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Learn the art and science that is Astrology. A practice dating back thousands of years…
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Learn astrology in a relaxed atmosphere

Our classes are designed with the student’s enjoyment in mind. Catering from the absolute beginner to the budding practitioner. Our syllabus is designed over 4 levels…
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How does astrology work?

As a student of astrology, the first thing we question is “how does astrology actually work?” Many theories can be used to explain this vibrational connection that occurs between us and the universe…
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From our students...

“I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my own personal development. If it wasn’t for Sydney Astrology School I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the steps I am taking today.” Leonarda
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Sydney Astrology School’s Online Course is here!

A Course in Self Discovery

Free mini-readings for 5 lucky participants selected at random!

This webinar celebrates the 2nd intake of our Online Course!

We will be discussing the upcoming Level 1 Online Course, all your questions will be answered.

Enrolments are now open for our Online Astrology Course
Catch Early Bird AU$400/US$305! before 5pm July 7

Come armed with your birth details! Date, Time of birth and City of birth

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Level 1 starts 17 July 2017

10-week course

Early Bird now on Sale!


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We believe it’s our passion for Astrology that drives our objectives for top quality education and student satisfaction and it’s the joy of teaching that keeps the school lively and in the moment.

Here at Sydney Astrology School, we have specifically designed the course with the student’s enjoyment in mind, learning in a relaxed, and comfortable environment.

Whether you are into Astrology just for the fun of it or you have your sights on a career, our classes are geared for all levels and requirements. From absolute beginner to advance levels we teach in a manner that is exciting, informative and life changing. Thousands of years in practice, Astrology reminds us that while we are all part of life’s essential rhythms we are still able to utilise our innate gifts of freedom and choice.

Astrology gives us the courage and confidence needed to live the lives we truly desire.

Sydney Astrology School's Online Course - Now On Sale!

Sydney Astrology School's Online Course - Now On Sale!

Level 1 Beginners Astrology Online Course starts July 17!
We are excited to announce that Sydney Astrology School’s Online Course Level 1 intake starts 17 July. Enrol now and take advantage of the Early Bird special AU$400! (ends 7 July 5pm, where it becomes $475).

Register for our FREE Webinar at midday Thursday 6 July, an info session for the upcoming course plus 5 lucky people chosen at random will have a reading by Marc Laurenson of their Sun, Moon & ASC!

Click here to enrol in Level 1 Beginners Astrology Online Course and for more information.

Astrology report for May 2017

This month: To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

This month’s Skyvibe is written by wonderful Astrologer and Sydney Astrology School colleague Joanne Rixon… enjoy.

There is a lot happening in the sky during the month of June as the inner planets, Venus and Mercury, are making aspects to most of the other planets. These aspects are exact for only a day, and while they may be significant to those whose personal charts are impacted, their energies are fleeting. It would appear that the most significant event in the astrological calendar is that Neptune pauses in his tracks, ponders for a couple of days, then decides to retrace his steps a couple of degrees until late November, when he turns direct again.

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Astrology talk Identifying Addictive Patterns

Upcoming Talk: Identifying Addictive Patterns and How to Heal Them

Monday July 10th, 2017
7.30pm – 9pm
Queensland Astrology Association
Brisbane Theosophical Society Auditorium
355 Wickham Terrace,
Spring Hill Brisbane

There is much more to addiction than just substance abuse. We are all addicted to something.
The overwhelming need for love, power, approval, control or the need to judge or ‘be right’ can be extremely damaging and it gets in the way of the creative flow in our lives.
Using chart examples, we will discuss the indicators that can display our habitual behaviour, why it is there and the healing remedies to get us back on track.

Chiron in astrology

This months Q&A

At the beginning of this year I introduced a new segment which involves questions that I encounter quite often as an Astrology teacher. I believe it could be quite beneficial for those who wish to expand their Astrological knowledge. I hope you all enjoy it.

(Q.) I have heard you mention ‘symptomatic’ Astrology. What does that mean?

(Q.)  Jupiter is supposed to be a ‘lucky’ planet but I haven’t really experienced that side of it.  Any suggestions?

(Q.)  What is an orb?

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Marc Laurenson astrology workshops

Congratulations Robyn!

A big congratulations goes to Sydney Astrology School student Robyn Sweeney who topped the recent FAA Chart Interpretation Exam and received the Silver Medal for excellence. Well done Robyn!

Marc Laurenson Workshop in New Zealand

Marc Laurenson Workshop in New Zealand: The Birth Chart - An Evolutionary approach to your Soul Purpose

Saturday June 3rd, 2017
Full Day Workshop
Cost: AU$70
10am – 4pm
119 Queen Street,
Northcote Point,
Auckland, New Zealand

The birth chart is a map or guideline of your soul intention. It is basically what you wanted to experience when you incarnated for the sake of growth and expansion. It is often called your ‘cosmic fingerprint’ opening the path to your highest potential. In this workshop, we learn how to bring the natal chart to life with all its glory and its challenges.

Hear what our students have to say …