healing wounds and avoiding conflict with others.

As all of this emotional energy may be draining, it’s important that we nurture ourselves with nourishing foods and rest when we need it. Baths and bodies of water provide cleansing and healing and a sense of being “held.”

The Full Moon rises @ 7 degrees of Scorpio on April 27 at 1.33pm AEST.

The Full Moon is intense on its own, and the sign of Scorpio only adds to that intensity.

This is a time of releasing emotional negativity. Traversing deep into your inner world and identifying whether there is anything you are holding onto that is not supporting your evolution. This can be a grudge, a resentment, toxic behaviours, or a fear/fears.

The Full Moon in Scorpio can also signal the end of a nasty or vindictive connection with someone.

However, this phase unfolds, know that we are being given the chance to reclaim our sovereign power and to fully embrace our strength and sense of self.

Scorpio represents life, death, and rebirth. And while there may be fear around letting go of something that is known to us, we never die to anything without something being reborn (usually better) in its place.

The opposition of Uranus to the Full Moon only reiterates that its time to “change something up”, and that if we don’t consciously release whatever that is, there may be an unexpected surprise or event that takes the matter out of our hands.

The following day, Pluto begins its approximately five-month retrograde period.

This gives us the chance to make the changes in our lives that the Scorpio Full Moon brought to our attention.

I see Pluto as the great, planetary steamroller. It comes in to tear down all of the things that are blocking us from simply being who we are.

Trust your gut throughout this period and resist being pulled into old dynamics and ways of interacting.

This is your time to shed the skin that no longer fits you and your time to choose the people, places, and situations that you want in your world.

The universe and planets are only responding to what’s inside of us. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we know when change is long overdue.

Use the movement of the planets to your advantage. Work with them instead of against them.

And remember that forewarned is forearmed.

Having a reference point can make these experiences just that little bit easier.

When Pluto turns direct in September, you will see and feel where your rebirth has taken place.

Until then, remember that butterflies are created through transformation.

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— Krishna Dodds
April 2021
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