Skyvibe: Let the Sun Shine In

“Let the Sun Shine In” ‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for April 2018 Welcome to April, the first ‘normal’ month of the year as far as Moon phases are concerned. This month we have only one New Moon and one Full Moon. There are no major aspects... read more

Questions & Answers April 2018

Q. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, yet I see them as very different signs. Can you explain why. A. Venus is the Goddess of Love, Peace and Serenity. Both signs have this as their foundational base. She handles all areas of relationships, beauty, comfort and... read more

Skyvibe: A Tale of Two Moons

“A Tale of Two Moons “ ‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for March 2018 Most people you meet would have difficulty pointing out the constellations, or naming individual stars or recognising any planet in the sky, but the one celestial phenomenon... read more

Questions & Answers March 2018

March 2018 Q&A Q. What is the difference between a Transit and a Progression? A. Transits are the actual Zodiacal positions of planets as they travel around the Solar System. These positions are then put up against the birth chart to view how these planetary... read more

Love Is Love

“Love Is Love” ‘Skyvibe’ Astrology Forecast for February 2018 February 2018 is an interesting month astrologically, as there is no Full Moon this month. The last Full Moon was a Lunar Eclipse in Leo, exact at 11.25pm on 31st January, and the... read more

Questions & Answers February 2018

Q. Why is East, (where planets rise) on the left side of the chart, when ‘compass’ east is actually on the right? A. This is one the most frequently asked question by students… and I usually address it very early up in my classes. If you are facing... read more

Once in a “Blue Moon” and Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New (Calendar) Year to all our lovely Skyvibe readers! Hope you had a happy and peaceful Christmas and are ready to tackle all the astro-energies that 2018 has in store for us. January 2018 is host to two Full Moons, one on 2nd January and the other a Full Moon... read more

Questions & Answers January 2018

Q. What is a planet ‘Out of Bounds’? A. The ecliptic, (which is the path that the Sun makes around the earth as we orbit it) is like a diagonal headband that extends just over 23 degrees above and below the equator. The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn lie... read more

December’s bridge to the heart of the Galaxy

As the year nears its close as we enter December, it is timely to consider a highly energised point in the sky – the Galactic Centre. The exact degree of the Galactic Centre is debated by many astrologers, but the consensus is that it occupies an area of the sky... read more

Questions & Answers December 2017

Q. I was told I have a ‘basket’ chart. What does that mean? A. A basket (sometimes called a bucket) is a chart shape, along with many other shapes that are formed by the placement of planets in a chart. Some other chart shapes include the bowl, bundle,... read more

Navigating the November Sky

There are no seasonal changes celebrated in November, no Celtic festivals of note, and no cross-quarter days, which brings the focus of the month firmly back to the movement of the planets in their never-ending dance through the Zodiac. There are a lot of hook-ups,... read more

Questions & Answers November 2017

Q. I am a little confused with Jupiter. One interpretation has it as the planet of optimism, confidence, abundance and expansion, while another interpretation goes down the road of laws, judgement, dogma and black and white opinions. Which one is it? A. The answer to... read more

October: The Jupiter and Uranus Face-off – Round3

As the calendar ticks over to the month of October we will still be feeling the effects of an aspect that first became exact on 27th September and will continue through the first week of October as two mighty planets are in opposition – Jupiter in Libra is... read more

Questions & Answers October 2017

I have had many questions from my students recently regarding questions we have dealt with in past posts. I thought it would be helpful to revisit a Q and A we posted almost 2 years ago Q. I have planets in detriment. Does this mean they won’t work for me? A. A... read more

Skyvibe astrology report for September 2017

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods and the planet of communication, transport, computers, the internet, travel and a lot of other things we rely on to make life livable, has been retrograde in the sign of Virgo since 12th August. Have you been experiencing delays,... read more

Questions & Answers September 2017

Q. How often do we get a Jupiter Return? A. Jupiter’s cycle is roughly 12 years, so you get a Jupiter return around any age that is divisible by 12. 12 years old, 24, 36, 48 and so on are all Jupiter return years. Returns are always the rebooting or replanting... read more

Skyvibe astrology forecast for August 2017

Back by popular demand! This month’s Skyvibe is written by wonderful Astrologer and Sydney Astrology School colleague Joanne Rixon… enjoy. As we enter the month of August, Mars and the Sun are conjunct in the sign of Leo, lending their fiery energy to flavour the... read more

Questions & Answers August 2017

Q. What is an Eclipse? A. A Solar Eclipse is at New Moon when the Moon crosses between the Earth and the Sun. This can be a Partial Eclipse where the shadow obscures only a portion of the Solar disc or a Total Eclipse where the Sun is completely masked for a few... read more

Skyvibe astrology forecast for July 2017

Back by popular demand! This month’s Skyvibe is written by wonderful Astrologer and Sydney Astrology School colleague Joanne Rixon… enjoy. “Symbols are miracles we have recorded into language” ― S. Kelley Harrell Many years ago I had a friend... read more

Questions & Answers July 2017

Q&A July 2017 Q. I have quite a few houses with no planets in them. Does this mean they are inactive for me? A. Houses without planets in them are called ‘untenanted’. No, it does not mean they are inactive. Everything in the chart is energised all the... read more

Questions & Answers June 2017

Q. I have heard you mention ‘symptomatic’ Astrology. What does that mean? A. Symptomatic Astrology is a term that I use when Astrological interpretation is given out just with symptoms rather than looking at the root cause. For example, a person with natal... read more

Recognising the shift in times and Vibration

Everything is vibration. We, being sprinkles of the Universe are vibrating along with the all planets and points in our charts. If we think of the planets more along the lines of a frequency, then this notion becomes a little more visceral. This Universal vibration is... read more

Questions & Answers May 2017

Q. Why do the Lunar Nodes transit backwards? A. The Lunar Nodes are the intersecting points of both the Moons orbit around the Earth and the Ecliptic, which is the Suns path around us. The South Node point dips below the Ecliptic, the North Node point rises above.... read more

How Vital is Vitality?

Sky Vibe April 2017 Have you ever felt on certain days that you just have the blahs? This is not necessarily a mood or a state of mind but more a feeling around your general wellbeing and vitality. We don’t realise how important just feeling good without an... read more

Questions & Answers April 2017

Q. My mother has trouble believing in past lives. Is there another way of explaining what the nodal energy means? A. Who knows exactly what a past life is. The most common understanding is a reincarnation of consciousness from one vehicle (body) to the next, yet who... read more

Mercury in Pisces – to connect or disconnect

SkyVibe March 2017. I was in the supermarket line the other day and noticed that the girl behind me only had one item when I had quite a few. I asked her if she would like to go before me and was fobbed off with a dismissive hand gesture as she feverishly scoured... read more

Questions & Answers March 2017

Q. I am a bit confused with the South Node. If it is unresolved energy that needs to be remedied by the North Node is it still useful in our charts moving forward? A. Yes of course it is. The South Node is not to be dumped from the chart like refuse but used as... read more

REBEL with or without a CAUSE ? JUPITER opposes URANUS… again!

SkyVibe February 2017. Modern Western Astrology, particularly the more Evolutionary strands promote choice and free will. This means that even though the vibrational energies of the planets will still play into our lives, we do have the choice with how we respond and... read more

Questions & Answers February 2017

Q. My partner’s Venus is conjunct my North Node does this mean he is my ‘soul mate’. A. ‘Soul Mate’ is a rather arbitrary term. It means different things to different people. If you mean he is a major player in your story as a... read more

The Capricorn New Moon

SkyVibe January 2017. Happy New Year Everyone! The Sky Vibe for a fresh calendar year always seems highly significant to me. Its energy not only permeates the month but seems to have a lasting effect over the entire year. Resolutions are made as the clock strikes 12... read more

Questions & Answers January 2017

Q. What is the chart ruler? A. The chart ruler is the ruling planet of the Ascendant (rising sign). For instance, if you have Cancer rising then the Moon is the ruler, if you have Capricorn rising then Saturn will be the chart ruler. This planet acts as an extended... read more

Jupiter opposes Uranus – Bursting the Cosmic Boundaries.

Jupiter opposes Uranus – Bursting the cosmic boundaries Skyvibe for December 2016 In our last SkyVibe we talked about the conjunction between Pluto and Venus and the effect this frequency may have on our lives. As this aspect was occurring in the second half of... read more

Questions & Answers December 2016

Q. I have heard that apart from the popular interpretation, the 12th house has a lot to do with early childhood. Is that right? A. Early childhood experiences are generally given to the 4th house, even the 3rd with the primary school years but I believe the 12th also... read more

Venus and Pluto – Desire and Destruction

Venus and Pluto Desire and Destruction The combination of Venus and Pluto in aspect is always met with a certain amount of trepidation by Astrologers. The Goddess of Love meets the God of Hell. That image alone, churns up feelings of ‘beauty’ gone horribly... read more

Questions & Answers November 2016

Q. My husband’s Moon is at the exact degree as my Sun. What does that mean? A. In relationship Astrology a conjunction of 2 planets, especially to the Sun or Moon will always be important. When one person’s Sun conjuncts another’s Moon this now takes... read more

The Skyvibe for October 2016

I haven’t done a Lunar report for quite a while but Octobers New and Full Moons look too interesting to resist. We have the New Moon at 8 Libra conjunct Jupiter and square to Mars on Oct 1st. This could look like the beginning of a rather lucrative Lunar month... read more

Questions & Answers October 2016

Q. Which planet is mostly associated with money? A. There are actually 2 planets that have an affiliation with Money and they are Venus and Pluto. Being the natural (modern) rulers of the 2nd and 8th houses, you can see how their energies are associated with both... read more

The Skyvibe for September 2016

This Month: Jupiter enters Libra When an outer planet changes sign there is always a shift in the fabric of life. This is more noticeable with the deeper, transformative frequencies of the slow movers Pluto, Neptune and Uranus but when the ‘Great Giants’... read more

Questions & Answers September 2016

Q. I was told that a planet in the sign that it rules is a good thing. Is this correct? A. A planet being in its Ruling sign e.g. Mars in Aries or Jupiter in Sagittarius was looked on in traditional Astrology as beneficial, as there was no conflict with the energies... read more

The Skyvibe for August 2016

This Month: Jupiter quincunx Uranus – Crisis in Confidence Mars and Uranus, a diabolical duo. When challenged in hard aspect to each other the friction can get so intense it can strike like a match or in the case of the previous few weeks a volcano. In my recent... read more

Questions & Answers August 2016

Q. What are Planets on the Angles. A. The Angles are made up of 4 points in the chart, that link to either end of the horizon line, running horizontally across the chart and the Meridian, the line running from the highest point above a proposed location to the lower... read more

The Skyvibe for July 2016

Finding safety with moving forward… The vibration in the Solar System for July could herald breakthroughs for some and disruption for others. It will all depend how you surf this rather volatile wave. The patterns I am focusing on this month are the Sun in... read more

Questions & Answers July 2016

Q. What is a quincunx? A. A quincunx (sometimes called an inconjunct) is classified as a challenging minor aspect, yet in my experience they can often feel as tough as a square sometimes even stronger. Quincunx aspects are 150 degrees apart. The easiest way to locate... read more

Mars back into Scorpio… again!

After an 11-week stint in Sagittarius, Mars has now gone back into Scorpio. Mars retrograded into Scorpio on May 28th trekking back to 23 degrees and then stationing direct on June 30th. It continues its forward motion until August 3 when it finally moves back into... read more

Questions & Answers June 2016

Q. What is the Black Moon Lilith? A. The Black Moon Lilith is not a planet or physical body as such but a Lunar point calculated equidistant from the Moons central rotating point to the Moons apogee (furthest distance from the Earth). It was looked on as the dark side... read more

Questions & Answers May 2016

Question What is a semi square? Answer Semi Square is categorised as a minor Aspect. It belongs to the 8th harmonic aspect family. This means if you cut the Zodiacal circle into 8 slices you will get the conjunction, opposition, squares, semi squares and... read more

Questions & Answers March 2016

Question What are the Lunar Nodes, do they take physical form like planets or are they something else? Answer The Lunar Nodes (or Nodes of the Moon) are not physical entities at all but actual points. They are the intersecting points of both the Ecliptic (the Suns... read more

Questions & Answers February 2016

Question I have planets in detriment. Does this mean they won’t work for me? Answer A Planet in detriment means it is in the opposing sign to that it rules. For instance, The Moon Rules Cancer as both the function of the Moon and the objectives of Cancer are the same,... read more

Questions & Answers January 2016

To begin the New Year on a fresh note I thought I would introduce a new segment on the website. This will involve questions that I encounter quite often as an Astrology teacher. I believe it could be quite beneficial for those who wish to expand their Astrological... read more