Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sydney Astrology School located?

Sydney Astrology School is situated in Goulburn Street, Sydney, in the heart of the CBD. It is conveniently located close to public transport – 5mins walk from Museum Station and a 10 minute walk from Central.

How long does it take to get the Sydney Astrology School certificate?

Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate in Astrology takes four terms to complete Levels 1-4. Level 5 is an ongoing class for chart practice and learning further techniques, including workshops on various topics. Learning can be taken at your own pace in that you can sit out a term if you are too busy with work or other commitments, and resume class the following term with a new group.

Will I be able to do astrology readings for people once Ive finished the course?

Yes, but like everything in life to become proficient at something it’s all about practice. I encourage students to stay with the course after Level 4 to hone their craft and perfect their skills if they are serious with taking Astrology into client work.

I am just wanting to learn astrology for my own interest, is the course suitable for me?

Yes absolutely, people learn Astrology for a variety of reasons.

Is there support after the course is over?

Yes, there is an ongoing Level 5 class that remains open for all students to keep expanding on their knowledge.

Can I sit in on a class before I decide?

Yes, please contact the School to arrange this.

Do you recognise prior learning?

Yes we do. Levels of proficiency are gaged in the first class. We would recommend students to do the whole course.

Does Sydney Astrology School prepare you to sit the FAA exam?

Sydney Astrology Schools syllabus gives you a good grounding for the FAA exams. Exam tutoring is also available.

Do you recommend any software?

Yes, but it’s not necessary in order to do the course. generates astrology charts. Astro Gold is phone app put out by Esoteric Technologies which costs $30. This is a good introduction to Solar Fire, prior to you making that purchase of their full software package.

Are there any books you recommend we read before we start the course?

There is no required reading however, if you are keen to start learning – please check out our resources section (coming soon) which contains our recommended reading list. Sydney Astrology School also has a vast Library of over 200 books you can borrow as a student.

How many people in a class?

We like to keep the classes relatively small so each person has adequate opportunity to ask questions. Minimum class size is 5, max class is 15.

Do we get to learn about our own charts in class?


Do we receive a certificate for our wall / CV?


I am going away this term so will be missing quite a few classes, can I make them up?

Yes, private ‘catch up’ classes are available at an extra cost but if too many classes will be missed it might be best to wait for the following term.

Is Sydney Astrology School for all ages?

Yes, the school is suitable for all ages above 16.

I am not based in Sydney - do you have an online version of the course?

At present we are working towards launching the Sydney Astrology School syllabus as a complete online course as well as a series of webinars. We anticipate this will be ready in 2017. Please join our mailing list below if you would like to be notified when our course comes online.