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Learn the art and science that is Astrology. A practice dating back thousands of years…
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Learn astrology in a relaxed atmosphere

Our classes are designed with the student’s enjoyment in mind. Catering from the absolute beginner to the budding practitioner. Our syllabus is designed over 4 levels…
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How does astrology work?

As a student of astrology, the first thing we question is “how does astrology actually work?” Many theories can be used to explain this vibrational connection that occurs between us and the universe…
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From our students...

“I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my own personal development. If it wasn’t for Sydney Astrology School I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the steps I am taking today.” Leonarda
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Sydney Astrology School’s Online Course is here!

A Course in Self Discovery



Level 1 starts 13th February 2017

10-week course

13 Feb – 20 April



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We believe it’s our passion for Astrology that drives our objectives for top quality education and student satisfaction and it’s the joy of teaching that keeps the school lively and in the moment.

Here at Sydney Astrology School, we have specifically designed the course with the student’s enjoyment in mind, learning in a relaxed, and comfortable environment.

Whether you are into Astrology just for the fun of it or you have your sights on a career, our classes are geared for all levels and requirements. From absolute beginner to advance levels we teach in a manner that is exciting, informative and life changing. Thousands of years in practice, Astrology reminds us that while we are all part of life’s essential rhythms we are still able to utilise our innate gifts of freedom and choice.

Astrology gives us the courage and confidence needed to live the lives we truly desire.

Astrology report for February 2017

This month: Mercury in Pisces – to connect or disconnect

I was in the supermarket line the other day and noticed that the girl behind me only had one item when I had quite a few. I asked her if she would like to go before me and was fobbed off with a dismissive hand gesture as she feverishly scoured Facebook on her phone. Saying ‘hello’ to anyone in our unit elevator is often such an ordeal for most. The ones who are not wired up with gadgets usually wish they were just to avoid any real contact. How often have you seen two or more people sitting at the same table in a café all on their phones with the shades pulled down tightly between each of them.

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Sydney Astrology School's Online Course is coming

Beginners Astrology Online Course launches this February!

Level 1 Online Course starts 13 Feb!
We are excited to announce that Sydney Astrology School’s Online Course is here! Course begins 13th February. You told us you wanted Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate Program to be available online, and we listened 🙂

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Lunar eclipse in astrology

This months Q&A

At the beginning of this year I introduced a new segment which involves questions that I encounter quite often as an Astrology teacher. I believe it could be quite beneficial for those who wish to expand their Astrological knowledge. I hope you all enjoy it.

(Q.) I am a bit confused with the South Node. If it is unresolved energy that needs to be remedied by the North Node is it still useful in our charts moving forward?

(Q.) I have transiting Uranus crossing my Ascendant and I am feeling rather agitated. What does this mean?

(Q.)  With the Eclipses occurring currently, I was wondering does everyone get effected by them?

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Next Workshop: Sex in the Birth Chart - Pluto and Mars through the Houses

Saturday December 17, 2016
Cost $50 ($40 for SAS students)
Location: Goulburn Street, City

Of all the Planets, Pluto and Mars are the ones most associated with sex, yet for very different reasons. In this workshop we will explore each planets sexual motivations house by house.

Please note: Workshop is now full.

FAQ’s about Sydney Astrology School

FAQ’s about Sydney Astrology School

How many people in a class?
How long does it take to get the Sydney Astrology School certificate?
Will I be able to do readings for people once Ive finished the course?
Do you recognise prior learning?

So many questions! All your questions are answered in or FAQ section.
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Sitting the FAA Exams - where do I start?

Sitting the FAA Exams Where do I start?

The next FAA exam is the Interpretations Exam, a 5 week at home essay based exam held from 20th February – 31st March 2017. The closing date for applications is Friday 10 February 2017.

Each year the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) hold four exams that make up the FAA Diploma of Astrology. The FAA offers two qualifications in astrology that are nationally and internationally recognised. Preparing for the FAA Exams can be daunting… where to start? For students who are ready to make this commitment, Sydney Astrology School can help you prepare for the exam process. Read more…

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