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As a student of astrology, the first thing we question is “how does astrology actually work?” Many theories can be used to explain this vibrational connection that occurs between us and the universe…

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“I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my own personal development. If it wasn’t for Sydney Astrology School I wouldn’t have had the courage to take the steps I am taking today.” Leonarda

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FAA 2020 Astrology Conference

The speakers for the 23rd biennial FAA International Astrology Conference have been announced and we’re excited to announce Sydney Astrology School’s Marc Laurenson is in the lineup!

Marc will be speaking about “Past Life Planets: Working with Planets connected to the Lunar Nodes”. Often we find particular planets in our natal charts are like ‘sticking points’; that is having repetitive issues that we can’t seem to resolve. Read More >>

Visit the FAA Conference website for more information. First round of Early Bird tickets close on 22 Dec.

We believe it’s our passion for Astrology that drives our objectives for top quality education and student satisfaction and it’s the joy of teaching that keeps the school lively and in the moment.

Here at Sydney Astrology School, we have specifically designed the course with the student’s enjoyment in mind, learning in a relaxed, and comfortable environment.

Whether you are into Astrology just for the fun of it or you have your sights on a career, our classes are geared for all levels and requirements. From absolute beginner to advance levels we teach in a manner that is exciting, informative and life changing. Thousands of years in practice, Astrology reminds us that while we are all part of life’s essential rhythms we are still able to utilise our innate gifts of freedom and choice.

Astrology gives us the courage and confidence needed to live the lives we truly desire.

Marc Laurenson discusses Vocation in the Birth Chart with Steven Forrest

Marc Laurenson caught up with Steven Forrest at Steven’s 1-week workshop “Generations” at the Australian Apprenticeship Program (AAP) in Shoal Bay in August 2018. Marc and Steven discuss the issue of ‘Vocation’ in the birth chart from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective.

Astrology report for May 2018

This month: Dream before Christmas

December began with an upbeat burst of Sagittarian energy. We are still vibing on the back of the Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction that happened on 27 Nov, where spirits were high and anything felt possible. This marked a collective sigh of relief after the extended period of heavy soul searching over the last year while Jupiter has been in Scorpio. As has been discussed previously, this period saw the #MeToo movement, Harvey Weinstein and numerous other abuses of power being exposed…. Read more…

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Student Corner: "Mars Lingers"

Student Corner” is where our students share their Astrology knowledge. This month Alyce Ryan is back with candid and amusing insights into her Mars in Taurus in the 6th House, and with a great female boss lady role model for us all in her article – “Mars Lingers“.

I’ve been back on Netflix. The last time I wrote I was excited about new work possibilities, and it’s actually coming together a little bit! I’ve had some serious inspiration and support coming at me from some unexpected places. Continue…

Astrology questions answered by Marc Laurenson

This months Q&A - Now in video format!

As you know, each month we have Q&A where questions that students have asked during the past month get answered. We are excited to announce that your questions will now be answered in video format!

This month a student asked: “How do you view the South Node if you don’t believe in reincarnation?”

Marc Laurenson draws from his experience in being a consulting astrologer and ways to view the South Node or Nodal story for clients who don’t necessarily subscribe to reincarnation.

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Sydney Astrology School student tops the FAA Exams

Congratulations Brad & Meredith!

We are very proud to announce that two Sydney Astrology School students have been awarded the FAA Diploma, both with High Distinctions! Congratulations Meredith Broadbent and Brad Bennett!

Sydney Astrology School’s Certificate Program prepares you for the FAA Exams. To find out more information about the FAA exams – visit the Federation of Australian Astrologers website.

Sydney Astrology School's Online Course - Level 1 commences July, 2018

Sydney Astrology School's Online Course - Level 1 commences 4 February 2019

Level 1 Beginners Astrology Online Course will be ON SALE Dec 31. Watch out for the Early Bird.
Sydney Astrology School’s Online Course LEVEL 1 starts again on Monday 4th February 2019. Level 1 is run twice a year, subscribe to our newsletter or…

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Marc Laurenson astrology FAA Exam students

Lunar Forecast for November 2018: Full Moon in Gemini

Sydney Astrology School student Krishna Dodds now brings us a monthly Lunar Report.

I love that the last New Moon of the year is in the buoyant sign of Sagittarius!! Let’s face it… it’s been a tough 12 months thanks mainly to Jupiter in Scorpio and a few other planetary transits along the way. … Read More…

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